Houston Massacre (Camp Logan) –-1917

First, let’s dispel a few misconceptions about what has become known as the Houston Massacre(AKA Camp Logan Riot). Despite what you’ll read on almost all websites regarding this incident,
it had …

–NOTHING to do with American (White) racism

–NOTHING to do with the color line mandate (AKA Jim Crow)

–NOTHING to do with Negroes hearing the word “nigger” from a few Americans (as if uttering that word could justify the slaughter of innocent people)

If there was one event prior to the Civil Rights Act (1964) that should have raised the proverbial RED flag regarding the radical new concept of racial integration (a concept invented by the NAACP in 1910) , it was the racially motivated massacre of innocent Americans in the city of Houston in 1917.

On the evening of August 23, 1917, 156 Negro males, employed by the US military for non-combat assignments, mutinied at Camp Logan (situated a few miles north of Houston) over what they believed was the unfair incarceration of a fellow Negro soldier being held in the Houston city jail. That is, they wanted him out … and by whatever means necessary (no other reason than this did the Negro soldiers mutiny).  Led by their First Sergeant, Vida Henry, the Negroes first broke into the weapons depot and stole weapons.  They then marched out of camp toward Houston’s [White] police department — again, ostensibly to force the release of their jailed comrade.  However, the undisciplined men never made it to their intended destination. Instead, they broke off into groups. Most went back to camp.  Other groups, or more specifically, members within these groups, believed, since they now had the cover of night,  it was a golden opportunity to kill Americans … and get away with it (all the shots fired that night came from the Negro soldiers, and all the victims were non-Negroes). The death count from the Negro mutiny shocked as well as outraged the entire country : 16 innocent Americans (all but two unarmed) plus one innocent Mexican.     NOTE: On Wikipedia, their version claims that there was a pitched battle between the Negro soldiers and white civilians and police.  Not true at all. My version here was taken directly from the book  – the definitive book on the 1917 Houston massacre – Haynes, Robert V. 1976. A Night of Violence: The Houston Riot of 1917.

Naturally, no one was surprised that the American military brass dealt harshly with the mutinous Negroes. For the mutiny, and principally because of the senseless and racially motivated slaughter of unarmed civilians, a total of 19 Negro soldiers were hung, 41 were sentenced to life imprisonment (ten additional negroes were sentenced to death but commuted to life sentences by president Wilson). source

One curious observation here (which wouldn’t have prevented the Houston massacre, but still it’s curious)::  Why did the US military brass – all of whom were Americans – allow Negro males to wear the same military uniforms as the American soldiers?  This decision, in effect, told both groups they were one and the same.   This was hardly the case.  Negro soldiers were not allowed to see combat duty, to carry weapons, or mingle with American soldiers. Nor were Negro officers allowed to give orders to American soldiers.   While integration of the races sounds acceptable today, back in 1917  the United States was operating under Plessy vs. Ferguson, which legally allowed for the establishment of a color line between the two demonstratively different male groups. The American population at that time believed (for they had never known anything different) that Negroes were supposed to live separately so they could achieve self-reliance as a people i.e. Americans did not want the Negroes to become their dependents  –feed them, house them, clothe them  (remember, no laws were denying the Negro race their right to build their own towns, their own cities, their own industries, and to create their own political titles; or even colonizing a place in America –they were a FREE PEOPLE).  Regarding the uniforms issue, what was a very obvious and sensible solution to the  military’s hypocrisy was to have the Negro and American soldiers wear different uniforms. This certainly would have alleviated most of the tension as well as confusion between the two groups. A good example of this would be the different uniforms wore by the English and Scottish troops during World War I.

So why did the U.S. gov’t allow the military brass to violate the legally established color line and allow Negro males to wear the same uniforms as Americans? (In 1917, there were no Negro males in the US Congress; nor were any in the federal judiciary i.e. the Negro race was entirely separate from the American population))

One finale note:   No sensible-minded person today should let themselves be influenced by the views of politically correct revisionists regarding the Houston massacre. It was a   racially motivated slaughter of innocent people by craven Negro soldiers. To attempt to make these  Negro soldiers the victims is not just outrageous and ludicrous but also insulting to the memory of the innocent victims.

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Black Man’s Hall Of Shame

Below is a pictorial – a small sample – of the innocent white people who have been victimized by Eric Holder’s people since Congress (mainly the democratic party) forced integration on the white population (July 2, 1964). Note: In 2005, the justice Dept. – in one of only two cases that I can find – released a victims list of crimes against people that crossed racial lines. The report indicated that blacks were responsible for over 90% of these types of crimes. And almost ALL of their victims – 580,000 of them – were white. SOURCE(bottom of pg)


                                               Beating victim of black males.

Ronald Goldman – murdered by black male OJ Simpson



NOTE: The white female on the far right, Chianne Gast, 32, was raped and then gunned down at her place of work by a black male. Her husband was also gunned down (husband survived) – motive was robbery.




The following are just some of the white police officers who were murdered in the line of duty … by a black male(s) since forced integration was created (1964). Note: Here’s the complete list of fallen white police officers – that I could find on the internet – since 1970.


Kelly McGillis: Home invasion rape and terrorizing…by two 14-year-old black males


           Murdered at their place of work by a racist black male.


Walk-Up Murder Victims Of Black Male Coral Eugene Watts


All five were murdered by black males in the infamous KFC restaurant massacre (1983 Kilgore, TX)



black males hall of shame -McDonaldsSuckerP Beat down of city worker black male sucker punches61-yearold teacher bus driver sucker punch



Victims Of Black Male “Cookie” Thorton’s Racially Motivated Massacre

Scott Christopher Nelson, 17 * Richard David Stephenson, 17 White males agreed give two black males a ride. RESULT? At gunpoint they were forced to a secluded area, one was raped, both were executed.

Christopher Lane was gunned down while jogging…by the black male with the gun. WHY? Cuz he wanted kill someone.

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Black Children Who Murdered White People

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The following collection of brutal crimes against innocent white people … were committed by or involved black male children (15-years-old and under). NOTE: I have also included black males who raped adult white females and attempted murder incidences.

Racially Motivated Attack – Boy Ambushed At School  – Dies From His Beating

 12-Year-Old Black Boys Gang Up And Sucker Punch White Boy -Then The Beatdown – Boy Dies

“The Philadelphia sixth-grader was hospitalized with seizures after he was badly beaten by two [black] boys at his school.”

So Sad: 12-Year-Old Boy Dies After Vicious Playground Attack By Two Sixth Grade Bullies Left Him In Coma


Kentwood, Mich.,  2014

Brutal & Senseless Ambush Murder – Stabbed On The School Playground …The Kid Never Had A Chance

New details emerge after deadly playground attack



Stephens Country, OK,  Aug.  2013


“Let’s Kill Someone”

“There’s a young man,” Ms Smith tells the operator.

“He’s just fell over in a ditch and he’s got blood on him.”

Three males, James Edwards, 15,Chancey Luna, 16, (w/m) , Michael Jones, 17 (pictured – triggerman),…bored, decided to kill someone … just for the fun of it. The trio got into a car, drove up to a white male jogger and then shot him in the back. The white male was the driver. The killer was Edwards (pictured).

Chris Lane, 22 (deceased)



1. Warwick, R.I. 1987

Serial Murderer Of White Females

Black male Craig Price was just 13 years-old when he committed his fist murder of a white female (mother of two young children). The black male then waited two years (police are not sure whether he committed violent crimes against other innocent white females over this two year period) before he struck at another white family. This time he slaughtered a woman and her two children.

The innocent dead victims are:
* Rebecca Spencer, 27
* Joan Heaton, 39
* Jennifer,10
* Melissa, 8

Craig Price still remains in prison. However, he believes he should be set free because the murders happened when he was a juvenile. He claims he is still in prison because of white racism.
2. Fort Worth, TX, 09-01-90

Black Bully And Murderer

Meet 15-year-old black male bully -and fiend – David Lee Goff (he’s 21-years-old in pic)

“On Aug. 15, 1984, Goff and two other [black] youths got a ride from a white male, Vaughn Heeren. When Heeren stopped his car to let them out, Goff pointed a .22 caliber Derringer at him. The youths stole his wallet containing $160 and drove his truck to an industrial park in Grand Prairie. .” Now black male Goff, he gonna have some fun …

“Goff instructed Heeren to strip [naked] and run. Heeren heard a shot as he ran, and thinking that the shot did not sound real, he turned around, ran back towards the truck and was shot in the chest. The youths swerved at him and then drove off. Heeren obtained treatment for a collapsed lung and survived. At the time of trial, Heeren continued to suffer from nightmares about the attack.

“On Aug. 16, 1984, Goff and two other youths violently assaulted a white female, Jill Bogan-Tucker, in the parking lot of the hotel where she worked. Goff instructed her at gun point to open her car door and get in and then began cussing at her and slapping her. Tucker fought her way out of the car and ran towards the hotel. Goff shot her in the back as she ran, caught up with her and shot her again under her chin. Tucker managed to run into the hotel while the three assailants fled on foot. At the time of trial, she continued to suffer from extreme headaches and a weak back, and she took medication for pain.Witnesses at trial testified about these two offenses. Goff admitted he was the trigger man in both offenses.”

3. New York City, NY, 1982

Black Children Rape & Terrorize White Females In Home Invasion

Rape Of Kelly McGillis (24-years-old)

Leroy Johnson, a 15-years-old black racist BULLY, along with another black male youth, staked out McGillis’ apartment. Apparently, when Kelly’s roommate came home the two black males entered behind her … and immediately began threating Kelly and her roommate at knife point. Black male Leroy Johnson was there for one purpose, to rape McGillis (the other black male was there to rob). One could only imagine the look on McGillis face when this 15-year-old black boy with a knife demanded she remove her bathrobe and “get over there on that bed”.

McGillis: “I felt especially vulnerable because all I was wearing was a bathrobe. They had me backed up against a wall in the bedroom. One guy started looking through my things. All I had was some jewelry and about $10. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a second knife, while the other one demanded that I get on the bed. When I refused he stuck me with his knife on my arms and chest. They called me a “white bitch” and asked if I had a bat, because they were going to beat the s— out of me just to teach me a lesson. They kept saying terrible things to me, awful racial slurs. I was arguing with them, “Please, I don’t have a bat. Leave.”

McGillis: He sodomized me and spit on me.”

McGillis was forced to endure rapes by both black males.

NOTE:  In 1980, at age 13, despicable black male Johnson was convicted of raping, sodomizing and robbing a woman, and was sent to a state juvenile jail. He escaped. In McGillis’ case, Johnson was eventually caught …and was given a lengthy three year prison term.  When  he was released, two more white females would be raped at knife point in 1996.

Teens Gun Down Young Woman In The City Of Black Racism (Philadelphia) 

Philadelphia (Dec. 2012) :: Three black teens were arrested in Philadelphia for murdering a young white female, Kayla Peterson, 21…who had the audacity to tell them to “get a job” when they approached her and her boyfriend and demanded a smoke.

Note : Every time a black male walks up on a white person and asks for a cigarette, it seems it is ALWAYS a set up line for a planned criminal act, usually a sucker punch in the face (beware). In other words, the black teens likely didn’t want a smoke.

Three black teens:: Todavia Cleckley, 14, Marcus Velasquez, 13, Kyle Goosby Jr., 13

4. England, 2004

* Crimes That Shake Our Conscience *

It’s Happening In Britain Too

Black male Rapes A White School Teacher

A black boy, Dwayne Best, 15,…decided he wanted to rape his[ white] 28-year-old school teacher, and no one was going to prevent him. The black boy was forced to settle for oral sex.

Note: The black boy was given life in prison for the attack on the white female, which means in England he’ll eligible for parole in 4 ½ years.

5. Lancaster, CA, April 2005

Whacked In The Head With A Baseball Bat – Died At The Scene

A black boy, 13-year-old Greg Harris, became angry at a white male kid, who was fifteen, walked up behind him with a baseball bat and slammed it into his head, killing him. The black youth then lied about the white teen using a racial slur. The innocent white male victim is:

Jeremy Rourke, 15

“Despite the Tuesday night fight and its tragic ending, the two boys had no history of problems, said Tony Trevino, who coached the [little league] Dodgers that night.”

“That’s what’s so shocking and so appalling,” he said. “What happened? What did we miss as a community? What did we miss as parents.”

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? The Black male temperament is just too unpredictable. Ending forced integration would solve most of the black violence against innocent white people.

Black on Black

LA, CA, 1996

Gang Rape Of 12-year-old Girl – Murder

(Life In South Central LA)

A group of 15 black teens abducted a 13-year-old girl (race unknown), took her to an abandoned house then tortured and raped her. After this, the black boys attempted to cover up their brutal crime by setting the house on fire (with the girl barricaded inside – attempting to murder her). They then took the mattress, which was used for the sexual assault, outside on the front lawn and set it on fire.  When an adult black male confronted the children,, Devon Murdock,12,  pulled a hand gun and tried to gun him down. However, the black boy missed his intended target and instead hit an 82-year-old female, killing her instantly with a shot to the throat.

Note: Nothing on the Internet regarding this despicable crime.
6. Cuyahoga County,OH, Dec. 31, 2007

Black Racism

Public Attack – Black Pack-Attack – Attempted Robbery

Attempted Black Male Sucker Punch

Six black males,
Jerome Edwards, 17,
Miles Cole, 15,
Demetrius Lang, 16
Brandon Goodwin, 16
Joshua Bray, 16
Joseph Wilson , 19

….attacked a white male adult while he was out jogging. The white male described his attack as follows:

“McDermott explained that “the first kid came at [him],” and tried to hit him with his fist. Another “kid” hit him in the arm with a wooden pole, while at the same time, another was punching him in the stomach. Someone said to him, “[w]e’re going to fuck you up,” and someone else said, “[w]e’re gonna’ kill ya.” When McDermott tried to run away, someone hit him with a metal rod on his right knee and “just obliterated it.” He fell to the ground.

While [*5] McDermott was laying on the ground, he said that Wilson pulled out a knife and started “sticking it at me.” Wilson said to him, “I’m going to cut you with the knife if you don’t shut up.” McDermott further testified that Wilson said, “[g]ive me your money,” and McDermott replied, “asshole, I don’t have any money. I’m out jogging.” McDermott described the knife as having “a six-inch blade”; it was more like a “fishing” knife, not a switchblade knife.

McDermott explained that each male was involved in the attack and none of them tried to stop it. He said he was “absolutely” certain that Wilson was equally involved in the attack “because [he] thought that [Wilson] was the last person [he] was going to see on this earth.” This was because he heard one of the “kids” say, “[c]lip him,” and he saw a gun in another “kid’s” pocket.”

The innocent white victim:

* Kevin McDermott, 52

7. Prosper, TX. Dec. 10, 1990


Home Invasion – Murder – Sadistic Torture

Four Black male predators,
Eric Lynn Moore, 23, (suspected triggerman)
Anthony Bruce, 15,
Kenneth Bruce, 19, (suspected triggerman)
Sam Andrews, 19,

… drove out to a rural home occupied by a white male and his wife. The two Bruce brothers knocked on the front door and when a middle-age white male answered the two black boys told him they had car trouble and needed jumper cables. Unfortunately, the white male invited the two black boys into his house. Once inside, the other two black males entered the home and immediately pulled their guns. They forced the white male and his wife upstairs into their bedroom and told them to lie face down. While lying face down, both were shot, the white male in the back, intentionally aiming for his spinal cord (it was clearly a shot intending to render him a permanent cripple). The female was shot in the leg. The black males then left the room and went looking for household valuables.

A few minutes later the sadistic black youths came back to finish the job. The white female was shot in the head and died instantly. The white male, however, well, there was a different plan for him. He was going to to be left alive, but shot one more time, this time in the right shoulder, attempting to leave him with only a functioning left arm (Kenneth Bruce admitted to being the triggerman, but it could very well be that it was his 15-year-old cousin and the older one took the blame). The white male did survive but, as planned, paralyzed from the waist down.

* Helen Ayers, 55
* Richard Ayers, 58 (survived – paralyzed)


Note: Again, it was obviously by the black males’ actions they wanted to render the white male a cripple. They could have easily finished him off. But they (police say it was Andrews) deliberately shot the white male in the spin, then the shoulder, desiring him to have just a single functioning arm – and no wife. The black males made sure they finished the white female off, right? A bullet to the head. Sick!

* Nothing to compare to this type of crime prior to 1964…
8. Baltimore, MD, August 2001

ATROCITY – Teenage Black Males Kidnap – Carjack – Rob & Murder

First, here are the guilty black youths (that taxpayer will be forced to provide for in prison for the rest of their lives):

Jamal D. Barnes, 23
Larry Walker, 16,
Brian Wilson, 15,
Bryan McMillan, 18

And now for the description of their planned atrocity…

The black youths decided they gonna have some fun … and also get some spending cash for the night. Here’s what they cooked up: They would ram the back of a white female’s car , get her to pull over and when she got out they would jump her, steal her car, then drive to an ATM where she would draw out the max. The white female would then be taken to a secluded spot and murdered. All they needed to do was find the right white female, alone, and driving a car that looked like she had money – that is, money in her ATM. The black youths drove around a white community until they finally spotted their victim. The plan worked perfectly. They got the white female’s car (silver 2001 Acura CLS), money in her bank account and they took her to a secluded area – and despite her pleading to be let go – murdered her. Fortunately, they also got caught, and rather quickly.

The innocent white female in this atrocity (that the main-stream media has kept everyone from knowing about) is:

* Yvette Adrienne Beakes, 26

>> The Democratic Party’s forced Integration ain’t cheap, is it? <<
9. Clarendon County, S . Carolina , March 23, 1944

1940s Atrocity – Teen Murders Two American Children – Commits Necrophilia 

Negro bully / rapist / murderer of two American  little girls (1944)

Black Male Atrocity
(Two young white children brutally murdered)

Two American girls, one 8-years-old and the other 11-years-old, were approached by a 14-year-old Negro boy, George Stinney, while they were picking flowers. Apparently the Negro boy became insistent on sex with the 11-years-old, and when the girl flatly refused and tired to leave, the black boy pulled out a railroad spike from his pants pocket and started beating both girls … until they were dead. He then sexually abused the dead corpses, then dragged the bodies to a ditch and pushed them into it.

When police later found out that two Negro children were the last to see the white girls alive, they went looking for them. One of the Negro children was a girl, so she was apparently eliminated immediately. The other was her brother, George. He was taken to the Sheriff’s office, where he then confessed to the murders as well how and why he did it. A jury convicted George Stinney of the double murders and the judge sentenced him to death in the electric chair. He was executed 81 days after his conviction. Way to go South Carolina!

Innocent White Girls:
* Mary Emma Thames, age 8
* Betty June Binnicker, 11

Note: If you go to wikipedia, you will find this :

“Stinney (90 lbs, 5’1”) wanted to “have sex with” 11 year old Betty June Binnicker and could not do so until her companion, Mary Emma Thames, age 8, was removed from the scene; thus he decided to kill Mary Emma…”

This is an outrageous and disgusting implication here(!), implying the 11-year-old white girl was willing to have sex with the black boy.

19. Las Vegas, NV, Feb. 2008

Thrill Kill

A black male, Gerald Q. Davison, 16,…was in the passenger seat of his friend’s car, along with three high school girls in the back seat. For reasons that aren’t exactly clear, black male Davison pulled out a hand gun. The car drove by a group of four high school students (three white and one Hispanic). The driver then slowed the car and Davidson leaned out the passenger window and fired at the group four times, striking one of the white male students in the chest.

The white male teen died that evening.

Police speculate that Davidson shot at the group solely to impress the girls in the car (and the thought of going to prison for 25 to life was also, obviously, no deterrent). The innocent white male is:

* Christopher Privett, 15
20. Anderson County, TX, Jan. 26, 2000


Abuse Of The Elderly – Torture- Home Invasion –Public Abduction — Murder

Four blacks, Danielle Simpson, 20 (male) , Jennifer Simpson (wife), 16 , Lionel Simpson (brother), 15 and Edward McCoy, 13… during the home invasion of an elderly white female’s home, she had the great misfortune of returning home. The black youths decided to abduct the elderly white female and tossed her in the trunk of her car … and then drove around visiting various friends and acquaintances, showcasing their captive prisoner – who is still alive and pleading to be let go. The blacks then went to a bridge, took the elderly white female out of the trunk and threw her on the ground, where black male Danielle Simpson took a running start and booted her in the face. The elderly white female, still conscious, then had a large rock tied to her and was tossed from the bridge into the river.

Innocent Elderly White Female:
* Geraldine Davidson, 84

Note: This is yet another of many, many examples of urban black teenagers with the attitude that they’re going to do whatever the hell they want to do, and whenever they want to to do it. And, unfortunately for those in the white community, under the current forced integration system there is absolute no way to protect yourself. Black males have been given the right to strike at you.
21. St. Louis County, MO, 2005

Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Attempted Murder 

A 6-year-old child (white) was beaten, raped and left for dead in a crime that shocked the Spanish Lake community in 2005. The perpetrator was a 13-year-old black male.

Black Male Rapist:
Sherman Burnett Jr., 13

23. W. Toledo, OH, Jan. 19, 2010

* Crimes That Shake Our Conscience*

15-Year-Old Black Boy Rapes 26-Year-Old White Female

A black boy, Anferney Fontenet, 15, armed with a pair of scissors was determined to rape a white female, and it didn’t even matter that it was broad daylight and she was walking on a public street (apparently she was walking in a black neighborhood) with lots of cars passing by. With the scissors pressed to her throat the black boy forced the adult white female to a vacant lot and then raped her. Several drivers called 9-11 but, because it was a “bad” neighborhood, no one got out of their cars to offer assistance.

24. Bronx, NY, 2008

Black Female Teenager Attacks White Male Teen – Murder

A 15-year-old black female ambushed a white male with a knife and bludgeoned him to death. She also, police believe, had some help from other blacks. After killing the white male’s body was dismembered by the black teens and his body parts were then stuffed in a garbage bag and thrown in an alley. This vicious black girl was also involved in another murder.

Black Girl (gang member) Charged With Murder:
Sharell Butler, 15

Innocent White Male:
John Hopkins-Drago, 22


25. Lakeland, FL, 2010

Beat-Down On A White Male (Handicapped)

Black Ambush


Black Bullies:
Kevonta Isaac, 15
Iquan Issac, 16
Kamion Matos, 15,
Timothy Scott, 18,

And no hate crime filed…

Innocent White Victim:
* Richard Werner, 20
26. Oakland, CA, Oct. 15, 2008

 Ambush – Armed Robbery – Murder Of Pregnant White Female

Murdered by 15-year-old

Three black males,
Brandon Davis, 20,
Deandre Sturges, 19,
Jerome Hamilton, 15, (triggerman)

… had attempted a number of robberies that night before targeting a restaurant after closing time. The black males saw a white female sitting in her car at Rib Rack restaurant in Lathrup Village and apparently figured, since it was the last car to leave the parking lot that night, she would have keys to the restaurant – and access to the night’s receipts. Black teen Hamilton then exited his car and walked up on the white female … and simply shot her in the head. She died instantly. The innocent white female is:

* Catherine Solinski-Blain, 21 (pregnant at the time of death)

Note: Jury acquits despicable black male triggerman  Jerome Hamilton on lack of evidence. All Jerome’s homies told the same story to police as to who the triggerman was.
27. Kenosha, WI, Sept. 2008

Home Invasion – Murder

Two black male teens (cousins),
Kawanis N. Trotter, 14,
Roddee Daniel, 15

….broke onto the home of a middle-aged white female to steal her X-Box. The two walked into the white female’s bedroom armed with a baseball bat (police claim it was black male Daniel) and beat her in the head.

Innocent White Female:
* Capri Walker, 51 (deceased)
28. Mead Valley, CA, Dec. 13, 1993

Home Invasion – Murder 

Two Black Males,
Albert Jones, 29
Unidentified 15-year-old,

…broke into the home of an elderly white couple, hogtied them, then proceeded to bludgeoned them to death with pocket knives.

Innocent White Victims:
* James Florville, 82
* Madalynne Florville, 72

29. Columbia, MO, sept. 2010

Racially Motivated Sucker Punch 

BEWARE of the black male bully scenario. The black male bully will only strike when your back is turned or when your eyes are looking away from him i.e. he’s wants to land the sucker punch!. The black male bully will almost always strike at the most vulnerable when he’s operating alone (elderly, wheelchair-bound, female, elderly). If it’s a group of black male bullies, then they will strike at anyone (usually a white male), so long as they have at least a three-to-one advantage.

Now for the black male bully crime : Three black teens first taunted a white male by saying degrading things about his wife (the the white couple were walking to their car with their infant after a swim in the community pool). The three black teen – BULLIES – then approached the white male from behind and landed a sucker punch in the back of the head. When the white male collapsed to the ground semi-conscious, then , in typical black male bully fashion, came the stomping on his head and kicking him in his face.

30. LORIS, S.C, May 2010

 Ambush – Elderly Beat Down

“Yo man. Yeah man, you gotz some change.” POW! Black Male Sucker Punch

Two black male teens, 17 years old, Travis Jones, and the other 15-year-old juvenile, waited for a 73-year-old white female at her handicap spot and then ambushed her. While one engaged the elderly lady, the other cowardly black male crept up from behind and sucker punched her, knocking her unconscious.

* Rose Powell , 73 (survived)

Note: In the black male “hood” the sucker punch is suppose to be a knockout punch. If it ain’t, well, you ain’t a man… Life in the hood. Very SICK STUFF
31. Seattle, WA, October 25, 2008

Racially Motivated Black Male Gang Attack MURDER

Stomp Down and Beat down

Five feral black youth,
Kenneth Kelly, 15
Billy Chambers, 15
Ja’Mari Jones , 15
two others unidentified,

…decided to have some “black fun” and went searching for a lone white male to attack, beat down and stomp on…until he was unconscious – or dead. They accomplished the latter. And what kind of punishment would one expect from a liberal city like Seattle for this brutal attack and murder? The black kids got less than 72 weeks detention, free attorneys, free food and a free place to stay. Yeah, no big deal to a black youth today.

Black male Chambers related to a police officer whil Again, it was obviously by the black malese being arrested three years later for another crime, “bragged to them about being one of the juveniles who killed the Tuba Man,” the report says. He bragged how his lawyer, John Henry Browne, “got him off with only three months for stomping the Tuba Man to death and how he would get him off for these charges, too.”

Innocent Withe Male
* Ed “Tuba Man” McMichaels, 53

Note: The total number of black males that have been subjected to a beat-down and stomp-down over the last 50 years in Seattle – that I could find on the Internet – is ZERO.


Note: Below is a black-on-black home invasion where an adult and her child were attacked by neighborhood kids. There is nothing to compare in America history in terms of sheer brutality, degradation and depravity, all inflicted on an adult by neighborhood kids.

West Palm Beach, 2007

The Dunbar Village Rape Case Atrocity

Home Invasion- Black Male Gang Rape

Ten or more black teens, including ,
Tommy Lee Poindexter, 18
Avion Lawson , 14,
Jakaris Taylor, 17
Nathan Walker, 16

…knocked on the door of a Haitian immigrant while she was cooking dinner. Once the door was open, and apparently as part of a prearranged plan, the group pounced on her, grabbing her and forcing her back into her home. The degradation and depravity and torture of the mother and her 12-year-old son were forced to endure- by the neighborhood kids – is described as follows:

“Police said Poindexter and Walker [and many of the others] raped and sodomized the mother, forced her and her son to have sex with each other and then doused the two victims with cleaning solutions in an attempt to destroy DNA evidence.”

When it was all over, the mother and child somehow were able to stagger their way to a place and summon help. Question: How does one recover psychologically and emotionally from such a violation of their person? –and inflicted on them by kids?

** Even though many more black teens were involved in this heinous rape and torture, the prosecutor stopped at four indictments.
33. Hamilton County, OH, May 13, 2004

A Black Boy Robbing and Murdering Adult White People…

A black boy,
David Harris, 14

… killed two people in two days in attempted robberies. The innocent victims are:

* David Hutchinson, 20 (black male)
* George Vance, 27 (white male)

Note: The black boy was acquitted in the murder of the white male (Vance). However, police believe 100% they had the right guy for the killing. It was likely a legal technicality (e.g. evidence obtained during interrogation or perhaps interrogating a juvenile without a parent present ) that kept crucial evidence from being introduced to the jury.
34. Wayne County, Michigan, October 1, 1993


Black Racism – Inhumane Cruelty –Home Invasion – Torture

A 14-year-old and a 10-year-old (both black) forced white boys (brothers) to perform sex acts on them as well as on each other.

“The brothers [ages 7 and 10] were forced to take off their clothing and perform a sex act upon their attackers, forced to fondle and sodomize each other, crawl to fetch a tennis ball, and were beaten with sticks and fists. One of the brothers was hit in the head with a board and nearly knocked unconscious. “According to statements and testimony, the attackers, who are African-American, told the victims, who are white, at one point in the ordeal that they were treating them like slaves, ‘because you’re white and we hate whites….’

“‘This is the worst case I’ve seen in my four years with the prosecutor’s office,’ said [Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Jerry] Dorsey…. “These were clearly terrorist behaviors…beyond a mere sex thing or a fighting thing that boys get into. This was clearly designed to humiliate and terrorize and inflict fear and pain on these boys, both physical and psychological.’“

Note: In 1925, Clarence Darrow defended a black male, Ossian Sweet, and nine other black men (Darrow was paid by the NAACP – who many believe orchestrated the whole affair for publicity)). Sweet, along with his nine cohorts (all black males), waited in Sweet’s newly purchased home in a white community to ambush white people, who they thought were going to come storming in to forcibly remove them.  In Detroit at that time white people DID NOT want blacks living in their neighborhoods.  Apparently, blacks were unwilling – or incapable – of building their own home. When the white people did not come charging into Sweet’s home, impatient, the black males opened fire on an unarmed white crowd in front of the home, killing one innocent white male (who was married and had a child) and seriously wounding another. All the people in the home, including Mrs. Sweet (total of 11 people), were immediately arrested and later charged with murder. Clarence Darrow put up such a passionate defense for Mr. Sweet and the nine other black men, constantly inferring that blacks could, and should, be trusted in white communities; and that white people were acting prejudiced if they viewed the black man suspiciously or untrustworthy. His impassioned defense saved the black males from a certain murder conviction. Fast foreword to today. I wonder if Clarence Darrow, had he been able to “magically” survive another 85 years, would feel today the same type of visceral passion for racial integration he felt back in 1925?

(It should also be said of Darrow that he never in his life actually lived among the black race; nor did he ever do a single pro bono case for a black man.  Darrow demanded the NAACP pay him $5000 for his services in the first trial, which lasted only about 30 days. The average wage earner in Detroit at that time took home around $800 a year. )
35. Alamance County, N. Carolina, Oct. 16, 1998

Abuse Of A Child – Gang Rape – Torture – Murder

Three blacks,
Joseph Jones, 13
Harold W. Jones, 16
Dorthia Bynum, 17 (b/f)

…abducted a 10-year-old white child. The white child was then raped by the two black males, then all three participated in strangling her and beating her to death with a bed post.

Innocent White Child:
* Tiffany Nicole Long, 10
36. Moreno Valley (Riverside County), CA , March 2011

Abuse Of A Child – Gang Sexual Assault

Police: “It appears what happened is they were looking for a victim,” he said.

A black male youth gang, including,
Michael Sykes, 19,
Six other unidentified due to age,

…had one of their tag-along females lure an 11-year-old female child (race unknown) into a public restroom. Once the little girl was in the restroom, the seven black males pounced on her, with each of them taking turns (as planned) raping her.

37. December 12. 2008

GANG RAPE ((London , England)

14-year-old viciously attacked by 9 colored boys. Since this happened in England, the sentences handed down to the colored boys were very lenient.
38. N. Charleston, S.C. Dec. 1999

Black Racism

“Yeah, we are going to get us a white boy.”

A large number of black youths, including,
Lafayette Knots, 21,
Ivan Brown, 20,
Alice Burney, 14
Four black juveniles,

… were arrested for their part in a racist hate attack on white people. The black mob (police say more than a dozen were involved) singled out white people to attack, beat and stomp.

Innocent White Males:
* Troy Knapp, 35, (beat with pipes, suffered permanent brain damage
* Gary Thornburg, 34 (left unconscious)
39. Tampa, Fla., April 4, 2001

Black Racism

Two black youths,
Telly S. Warren, 14,
James Taylor, 17,

… deliberately threw a brick into the windshield of a passing are because the occupants were white. No one was seriously injured but police arrested a group of black youths.
40. Annapolis, MD, July 21, 2001

Black Racism

Three black teen-agers ran up to an adult white female (waitress) in downtown Annapolis and threw a rock in her face – intending to cause serious injury. When she fell to the ground, the black teens beat her and stomped on her.

Black male Racists / Thieves:
Tacarra Tyler, 17
Two unidentified 14-year-olds

Innocent White Female:
* Tracy VanDagna, 22 (broken nose and needed of plastic surgery)

41. Georgetown, D.C. July 9, 2006

Three black males and a black female,
Christopher Piper, 25,
Jeffery Rice, 22,
Unidentified 15-year-old black boy
Oliva Miles, 26,

…were driving around a white community in the late night hours looking to victimize someone. They spotted a white male who had just got out of his car with his girlfriend. As the couple make their way to the front door, the black youths charged up to them and demanded money. As the white male was complying, one of the blacks decided he wanted rape the female. When the white male tried to defend her he was beaten and then knifed to death – his throat was slashed just to make sure of his death. The innocent white male is:

* Alan Senitt, 27 (an aspiring politician from the UK)
42. Jena, LA, December 4, 2006

Black Pack Attack – Black Male Sucker Punch

Black Male BULLY

Six black males BULLIES,
Robert Bailey,17,
Mychal Bell, 16,
Carwin Jones, 18,
Bryant Purvis, 17,
Jesse Ray Beard, 14,
Theo Shaw, 17,

…waited for a lone white male to come walking out a door at their high school. When a lone white male did exit , the six black thugs pounced on him, first delivering the infamous (cowardly) black male sucker punch. Then, when the white kid fell to the ground, the six BULLIES began stomping on him and kicking him.

When a white prosecutor tried to take a tough stand on this kind of cowardly thug behavior, he got calls of racism from America’s biggest race-monger, black male BULLY AL Sharpton (BTW, without the MSN cooperating with Sharpton, he‘s powerless, isn‘t he?). And then, to aim one of the biggest insults toward white people since the launching of forced integration in 1964, Sharpton organized a protest … a protest march for the black male BULLIES, claiming the white prosecutor was being too harsh. You see, it didn’t matter to Sharpton that the black BULLIES ganged up six against ONE; or that the black BULLIES tried to kill the kid – leaving him unconscious. What mattered to black male Sharpton (besides the media cameras being there – always a big thing) was a golden opportunity to send a couple of messages to America’s white population:: 1) “White people, you don’t count as victims.” 2) “We can get anything we want by using protest BULLY marches.” Black male Sharpton, not surprisingly, won on both counts.

Innocent White Male:
* Justin Barker

NOTE: Read the black thug take on this incident here white people. You DON’T count!
43. Columbia, S. Carolina , June 2011

Black Male Pack Attack – Attempted Murder

Black Male BULLY

Eight black males, including,
seven juveniles,
Thyeem Henrey ,

… brutally ganged up on a lone white male, sucker punching him, then, when he dropped to the ground – the typical black pack attack MO – the stomping and kicking his head began. When the black feral youth believed the white kid was dead, they then rifled through his pockets. The white male teen wound up in a hospital and in a coma. The link below can let you see the result of what these black kids did to him.

Innocent White Male:
* Carter Strange , 19
44. New York City, NY, February 2, 2005

Black Male Ambush – Murder

A black male and black female,

Rudy Fleming, 19
Tatianna McDonald, 14,

…were out looking for someone to rob when they spotted a trio of young white people. Fleming and his companion charged up the the white people, pulled out a gun and demanded their money. When the white female refused, black male Fleming gunned her down. The innocent white female is:

* Nicole duFresne, 28 (she was a star)

Note: Don’t anyone doubt that the sole reason for gunning down this young white female was to “send a message,” to teach white people that you better “give it up” to the black man; and also SUBMIT TO and fear the black man – or he’ll kill you. At some point, white people have to say Enough is Enough!
45. Galveston County, TX,

Home Invasion – Abuse Of The Elderly – Murder

Vaneeda Wright

A black male,
Jordan Lewis, 14

… gained the trust of an elderly white female. Apparently, Lewis was simply biding his time, waiting for the opportunity strike. Armed with a knife, the black teen gained entry into the elderly white female’s home, likely giving a desperation story – a con. Once inside , black male Lewis attacked the helpless elderly lady with his knife. Motive was burglary/robbery.

Innocent white Female:
* Vaneeda Wright, 84 (deceased)

46. Philadelphia , PA, Aug. 18, 2010

Black Ambush – Abuse Of Elderly – Murder

The Black BULLY

“He did not move fast enough,” police said

Two vicious black teens,
India Spellman, 17,
Von Combs, 14,

…charged up to an elderly white male mowing his lawn and pulled a gun on him. The vicious thugs then demanded he give them (surprise) money. When the elderly white male, a distinguished WWII veteran, didn’t move fast enough, the black teen thugs gunned him down.

Innocent White Male:
* George Greaves, 87

Note: Many other neighborhood robberies have been attributed to these two black thugs.
47. Chicago, Ill, Oct. 30, 2005

Home Invasion – Murder

Two black male juveniles,
Gareng Deng, 14
other unidentified,

…entered a white female’s home and at gunpoint forced her outside and into a wooded area, where Deng shot her in the head. The juveniles then stole what money they could find and then stole the woman’s car.

Innocent White Female:
* Marilyn Bethell, 47 (deceased)

Note: Black male Deng was given a 35 year prison sentence, so, in Illinois, this means he could be eligible for parole in about 18 years (before he turns 33).

48. Norfolk, VA, 2007

Black Male Pack – Attack

Black Racism

Five black youths (names not released due to age) attacked an innocent white male teen, Damin O’Rourke, 13, and left him with sever bruises.

“They were kicking me and punching me in the face. They weren’t aiming for nothing except my face.”

49. Morris County, NJ, Dec. 1, 2002

Black Male Massacre

Business Invasion – Murder

Two black male,
Omar Shaheer Thomas 27, (triggerman)
Craig Allen Thomas Jr. 14, (triggerman)
Rahman Vaughn, 24,

… murdered two white male employees of a video store during a hold-up (both shot in the head).

Innocent White Males:
* Jeff Eresman , 22
* Erik Rewoldt, 26
50. N. Carolina, S. Carolina & Florida, 1970

Black Male Hit Squad – Massacre

Three black males,
L.L. Thompson, 20,
Martin Rutrell, 15,
Ben Chaney, Jr. 17,

…were filled with racism and hate toward white people. Apparently, for amusement and adventure, they set out to kill as many white people as they could … until they were caught.

White Victims:
* Three white college students, Durham, N. Carolina, April 15, 1970
* J.J. Bowles, at Fort Lauderdale, Fl, May 3, 1970
* Two white males abducted and murdered, Boco Raton, Fl, May 14, 1970
* Murdered white male business owner and wounded another in Hardeeville, S. Carolina, May 20, 1970
51. Orrum, N.Carolina, Feb. 2009

Home Invasion – Murder – Abuse Of Elderly – Attempted Murder

Two black males,
Montrexe Daytoria Blue, 16,
unidentified 14,

…broke into the home of an elderly white woman and beat her mercilessly. Miraculously, the elderly lady survived, however, she has already accumulated over $100,000 in medical bills related to the black males’ vicious attack. She also refuses to live alone any longer.

Innocent White Female:
* Lola Nye, 80
52. .District Heights , MD, Aug. 2011

Abuse Of White Elderly – Home Invasion – Murder

White family brings a black male into the household – murder

A black male
William Rodgers Fitts, 15,

…was adopted as a child by a white family, then , when he turned a 15-years-old, he broke into his elderly neighbor’s home – a person he had know for many years – and murdered her (beat mercilessly and stabbed her to death). Motive was – surprise – burglary/robbery.

Innocent White Female:
* Thelma Steele, 92
53. Horry County, S. Carolina, June 12 , 2010

‘Good Samaritan’ Attempted Murder

A young and naive white female, Danielle D. Switzer, agreed to give a 14-year-old black boy, Zireek Brooks, a ride. Result? He pulled a gun and demand sex. The white female decided her best chance of survival was to run her car into a ditch, which she did. For that maneuver , the black teen shot the white female in the head; however, despite her head wound she was still able to exit the car and run from the scene. Hmmm. I wonder if this white female will ever again do a Good Samaritan deed for a black male? (I wouldn’t)


54. Jacksonville, Miss., Feb. 1, 2010

Black Male Ambush- Attempted Murder

A black male,
Jasper Bell, 15, (triggerman)
Randall Mason, 18,

…armed with a gun, charged up to a lone white female in a public parking lot demanding her purse. When the white female surrendered her purse, black male male Bell shot her in the head and neck.

Innocent White Female:
* Andrea Scott (miraculously survived, though suffers permanent impairment)

55. Fort Worth , TX, Oct. 6 , 2011

Black Male ‘Knockdown Game’ MURDER

Black Racism

Three black males were driving around apparently looking for a white male – of suitable size (small in stature) – to land a knockdown punch on. When they spotted their target, a 14-year-old black youth (over 6 feet tall, 175 lbs) charged up to the white male and socked him in the face. The punch caused the white male (5 ft 1 inches tall) to fall so hard on the pavement that he died from his injury.

Name of cowardly black male sucker puncher withheld due to his age.

Innocent White Male:
* Mark Gregory, 40

Note: Since this case is very clearly a part of the black male ‘knockdown game’ I believe this victim to be white.
56. Atlanta, GA, March 2003

Black Male Ambush – Murder

A black male teen,
LaVan Hickman, 15,

…decided he wanted some money, and thought he’d figured out a good way to get it:: kill a white guy coming out of a business and steal his money. Black male Hickman was also apparently very anxious to use his newly acquired gun. Black male Hickman, along with another black teen, staked out a restaurant in a white community and waited. When a white couple emerged he along with his crime partner charged up to the white couple and demanded money ; then, for no apparent reason – perhaps another black male THRILL kill – Hickman pulled the trigger, snatched the woman’s purse and ran away.

Innocent White Male:
* Christian Henderson, 32 (deceased – gunned down in front of finance’)
57. Detroit, MI, August 1, 2009

Black ‘Child’ Ambush – Murder

A black male, Demarco Harris, 12, decided he wanted to get some quick money. Since he had a gun he figured he would walk up to a white female he saw sitting in her car and demand her purse. When the white female refused to hand over her purse the black kid shot her in the chest and grabbed the purse.

Don’t EVER think a black male , even if it’s a child, won’t pull the trigger!!

Innocent White Female:
* Trisha Babcock, 24
58. Lake worth, Fl, May 2000

Black Racism – Murder

A black teenager,
Nathaniel Brazill, 13,

…became angry when his 7th grade teacher ( white male ) scolded him at school. Brazill left during school hours and went home to retrieve a gun. He then went back to his school, tracked down the teacher who scolded him … and gunned him down.

Innocent White Male:
* Barry Grunow, 35

Note: Again we see the unpredictability of the black male temperament.
59. Mt. Morris Township, Mich., Feb. 29, 2000

Walk Up Murder On White Child

Kayla Rolland, 6-year-old, went to school on Feb. 29, 2000. While she sat in her classroom a 6-year-old black boy made his way to up her, pulled a gun then shot her pointblank in the head. Kayla died on the spot. And the black boy’s reason? “I hate that girl.”

Kayla Rolland has an Internet site dedicated to her memory.
Again, I must point out here, and I do realize it’s a child perpetrating this crime, nevertheless, it’s important to take note , once again, of the complete unpredictable black temperament, no matter how young. Too many innocent people are dying.

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Rosewood Massacre 1923 – Ironclad Facts


Note: The total number of racially motivated riots by Americans against American Negroes between 1900 & 1960 is only 31.  And of those 31 … 77% were provoked by either a rape or murder. LINK. The Rosewood incident began  Jan. 1st , 1923, and ended Jan. 7th, with the burning of the small predominately Negro town.

Archived newspaper account of the Rosewood incident>>  LINK

Fiction & Fact … before the riots:

Fiction: The town of Rosewood (Florida) in 1923 was an entirely African-American town and boasted a population of about 300 or more.

Ironclad Fact: In the book The Chronological History of the Negro, a far left-leaning, pro-integration recounting of Negro experiences from the 1700s and up until 1968, it describes Rosewood as “mostly Negro”, therefore, there were some Americans living in the community. The book also tells us there were “six buildings” burned down in the town (the town had just recently been vacated due to news of impending mob violence). And after the buildings were burned, then, a few days later, “the 12 remaining structures” were burned. The 12 structures were obviously residences (homes).

Note: Despite Wikipedia’s claim (produced from a thoroughly unreliable source, African American Maxine Jones) that Sumner and Rosewood had a combined population of “344 blacks and 294 whites” there is no existing census data that I could find to support this claim.  Rosewood shared a census tract with Sumner, so there is no way of knowing exactly how many people (white or black) lived in Rosewood.  However, the “12 structures”, or homes, in  Rosewood gives a pretty accurate clue. White people were likely less than half of the Negro population in Rosewood, so that would put the White population at about 30 to 40 (4 or 5 families) …and make the total Rosewood population   (White & Black) around 85 to 95 people.

 Fiction: Throughout American history only white males burned down a town as a racially motivated act.

Fact: In 1901, Negro males, in an act of revenge, and to strike terror in the hearts and minds of the white population of Tiptonville, Tenn., burned the town down. source >>AND, another town burned in 1882>> source


Fiction: From Wikipedia: South, Florida had imposed legal racial segregation under Jim Crow laws, requiring separate black and white public facilities and transportation.[6] Blacks and whites created their own community centers: in 1920, the residents of Rosewood were mostly self-sufficient. They had three churches, a school, a large Masonic Hall, a turpentine mill, a sugarcane mill, a baseball team named the Rosewood Stars, and two general stores, one of which was white-owned.

Ironclad Fact:  “Jim Crow laws” : South Florida, as well as the entire country, was actually operating under Plessy v. Ferguson (1896 Supreme Court decision allowing for the separation of the races). One distinct people living separate from another distinct people was the established norm in America at that time. It was also the established norm throughout human history. Blacks were a free people, free to build their own towns, their own cities and their own industries; or colonize a place in the vast expanses of unsettled land in America (e.g. the Mormons). Regarding the buildings in Rosewood, this has already been covered. There were “six buildings” burned, the “six” being the total structures in Rosewood that were not homes. The quote above indicates there were nine structures in Rosewood that were non-residences.   The existing structures in Rosewood at that time were:: two churches (white and black); two schools (white and black); a likely abandoned turpentine mill ; and only one daily operating business in Rosewood, which was the general store operated by a white male (John Wright).


Fiction: All the Negroes who formerly lived in Rosewood had remained silent about the mob attack over all those years (1923 to 1982) because they decided (by collective telepathy?) that it was just such a terrible event that they would all just blot it out from their memories.

Ironclad Fact:  When the news of impending mob violence reached Rosewood, all African Americans fled the small town, except the few that were in the Carrier home. Therefore, there were no African Americans in the tiny town as an eyewitness to report on the incident.  Note: Two young children were found hiding in the wooded area around Rosewood.  They were likely inside the Carrier home when the posse arrived looking for the fleeing[negro]  fugitive.  When the posse left that evening, and the fugitive and Mrs. Carrier were dead, the two children likely fled into the woods.


Fiction:  A Negro male, Jesse Hunter (the escaped convict) had nothing to do with the home invasion/assault on Mrs. Fannie Taylor

FACT:  Jesse Hunter, a negro,  escaped from a prison work detail near Sumner and Rosewood.  Mrs. Taylor ran from her home to the Sheriff informing him of a home invasion and “assault” by a “colored man.”   A posse with bloodhounds was immediately put on the track of the fleeing negro. His scent stopped at the shanty of Sam Carter, a negro, who lived between between Sumner and Rosewood.  Mr. Carter had a wagon and the posse naturally assumed he’d taken the fugitive somewhere by wagon.  Carter refused to cooperate and was then gunned down by a member of the posse.

Fiction: Mrs. Sarah Carrier (Negro-American) worked as a maid/ laundress for Mrs. Fannie Taylor and was going to Mrs. Taylor’s home (with her 7-year-old daughter Philomena) on the day of the assault. As Mrs. Carrier was approaching the Taylor home on that fateful day, she witnessed a “white guy” exiting Mrs. Taylor’s premises. Many years later, Philomena told her son, Arnett Doctor, that she also had seen the white guy that day coming out of Mrs. Taylor’s home. Arnett Doctor then gave this information to freelance (unemployed?) reporter Gary Moore, who then wrote a revised version to the Rosewood riots in 1982, claiming the white guy was actually a secret lover of Mrs. Fannie Taylor and it was he who assaulted his lover (Fannie Taylor) then fled the premises toward Rosewood – hoping he could escape the county before the sheriff and a posse caught up with him.

Fact: Unfortunately, there is no way of finding out the truth as to whether Sarah Carrier was in Sumner on the day of the assault, or even if she worked as a maid/laundress for the Taylors. And we’ll also ignore here whether the Taylors could even afford a maid/laundress (Mr. Taylor likely worked, like most men in the area, at the sawmill in Sumner for about $1.00 a day). But let’s consider this: The revised version of the Rosewood incident first appeared in 1982, and it alleges Fannie Taylor had a “white lover” and it was he who did the violence to her – not the Negro escaped convict. However, in order for the revised version to work, the revisionists, Gary Moore and Arnett Doctor, had to invent an eyewitness to the “white lover”.  Magically then, Sarah Carrier and her 7-year-old daughter Philomena are added to the scene as eye witnesses. This is just way too coincidental for me to buy into. Also, add the fact that there is no logical reason for the white lover to be fleeing for his dear life –just because he struck his lover in a quarrel? — makes the “white lover” version too unbelievable.



The Rosewood riots took place on January 5th and 7th.  The riot that took place on the 5th involved the burning of physical structures that were not homes.  The riot that took place on the 7th involved the burning of the homes in Rosewood.  The burning of Rosewood was perpetrated by Americans (White males) as retaliation for the the murders of  two American posse members.


True and ironclad facts concerning the Rosewood riots :

Note: There was no “massacre” of people in any of the two Rosewood riots.

1. An American female, Mrs. Fannie Taylor, was attacked and beat-up by a an African-American male, Jesse Hunter.  There is nothing I can find in the way of credible evidence that states the female was raped. However, there is evidence that states that members of the posse hunting for the African-American fugitive believed the woman was raped.  All credible evidence points to the perpetrator of the attack on Fannie Taylor being an the African-American male , who had just escaped from a nearby prison work-crew.

3. According to the book Chronological History of the Negro (published in 1969), and whose sources were newspaper accounts from the Rosewood riots period, stated “four Negroes and two white people were killed.” Only ONE African-American male (Mr. Sam Carter) is known to have been deliberately shot and killed by someone who was certainly an American (white). Three more African-Americans, Mrs. Sarah Carrier, fugitive Jesse Hunter, and Miss Lexie Gordon, were also killed. Sarah Carrier and Jesse Hunter died in the Carrier home from a hail of gunfire from the posse after two American posse members were gunned down – ambushed. The other African-American, a female, Lexie Gordon, stricken with typhoid fever and bedridden, died by fire or smoke inhalation when her home was set afire. Note: James Carrier, negro,  was killed after the first riot by a small number of white males . The White males believed he was in the house when the two posse members were ambushed and murdered.

4. Because an African-American gunned down two Americans, this caused a fury among the local American population, and they took out their rage against the physical structures  in Rosewood: six buildings were burned then, a couple days later, 12 African-American homes were burned.

5.   The ‘new’ version to the Rosewood incident was created in 1982 by a freelance reporter, (white male) Gary Moore. Moore relied on Arnett Doctor as his only source. Arnett was the son of Philomena Goins Doctor, who was 7-years-old at the time of the Rosewood incident. Arnett claimed to Gary Moore that his mother told him all about the Rosewood incident.

QUESTION (which apparently no one has ever asked Gary Moore): Once Moore heard the new version to the Rosewood incident, and from  a source, Arnett Doctor,  who was not even alive during the event, why didn’t Moore then go straight to the source , that is, Philomena Goins Doctor, to verify Arnett’s new version ?  Why?  Read below…

” [Philomena Goins] Doctor called her family members [after watching 60 Minutes recreate Arnett Doctor and Gary Moore’s new version of Rosewood – published in 1982] and declared Moore’s story and Ed Bradley’s television exposé were full of lies.” wikipedia


6.  Two other deaths allegedly related to the Rosewood burning were added after 1982 revised version appeared  — likely so those surviving family members could cash in on any settlement that was in the works.

7.   According to Arnett Doctor, Mr. Sylvester Carrier, whose mother, Sarah Carrier, died inside their home presumably in a hail of gunfire after the killing of the two Americans, he claimed  Sylvester was still alive after the Rosewood incident.  Arnett Doctor claims his family received Christmas cards from Sylvester many years after the incident.

>>>> Proof that Sylvester Carrier was NOT defending his house against white males trying to break his door down: “Arnett Doctor [son of Philomena Goins Doctor – whose grandmother was Mrs. Carrier and killed by the posse], in his interview for the report given to the Florida Board of Regents, claimed that his mother received Christmas cards from Sylvester Carrier until 1964” <<<<   Ergo, Sylvester Carrier was alive and well after the Rosewood incident.    In other words, he was not the black male lying dead in the house with Sarah Carrier.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosewood_massacre (notes)

So who was the dead African-American male on the floor with Sarah Carrier?  I believe it had to be the African-American fugitive Jesse Hunter.

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The Moynihan Report (1965) – No One Listened


Daniel Patrick Moynihan was a liberal democrat who was appointed by President Kennedy to be Assistant Secretary of Labor and stayed on during the Johnson Administration. In 1965, he produced a report  on the then current state of the Negro family in America.  The primary purpose of the report  was to inform America that the Negro family was in major crisis, due – as Moynihan saw it – to the cycle of poverty bred by an unstable family unit (specifically in urban America).   In addition to the family crisis, Moynihan also decided to use his report to proffer a reason for why white people appeared to have such a vastly higher standard of living than the black race.  He chose the most non-divisive reason possible to advance his theory:  the legacy of slavery.   However, Moynihan then decided to deviate from this safe ground and speculate that perhaps nature, particularly in the area of innate intelligence,  could also be a key factor in the economic differences that existed between the two races.  This, of course,  infuriated black leaders. It also contradicted the premise of his report, and, by contradicting its premise, he was clearly undermining the legitimacy of the ideology he inferred the gov’t (i.e. the Democratic Party) was now committing itself to with regard to the plight of the black race (the legacy of slavery was the sole cause for the economic differences between the two races).

The report ended up costing Moynihan his job. 1


End of the Beginning : The Report began with a declaration that America was now in a new state of affairs, that there had been a “Negro American revolution”. Negroes had achieved their integration (with the help of the Johnson and Kennedy Administrations). Now there was an “End of the Beginning”. They (blacks) had won something no other male group had ever won:: the “right” to be integrated into another race’s social stratification system – though, it need also be mentioned that no other male group ever demanded such a thing in human history. The next step for blacks (actually the federal government’s next step) was “equality.” But equality for the blacks was to have a different meaning. According to the Moynihan Report:

“The demand for Equality of Opportunity has been generally perceived by white Americans as a demand for liberty, a demand not to be excluded from the competitions of life – at the polling place, in the scholarship examinations, at the personnel office, on the housing market. Liberty does, of course, demand that everyone be free to try his luck, or test his skill in such matters. But these opportunities do not necessarily produce equality: on the contrary, to the extent that winners imply losers, equality of opportunity almost insures inequality of results.”

“The point of semantics is that equality of opportunity now has a different meaning for Negroes than it has for whites. It is not (or at least no longer) a demand for liberty alone, but also for equality – in terms of group results.”

In other words, blacks must be equal in all things with white people as a “group.” And how was this new definition of equality to be achieved for the whole American Negro people? By integration , taxation and new government programs.

Monyihan then points out the true crux of the failings (as the white liberals saw it) of the black race in America: the disintegration of the black family unit.

“The evidence — not final, but powerfully persuasive — is that the Negro family in the urban ghettos is crumbling. A middle-class group has managed to save itself, but for vast numbers of the unskilled, poorly educated city working class the fabric of conventional social relationships has all but disintegrated. There are indications that the situation may have been arrested in the past few years, but the general post-war trend is unmistakable. So long as this situation persists, the cycle of poverty and disadvantage will continue to repeat itself.”


“The white family has achieved a high degree of stability and is
maintaining that stability. By contrast, the family structure of lower class Negroes is highly unstable, and in many urban centers is
approaching complete breakdown.”

And what caused this family breakdown? Well, Moynihan (and the Johnson Administration) couldn’t very well blame the black males (or their cultural constraints – their non-Occupational Ranking nature), so he cites:

“…three centuries of exploitation [slavery and, after 1865, the white man‘s failure to commit to race-nullification] …” “Here the consequences of the historic injustices done to Negro Americans are silent and hidden from view. But here is where the true injury has occurred: unless this damage is repaired, all the effort to end discrimination and poverty and injustice will come to little.”

But how is the Negro family going to be repaired so they could achieve “equality as a group” with the white population?

In Moynihan’s summation he makes it clear that his report is only about “defining a problem” (all related to slavery) and not to “propose solutions to [fix] it.” However, the solution is obvious: massive government intervention into urban black life. What else could possibly be the reason to produce such a report?

Then Moynihan decided to bring up two issues, undoubtedly in an effort to be fair-minded.

The first issue concerned “competence”.

“The ultimate mark of inadequate preparation for life is the failure rate on the Armed Forces mental test. The Armed Forces Qualification Test is not quite a mental test, nor yet an education test. It is a test of ability to perform at an acceptable level of competence. It roughly measures ability that ought to be found in an average 7th or 8th grade student. A grown young man who cannot pass this test is in trouble. Fifty-six percent of Negroes fail it. This is a rate almost four times that of the whites.”

The second issue concerned the Negro male’s abandonment of his children.

“It may be noted, for example, that for most of the post-war period male Negro unemployment and the number of new AFDC cases rose and fell together as if connected by a chain from 1948 to 1962. The correlation between the two series of data was astonishing. (This would mean that 83 percent of the rise and fall in AFDC cases can be statistically ascribed to the rise and fall in the unemployment rate.) In 1960, however, for the first time, unemployment declined, but the number of new AFDC cases rose [black males had more jobs but black females with children were filing for more government assistance]. In 1963 this happened a second time. In 1964 a third. The possible implications of these and other data are serious enough that they, too, should be understood before program proposals are made.”

The inference in these final two observations here are important as they are ominous. (1) How can the educational system be the suggestive rout to opportunity and advancement for the black race if less than half of the black males – for whatever reasons – are only able to reach performance levels more indicative of a child than an adult? (2) How can the government expect to “fix” the Negro urban family – by employing black males and forcing integration into white male created work groups – if the monies from these jobs are not going to be used to support the families of the Negro males ?

Time would tell…

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Black Males : Historical Predatory Crime Rates

Note: I’m going to break this blog into a two parts series.  

–Part I  will contain facts and statistics for the black males in the area of crime while the USA operated under the historic formula for a societal structure, which I will refer to, for lack of a better description, as the DMG Theorem. 

–Part II  will demonstrate what effect Compulsory Inclusionism (1964) has had on black male crime rates


Part I



  According to the U.S. Census in 1900,  the Negro populationwas 8,833,994… and 87%  of the Negroes still lived in the South.   The total urban Negro population in America was 11%.  It was also around 1900 that industrialization was beginning its ascent in America.  By the end of the 1950s, the majority of America’s black population was now living in Anglo-created urban centers ( 56% of Negroes in the South lived in cities, in the North and West, over 96% of Negroes lived in cities). 

   By 1960, the American Negro population has reached almost 19 million.  NEVER in human history had a single society experienced such economic prosperity then America did during the 1950s.  As of 1960:
–cities built by Negro males: None

–industries built by Negro males: None

— tax bases created by Negro males capable of sustaining gov’t services: None

— white males & females employed by a Negro and supporting a family: None
Negroes employed by a white person (household/corporation/business) and supporting a family: Millions

—  residential housing structures built by Negro males in major metropolitan centers: So minute statistically immeasurable

— Negro male registered businesses: 34,400 (in other words, only .0043 of all adult black males owned their own business in 1960-  all are mom & pop operations. Source: Chronological History of the Negro -pg 523)

    When 1960 rolled around one might rightly ask:: Why has the Negro built no cities?  Why  has the Negro created no industries over the previous 95 years?  Why hasn’t the Negro supplied occupations to his own male group members? Or taken the the initiative to build urban housing?   Clearly the Negro race by 1960 has failed to provide for their people in America’s urban centers.  This failing  is undoubtedly a  major  contributor to the urban Negro crime rates  represented  below. 

Note: Regarding no cities built by the Negro race, by contrast, in 1820 the American population (i.e. white people) was approx. 8.5 million , the approximate size of the Negro population in 1900,  and American males had already by then built 61 cities (2000 or more inhabitants). SOURCE



 W.E.B Du Bois: 

“In the city of Philadelphia the increasing number of bold and daring crimes committed by Negroes [since 1890] has focused the city on this subject. There is a widespread feeling that something is wrong with a race that is responsible for so much crime, and that strong remedies are called for. One has but to visit the corridors of the public buildings, when the courts are in session, to realize the part played in law-breaking by the Negro.”

    Book: The Philadelphia Negro – 1898  (pg. 241)



 Regarding rape:  The penalty for a rape conviction in the USA from 1900 to 1970,  particularly for a black male and the victim was white, was not always death.  It was most likely a lengthly prison term.  In the state of Virginia, for example, between 1900 and 1960, out of 288 rape cases involving black males raping white females, only 50 (22%) were executed by the state (17 were lynched).





 Black male prison statistics for 1904…LINK



                                          1923 to 1943


According to the far-left leaning Sentencing Project:

 “In 1926, for example, Black Americans comprised barely 21 percent of the prison population. But in each subsequent decade, with almost clock-work precision, the percentage has increased by an average of five percent.”

Is this statement accurate? Let’s check…  


  I cannot find prison figures for 1926 where there is a racial breakdown ( I would like to know the source used by The Sentencing Project, as I have poured over the gov’t statistical abstracts- NOTHING); however, I did find prison records for 1923.  In 1923, according to the gov’t statistics above, blacks (including females) are – oops – not 21% … but rather 31% of America’s prisoners (figure includes those present in county jails). So blacks in American prisons in 1923 – during the roaring 20s economic boom! – are disproportionately represented at more than 3 times their population count. No one should doubt that in 1926 blacks were represented at approximately the same percent in the prison system. 

Note: Between 1933 and 1939 black males were imprisoned at a rate of about 24% for each successive year.  



                                                   1941 and 1943 


Between 1941 and 1943 blacks are being – AGAIN –  imprisoned at rate of approx. 30%.  



       1950 and 1960, US prison by race

In 1950, black males are now  35% of US prison population (including local jails).

In 1960, black males are 38% of the total US prison  population (local jails included).



Time Magazine 1958: The Negro Crime Rate : A Failure In Integration


NYC = Black 14% of city population. Of those arrested in 1957, 44% black males; 65% black female.

Chicago = Black 15% of city population. 49% of all the predatory crimes of rape, robbery and murder are attributed to blacks.

Los Angeles (city) = Black 13% of city population.  48% of all arrests for predatory crimes of rape, robbery and murder are attributed to blacks.

Detroit = Black 25% of city population.  In the county of Detroit, 66% of the persons in its jail systems are black. Of all arrests in the county, 50% are black.

Note: Time Magazine’s title The Negro Crime Rate : A Failure In Integration   is clearly  misnomer.  Integration (by force) was created on July 2, 1964 (Civil Rights Act).  So the Negro males’ crime rates represented  here cannot be a failure in integration. It is rather, a failure of the black male in urban centers. 



During the 1950s,  arguably the BIGGEST economic boom in all of human history is taking place, and it’s taking place in America.  Yet America’s Negroes are not just faltering, they are withering is desolation and despair.  This is not, of course,  a plot conceived by the white man to do this to the Negro. White males were, and always had been,  the major source of employment for the Negro (male and female) and also took it  upon themselves  – because the Negro would not or could not –  to built housing for them (public housing).  White males also provided thru his tax base a welfare system to feed the Negroes who were hungry.  

Remember, the black race was suppose to be separate and self-reliant as a people. 

 Journalist Theodore H. White describes life in Chicago for the Negro in 1956 as follows:

“… Fifteen to 25 per cent [Negroes] unemployed here; one quarter of [Negro] families in some [census] tracts without fathers; of 17,000 Negro births in Chicago, an estimated 4,000 illegitimate.”

“… of all the women in Chicago’s county jail, 69 per cent are Negro; of all the men, 62 per cent; of all the forlorn on relief, 72 per cent Negro; of all the clients of public housing in Chicago, seeking shelter of the government, 70 per cent Negro. And in Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, kindred figures grimly repeat themselves.” 





The page below is a copy taken directly out of the Government Statistical Abstracts and is the earliest crime statistics I could find produced by the federal gov’t which breaks down crime by race.

  Black males are 10% of the US male population in 1958.   We are shown here for the first time what white people – in the 1950s –  very likely already suspected regarding Negro violent crime.  

Year 1958

Rape:: 46% Black

Robbery:: 54% Black

Murder:: 61% Black




Well, perhaps the Negro violent crime statistics were just an anomaly for the year 1958. 

 Note: Murder non-negligence implied intentional murder. Negligent homicide is a reduced charge, implying non-intent to murder the victim.

Year 1960

Rapes:: 52%  Black

Robbery:: 56% Black

Murder:: 56%  Black

Here’s something that you should find interesting.  In this following table, note the substantial drop in predatory crimes (rapes, robbery, murder) when black males live in a rural environment.

* Again, black males are 10% of the US male population.

Year 1960 (rural predatory crimes)

Rapes:: 19%  Black

Robbery:: 23% Black

Murder:: 37%  Black




Between 1930 and 1963, of the 3833 executions carried out by states and the federal gov’t :

–54%  were black.

–90% of all executions for Rape were black.   



The above statistics, as everyone can plainly see, show a very clear propensity on the part of the Negro male (between 1900 and 1960) to commit violent crimes, and particularly within urban centers. However, before we continue here, let’s keep this in mind:: 

  • the percentage of black males between 16 and 35 in the prison system was within the acceptable range  of cooperation for a male group.1

First, let’s take a look at the percentage of black & white males represented in the state and federal prison system in 1960 between the ages 16 to 35. This age group (16 to 35) within any societal structure would have to cooperate to produce political & economic stability (at least that seems reasonable to me as these are the prime years).  In 1960, the census reported the black population at approx. 18 million. That would mean that approx. 9 million black males lived in the US.  Of that 9 million about 40% would be between the age of 16 and 35 years-old.[1]     So, 40% of 9 million=3.6 million black males between 16 and 35.  Of that 3.6 million, there are in 1960 …  87,400  black males in the US prisons (state and federal)That means that approx.  2.4 %  of black males in this age group (16 – 35) are incarcerated within federal & state prisons in the US.2                              
 For white males between 16 and 35, there were approx. 80 million white males total, and, using the same percentages above, 40% of 80 million = 32 million white male between 16 and 35. There were 162,000 white males in the state and federal prison in 1960. So, 162(k) /32 (m)=.005.  In other words, only one half of one percent (.05%)  of white males in our stated age group are incarcerated in state and federal prisons in 1960.   

1.  While there is no generally accepted percentage for a ‘male group’ to cooperate to maintain stability within a society, we can, however, look at the Continental Army during the American Revolution and at least get a rudimentary approximation as to what percentage of a male group who chose to no longer cooperate with the status quo, can result in the collapse of the political system.  The American population in 1780 was approx. 2.7 million.  Half of that number would be males.  Using our 40% figure for males between 16 and 35, the age group that would comprise virtually the entire fighting force for the Continental Army, that would mean that there would be approx. 450,000 American males available to Washington to fight the British.  However, only about 20,000 of that number ever fought with Washington.  In other words, it took only about 4% of the males between 16 and 35 to bring down the whole British colonial system.  Again, blacks in 1960, their prison rate – non-cooperation rate –  for the age group 16 to 35 is approx. 2.4%.  White males, it’s at .005 approx. Ergo, for both male groups (white  & black), both are in the acceptable cooperation range.

Note:  Negro males did not fight in the Continental Army.

2.  I am factoring in the mean life expectancy for black & white male’s between 1900 and 1960.  For blacks, it was about 55 years.  For whites, about 64 years.



Black Male Crime Statistics 

 Under ‘New’

Compulsory Inclusionism  System        (1964 to present)



US homicides between 1965 to 2011

1965 to 1970 US murders= 77, 800

1971 to 1980 US murders= 199,270

1981 to 1995 US murders= 303, 769

1995 to 2011 US murders= 262, 734

Total murders attributed to Blacks between 1964 and 2001= 451,000

NOTE:: The total murders attributed to Blacks was computed as follows:  total murders in US =843, 543…. 843,543 x .535 = 451, 000 … apprx. attributable to Black males. ( I used the ave. Black male murder rate between 1965 to 2011, which was 54.3%)




         1969 to 1978



TABLE #230:   Year 1969

Rape:: 50% Black

Robbery:: 66% Black

Murder:: 65% Black


Table #312:     Year 1978

Rape:: 49% Black

Robbery:: 59% Black

Murder:: 59% Black

Blacks in 1978 were approximately 11% of America’s population




“In 2005, there were more than 645,000 victims of inter-racial violent crimes in the U.S. In 90 percent of those crimes, black offenders attacked white people”

In other words, there were more than 580,000 victims. If you break it down by age group, that would (ready for this?) … there were 72 million black males between 15 and 35 in 2005. So  that would mean… almost 1 out of 3 black males committed an act of violence against a white person in 2005!




2013 article by Pat Buchanan on race relations and black racism & crime:

“In New York from January to June 2008, 83 percent of all gun assailants were black, according to witnesses and victims, though blacks were only 24 percent of the population. Blacks and Hispanics together accounted for 98 percent of all gun assailants. Forty-nine of every 50 muggings and murders in the Big Apple were the work of black or Hispanic criminals.”

Also, on RAPE from same article:

After researching the FBI numbers for “Suicide of a Superpower,” this writer concluded: “An analysis of ‘single offender victimization figures’ from the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks. Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000 assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.”




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Watts RIOTS (1965) – Addressing The Distortions & Lies

Watts RIOTS (1965) – The Beginning Of Black-Initiated Riots

On July 2, 1964, the Civil Rights Act was signed into law by President Johnson (creating Compulsory Inclusionism). It took just 16 days from that date for black males to launch an unprovoked and racially motivated attack on white police officers and white people’s businesses in Harlem, NY(1).  There would be four more of these riots in 1964  (Rochester riot  Dixmoor, IL, riot  Paterson, NJ riot Philadelphia riot).   In 1965, from January to August 11, there is one riot: the Watts riot.

The total number of black-initiated  riots from 1900 to July 2, 1964, is THREE (two in Harlem, one in Jacksonville, FL).   From July 2, 1964 to August 11th , under the new Compulsory Inclusionism system ,  there are already FIVE.

From here on in this blog I’m going to deal only with the 1965 Watts riots, and try to give you a little insight into what provoked the black males’ behavior.

First, however,  let’s address the obvious. There cannot be any acceptable excuse for what blacks did in Watts in 1965. PERIOD.  For blacks to commit racist acts against white people, who had done them no wrong whatsoever, to loot and burn their businesses, to hurl a barrage of racial insults toward white police officers, who were simply doing their job, obviously, has nothing to do with the concept of “equality.”  Further, Martin Luther King’s movement  had been implying to white people over the previous four years that blacks were seeking racial acceptance and cooperation – a brotherhood of one.  In the Watts riots, however, now white people are watching blacks attack white people and their stores … for no other reason than their race. Clearly, there is a tremendous inconsistency here.  And no person of common sense should see it any other way.


The Watts riots began on August 11, 1965, and lasted 5 days. It was the longest and most community devastating racially motivated disturbance to date ever launched by blacks in American history; and the first to be watched on American television from coast to coast. The events that led to what’s become known as the Watts riots are described below.

A California Highway Patrolman had been informed by a black motorist that another black motorist appeared to be driving drunk. The Highway Patrol officer, Lee Minikus, who happened to be white, followed the suspect vehicle, clocking his speed well in excess of the posted speed limit. The patrolman then pulled over a 21-year-old black motorist, Marquette Frye – in Watts.  In the passenger seat was Mr. Fry’s 22-year-old step-brother.  By Mr. Frye’s own admission, the officer was courteous to him when asked to step out of his car for some questions. After a few questions, the officer proceeded to give the driver a sobriety test.  After the sobriety test the officer determined the driver to be intoxicated and informed him he was under arrest.  Mr. Fry’s  22-year-old step-brother, who was also intoxicated, wanted to drive the vehicle home, which happened to be just a few blocks away.  However, the patrolmen refused him because of his obvious condition. The 22-year-old then leaped from the car and raced home to tell his mother to come and get the car. The mother and her son then hurried back to the scene where the patrolman was waiting for the tow truck to impound the vehicle (impounding a vehicle driven by an assumed drunk driver was standard procedure). The officer was also becoming alarmed at the growing number of blacks assembling at the scene, so he summoned back-up.  The officer allowed the mother to speak to her son, the driver, before he put him in the squad car (Marquette Frye still had yet to be placed in handcuffs). The mother also believed her son was drunk and scolded him for driving in that condition. More squad cars – occupied by mostly white police officers – had continued to show up at the scene. The arresting officer now tried to escort Marquette Frye to a vehicle and place him under arrest (hand-cuff him). However, the visibly drunk Marquette Frye was being provoked to “run for it” by 200 or more black males and females who had now gathered at the scene (many shouting racial obscenities at the white officers – who were simply doing their job).

Apparently emboldened by the large number of his people and the constant prodding to run, the drunk Mr. Frye suddenly bolted for the crowd. Highway Patrol officer Lee Minikus, along with some other officers, grabbed Mr. Frye and then began to wrestle with him. During the scuffle, officer Minikus hit Marquette Frye in the head with his baton, causing him to become disoriented. When this happened, Mr. Frye’s mother then jumped on the back of another officer. The drunken Marquette Frye, along with his brother and mother, were arrested, handcuffed, then placed into waiting squad cars.  During this altercation almost all of the blacks had become belligerent now, shouting insults as well as trying to incite other blacks to attack the white officers. A few white officers went into the crowd and grabbed a black female and black male who they believed were the loudest instigators and arrested them. The police quickly began to leave the scene. From beginning to end, the arrest of the drunken Marquette Frye and the four others had taken only about a half-hour. However, the hundreds of blacks who had watched the five arrests, and particularly the black youth, were now in a feral fury over the – deserved – treatment of the five (only Marquette Frye was hit) and began to hurl rocks and bottles at the remaining patrol cars as they were leaving the scene.

It was 7:45 pm. The riot had officially begun … and would last throughout the night and the next four days. 34 were killed (all black rioters), 1032 were injured and over 4000 were arrested. (source: Chronological History Of The Negro – pg.592)

Note: Mark Ridley Thomas, who is an LA County Supervisor and has a salary in 2010 of $178,789 , plus lots of perks, his geographic area includes Watts (note: The ave. black male’s salary in 2010 in Thomas’ district is about $26,000 a year. Blacks equal about 8% of LA county population i.e. Thomas’ salary is drawn entirely from the non-black tax base). Thomas gives these figures for the Watts riots:
“34 killed, 1,032 injured, including 90 Los Angeles police officers, 136 firemen, 10 national guardsmen, 23 persons from other governmental agencies, and 773 civilians), 118 of the injuries resulted from gunshot wounds, 3,438 adults arrested and property losses in excess of $40 million (in 1965 dollars, equivalent to $277 million today). ”

As I already pointed out, the Watts riots was the fifth racially motivated civil disturbance initiated by blacks within the new Compulsory Inclusionism system (and, again, there were just THREE black-initiated riots under the DMG Theorem).  It was also the fifth time in 13 months blacks had looted and burned white-owned businesses and attacked white people in a predominantly black community — for no other reason than their race.   And it was also the first nationally televised American riot. This must have been truly an ominous sign for the integrationists (black and white), since they were suggesting to the white population (pre 1964) that all the black man ever wanted was his “equal rights” (i.e. the “right” to integrate).  This implied, of course, that white people should let their guard down and trust the black man; that he wouldn’t  victimize some unsuspecting white male or female just because he had more of an opportunity to do it;  and white people’s fear of this behavior was all based on bigoted notions of the black man being “too primitive”, “too untrustworthy” and “too ill-tempered” to be integrated into the “civilized” society of the white man. Well, those in the white community that feared the nature of the black man, this nature is now playing itself out on national television for everyone to see. The black man is attacking innocent white motorists, or any white person he can find on the street, and beating him (no white person was killed in the Watts riots). He is shouting in the streets of Watts, “Get Whitey!” He is attacking white business owners and looting their stores; and after he loots them, he is then burning their stores.

Of course, the thick irony here is that it was these white business owners who supplied stores for blacks to shop at and also created jobs for them (they were essentially the black man‘s provider in Watts). When this riot ends the tally of ransacked businesses is quickly determined, and it’s staggering: 288 looted and burned stores. Of the local white-owned business in Watts, none are capable of re-opening (these white-owned businesses never returned).  The remaining  white population in Watts … left within months.

The cold reality here is that blacks were attempting to drive out (or, if you prefer, bully) white people from Watts, which was one of only three Los Angeles’ predominately black communities in 1965 (Central Avenue, West Adams and Watts).  The riots were also further adding to incidents in the last 13 months of blacks practicing racial hatred, the very thing they were condemning whites of doing over the last one hundred years.  And though in Watts all blacks were not practicing racial hatred, still, there was more than enough black racially motivated violence – directed at completely innocent people – to ruin every white-owned business in Watts; and in so doing basically destroy the local economy (note:  Watts’ economy NEVER recovered from this senseless black male-initiated riot i.e blacks never used their own resources, their own manpower or their own initiative … to rebuild what they had collectively determined to destroy).

Now we reach a critical stage here. What could be the cause(s) of this urban riot initiated by black males?

Let’s look at the following five reasons that were being cited as possible leading causes of the Watts riots: (1) Police Brutality ; (2) Overcrowding ; (3) High Unemployment ; (4) Poverty; (5) Bad Schools.

Police Brutality

There is no evidence  – again, NO EVIDENCE whatsoever – that I could find anywhere on the Internet, or any other source, demonstrating that blacks were being subjected to police brutality in Watts (and as you can clearly see in my 63 blogs on this site, I have done an extensive amount of research on the history of the black race). I can tell you, though, what has been reported and conclusively proven: black male crime stats. From a Time Magazine article in 1958:

“[City of] Los Angeles (13% Negro population). In 1957 [Negroes accounted for] … 48% of the arrests for homicide, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, larceny and auto theft.”

Another good case in point would be the infamous black male serial rapist of Watts named Eldridge Cleaver (residing in a California state penitentiary in 1965). By Cleaver’s own admission he started out raping black women in the 1950s and then turned his perverted attention to white females. In 1957, the Watts’ rapist was identified to police by a white female victim he had raped and then attempted to murder (she survived by playing dead). Never did this Watts rapist claim he was ill-treated by police – and no black male would have been more deserving of ill-treatment by white police officers than serial rapist Cleaver.

Finally, when Watts’ black community leaders met with members of the LAPD the following day of the first night of rioting , never was there any mention made about a history of police brutality, or disrespect, toward blacks by police (many documentaries here, and you can search for yourself) .

As for white police officers in particular disrespecting or brutalizing blacks in Watts, it is important to note that the Los Angeles Police Department, which has jurisdiction in Watts, had a standing policy in 1965 of using its black officers to patrol the three predominantly black communities in Los Angeles. So this fact alone suggests that white police officers had little contact with blacks within the Watts community.

Overcrowding – too many people confined to too small an area.

Watts is not an incorporated city but rather the name of a place that defines an area of land in Los Angeles that has a radius of about 2.3 square miles. Within this geographic area in 1965 resides about 32,000 people, and about 90% of those are black (blacks became a majority  in Watts in the mid-1940s mainly through migration from the South). The population density of Watts then would be about 14,000 per square mile. Though this may seem high, however, when compare to the population density of Manhattan (NYC), a mostly white community in New York City in 1965, its population density was in excess of 69,000 per square mile. Comparing the two then does make Watts’ population density seem rather minuscule. Further, one could very likely come up with numerous examples in every large urban center in America where you could slice out a 2.3 square mile section and produce a population density that was around or greater than Watts’ population density. So using the population density of Watts as a cause for creating black resentment or bitterness just does not ring true.

It should also be noted that it is likely that not one single home or apartment complex within Watts, or even in the vicinity there of , in 1965 had been built by a black male(s); though it must be said that this was typical of every urban center in America with a black population. That is, black males simply did not build their own home, or any other living quarters for that matter, in America’s urban centers. Over the previous one hundred years, black migration to America’s urban centers (black males did not build any American cities), the process followed the same pattern : blacks would move from a rural area (usually the South) to a city environment and occupy the older homes, which were previously vacated by white people and this black encroachment would drive white people out and thereby create black communities).  During this process over the previous one hundred years (from 1865 to 1964)  as I’ve already pointed out, only three riots erupted in urban America where blacks were the initiators. And in none of those cases was overcrowding mentioned as the catalyst.

Finally, for those who may think that blacks were forced – by white males – to live in dilapidated, substandard and/or slum housing in Watts, nothing could be further from the truth. Almost one-third (over 9000) of blacks were living in rather new federal government provided housing projects that were only about 12 years old. And these housing units were not the imposing tower complexes common in other large urban centers, but were instead designed to be inconspicuous two-story structures (i.e. Watts, with many palm tree-lined streets, was no ghetto).

* If you’re wondering just where the overcrowding issue originated from, I can find only one source ever mentioning overcrowding in Watts : Martin L. King.   About a month after the riots, King wrote this (naturally, King being King, he provided no census data) : “…when the population density of Watts became the worst in the nation,…’” (source) As I’ve already pointed out here, this statement is factually incorrect.

High unemployment – black males not getting “equal access to jobs”

Note: The total number of black male registered businesses in the US in 1960 (US Census) was approximately 34, 400.  In other words, only .0043 of all adult black males owned their own business in 1960- all are mom & pop operations ( Source: Chronological History of the Negro -pg 523).  So , using the above population count for blacks in Watts in 1965, which was about 28,500, doing the simple math then ,and also factoring out females and those black males under 20 years-old, and applying the .0043 percent for black business owners nationwide, that would mean there would be approximately 36 black-owned business in Watts in 1965. Remember, 288 business were report looted and burned in the Watts riots. That means that white people owned almost all of these businesses. It also shows the extent to which white people provided for the black population in Watts. When they left, naturally,  so did the economic vitality of the community. 

In 1965, unemployment for blacks in Watts is anywhere from 20% to 30%, four to six times the national average. Yes, this is very high. But since black males are from an Arrested culture (2), they will not produce enough occupations for their own male group members, so finding extremely high unemployment among this male group is to be expected – it is their history. However, let us not forget that during the great Depression of the 1930s black males faced unemployment levels in the 50% range in some urban centers. If high unemployment produces riots then there would have been hundreds, perhaps thousands, of examples in America’s history of blacks initiating riots in the Anglo-created urban centers (Norfolk, VA, Washington D.C., & Charlotte NC, 70 to 80% of all Relief went to Negroes). In the 1930s, there was just ONE black-initiated riot: Harlem, 1935.

Additionally, for those who may claim that discrimination in the job market played a role in causing this riot, blacks faced far greater Historical Group Recognition (HGR) behavior from white people prior to the 1960s.  Yet, again, there were only three black-initiated riots prior to the 1960s. Nevertheless, blacks were getting jobs all over the country from white males; and particularly in Los Angeles.  Let’s look at it this way:  In order for there to be black migration to an Anglo-created urban center, blacks had to be convinced that jobs were available for them there. Naturally, since black males are a non-Occupational Ranking male group(3), urban jobs HAD to come from a source other than their own male group. So the history of blacks in Los Angeles – again, an entirely Anglo-created urban center – demonstrates that white people were the main source supplying blacks with plenty of employment opportunities in the city, and particularly during the 40s and early 50s – a fact that only encouraged the ‘Great Migration’ of blacks to continue to target Los Angeles to seek employment. But the fact that there was such a massive influx of blacks into Los Angeles during the 40s and 50s, this development – predictably – created a crushing problem for the white community: they simply could not keep up with the ever growing number of new arrivals and provide them jobs. To illustrate this massive black population movement, again, mainly from the South, let’s look at the following Los Angeles statistics.

–In 1940 the black population is approximately 60,000
–In 1965 the black population is now approximately 350,000

(In 1940 the non-white population of Los Angeles is 6.5%. So accounting for the small Asian and Hispanic populations, it is reasonable to assume that the black population percent stood at around 4% – and this would probably be on the high side. So with a total Los Angeles population of 1.5 million in 1940, that would mean there were about 60,000 blacks living in the city of Los angles in 1940.)

By 1965 it appears that the massive influx of blacks into southern California over the previous 25 years had finally produced what certainly should have been predictable to every white and black witnessing this migration : the point of critical mass with respect to employment absorption into the white community. Therefore, it wasn’t a case of blacks in Los Angeles facing discrimination (i.e. white males pursuing their right – prior to 1964 – to Historical Group Recognition) … more than it was a case that by 1965… too many blacks had come and the job-providing white community simply could not continue to absorb these great numbers. So it was not the fault of white people that black unemployment was high in Los Angeles. Nor was it – of course – the fault of white police officers for the unemployment predicament of the blacks in Los Angeles.  Let’s now move to ‘poverty.’


Almost 50% (or more) of blacks lived below the poverty line in Watts in 1965. Yes, this is extremely high. However, it is around the average for the black race nationwide. Since black males should always have high unemployment levels in urban settings – being from an Arrested culture – it stands to reason that there will also be the associated poverty with such high unemployment. And since we’ve already eliminated high unemployment as a factor in creating this riot, and poverty is directly associated with employment, then a high poverty level also must be eliminated as a cause for this riot.

Bad Schools

Of course, no black male (or female) was denied the opportunity to go to school in Watts. The major problem seems to be nothing more than it has always been with the black race (particularly males): the difficulty of getting them to actually apply themselves to the task of learning (no solution to this dilemma has yet been found). If there are those who suggest that blacks must be taught by white teachers, that this would make the task of learning easier for them, or perhaps more intellectually rewarding, this kind of reasoning should be rejected for what it is: downright racism. If learning is made more difficult in black schools, this most likely is the result of behavior that is peculiar to blacks themselves. That is, black students are making the school environment difficult and/or impossible for other (most?) black students. This seems to be affirmed by Marquette Frye, the Watts’ black motorist whose arrest led to the Watts riots. He commented on his school life in Watts saying: “When we came to California [from a predominantly white school], we got into an all Negro school … But here [in Fremont High School], I kept getting suspended for fighting.” Marquette Frye dropped out at 16-years old.

So if police brutality wasn’t the cause for the Watts riots, and high population density, high unemployment, a high poverty rate or the present school system also played no part , what did cause the Watts riots?

There is a common thread, a common denominator if you will, in each of the four black-initiated riots since July of 1964: White Police Officers.  But in each riot it is clear to any unbiased person that police did not use excessive force in any of these incidences to warrant anger. So black youths are – it appears – using white police officers as an excuse to loot stores and attack white people?  This is certainly part of it. But we still have the issue of anger toward white police officers. Anyone watching footage from the Watts riots can see the palpable anger in the black males.  But why is it really there? And why is it being directed at white police officers?  In fact, in EVERY major city in America (again, blacks created no urban centers), blacks were claiming excessive police violence by the white officers. However, to any logical thinking person this can’t possibly be true. Every major city in America?  And all the white police officers are deliberately singling out blacks?! Simply nonsense.  My theory? The police were still being recognized as the enforcement arm of the pre Compulsory Inclusionism system.  Let’s recall here that on July 2, 1964, the federal government passed the Civil Rights Act. The result of this new law (an integration law unprecedented in human history)  had now seemingly legitimized the argument that blacks had a historic “right” to integrate with the white race.  However, this right was clearly not there.  Nevertheless, the passage of the Civil Rights Act naturally implied to the black man that it (integration rights) was there. And, more importantly for the black man, a right NOT received by his people throughout their entire history in America.  So every negative thing a black man could conjure up about being black in America (lack of jobs everywhere he went,  high poverty levels, despair and misery in virtually every black community,  high dropout rates from high schools, the high crime rates and high incarceration rates and broken families) were now all directly attributed in his mind to the fact he was denied his “right” to integrate into the white man’s (another people’s) society.  And whose job was it to enforce the white community’s desire to maintain the color line? The white police officers. This now leads us to the anger issue toward white people that is clearly so prevalent among blacks in Watts, as well as all over America, at this time.  As I’ve already point out, the black man believed he was wronged.  And he believed it mainly because he was being told it over and over again. And those who were claiming it  were usually given instant access to the media, and particularly television. Malcolm X was telling blacks to get their “freedom“, “justice” and “equality…”by any means necessary.”   And how was the black man to achieve his “freedom”, his “justice” and his “equality”?   Through integration (integration with the people he’s also inferring are his brutal oppressor?).  King was telling the black man that America had “wrote a bad check” to him – implying, of course, that white people owe the black man money.  Even President Johnson was telling the black man he was a victim, that he was “hobbled by the chains of slavery”, that, in 1965, he was still “not yet free”. In fact, there was almost a perverse competition going on now among whites and blacks as to whose prose or rhetoric could create the most shocking or the most poignant illustration of black persecution, victimization or oppression (none of which, in reality, actually existed). So finding an angry black man in urban America would hardly be surprising. In fact, it should be expected .

Finally, there is one other component within this riot that deserves recognition for contributing to prolong it: Television. The first night of rioting the black males were engaged in bottle throwing, window breaking, throwing objects at white people’s cars and turning vehicles over and then torching them. By daybreak of the following morning the situation had calmed down. In fact, things had stayed calm until the evening (past 6 pm). However, throughout the day young blacks had become aware that the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) had arrived and were now giving them a national audience (they were on TV!). And even more crucial, the media people were refusing to condemn their atrocious behavior. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone then to see black males charge back into the streets and renew their feral rampage. And why should the media men care? Wasn’t the riot providing them profitable news footage?

Let’s Sum up here. There are 5 common sense reasons for the 1965 Watts riots: 1) blacks migrated to LA from the South (almost 300,000 in the previous 20 years) and provided for themselves and their people insufficient job opportunities and no housing (i.e. they made themselves dependent on another people); 2) white males provided blacks housing and jobs (incidentally, blacks provided no jobs to whites), however, white males simply could not provide enough housing and jobs. That is, a critical mass level had been reached whereby white people simply could not further provide for black housing and black employment; 3) the Civil Rights Act implied to blacks that they had a historic “right” to integrate, and this denied historic right (by whites) was the source of all their real or imagined ills in Watts (and America); 4) blacks perceived the white police officers as the enforcement arm that had, and still did, maintain the color-line (remember, the black man now believed that his freedom, his dignity and even his very manhood are all achieved through integration with whites — the very people he’s also calling his brutal oppressor); 5) TV networks provoked a continuation by providing a national audience to the hundreds of criminal-minded blacks and failed to condemn the behavior.

As for the actual flashpoint for the Watts riots, there is one and only one action which provoked the 5 days of riots: Marquette Frye bolting toward the black crowd.  Had Mr. Frye simply submitted to the arrest … the Watts riots NEVER would have occurred.

* Over the next 4 years, black males would launch over 200 unprovoked riots, targeting specifically white businesses and white people.

Also, very good & unbiased description of what the black males did in Watts is provided in the link below

1. Harlem Riot (1964) flashpoint was a white male police officer shooting and killing a black male. The officer claimed the black kid came at him with a knife. It appears that in the black community at this time, no white police officer is allowed to defend himself. Hate-filled blacks (led by unemployed black males) are ready to respond with violence at any police officer doing his job. The ‘white’ police is NEVER to be believed. And the long history of the black males predatory crime rates, which police officers are forced to deal with on a daily basis, is always to be ignored.
a) Occupational Ranking Male Groups: innate culture allows these male groups a grouping capacity to create industrialized societies – among their group members – based on occupational titles stratifying their male group)
b) non-Occupational Ranking male groups : innate culture does not allow these male groups a grouping capacity to stratify their respective male groups using occupational titles. NOTE: Non-Occupational Ranking male groups and Arrested culture are synonymous.

3. Arrested culture : non-Occupational Ranking male groups


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