NOTE:: My blogs here at WordPress are intended to combat myths, legends, distortion of history and the invention of “facts” regarding American Blacks and Whites’ co-existence under one political system. A few examples:

I:  The phrase “equal rights”, when it is used to describe the motives of those who participated in the civil rights movement, in reality  had nothing to do with “equal” rights.  It was rather entirely about one people (Blacks) desiring  something unprecedented in human history:: integration rights into the status environments of another male group (all the status environments in America were created by white Christian males).  Yes, black males wanted in…  They wanted into occupational titles their people did not create; into political arenas their few businesses did not support with their tax dollars; into residential communities their people did not build.  Racial integration  is not  a constitutional right; nor did it have anything to do with human rights; and it was completely unprecedented in human history.    Human nature, as demonstrated throughout human history,   dictated black males, being distinct from white males racially,  were supposed to create their own status environments.  Instead, they pleaded for integration.  White Christian males relented – in the federal legislature- and gifted the black race across-the-board integration rights under the Johnson presidency (1964 to 1968).  White males have  in fact followed the rules regarding this ridiculous forced integration system … since the very time it was implemented.

II::  Myth::  Prior to compulsory integration (1964) White Christian people in America deliberately discriminated against blacks for the sole reason of keeping them down i.e. white people wanted to oppress the black race.  Wrong.    LINK

III::  Myth:: Prior to forced integration (1964 Civil Rights Act), Blacks suffered terrible acts of violence from White racist people in America. Not true at all.   My extensive research has shown that unprovoked violence by Whites against Blacks from 1900 to 1964, where there was serious injury or death,  was basically ZERO statistically immeasurable.  Of further note::  After Blacks received their forced integration plea in 1964, since 1964 they have committed about 98% of all the unprovoked acts of violence (where there was serious injury or death) between the two racial groups.  Here is a LINK (bottom of pg.)  that shows that the federal gov’t is willing to acknowledge over 90%”.   In 2005, about 1 in every 10 black males between 15 & 32  committed a violent act against a white person; for whites, it’s about 1 out of 670.


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  1. Carla Myers says:

    Look, what you do is exactly the same racist people do even if you may have another motive for doing it. You are pulling out numbers, showing how “bad” these people are, leaving the crowds with open questions and just sitting back to see what happens. You could do the same for all companies run by Jewish people or Hispanics working illegally. But wait, this isn’t racism, right? Okay, you can go to any country and you will see that every biggest minority belongs to the “trouble group”. I’m not justifying murders but that is black people in your country is just coincidence. In Middle Europe it’s mostly Arabians and Turks, in East Europe people from Southern Europe, when you move to Russia it’s people from the South/ South East and so on…
    I hope you won’t become paranoid.

    What is your contribution to society? None.

    • The “groups” you mention Carla …do NOT have integration rights into the Dominant male group. Blacks received those rights in 1964 (Civil Rights Act) from white Christian males. There was no constitutional right to receive integration. By blogs are intended to demonstrate that blacks have taken advantage of their integration rights to commit predatory crimes against white people.

      Oh, incidentally, prior to 1964 integration rights had NEVER been bestowed by ONE to another people. Blacks were supposed to be a separate people … and achieve self-reliance as a people (Booker T. Washington’s goal). Blacks instead chose integration. White people gave them what they were demanding:: Integration (1964 Civil rights act; Voting Rights Act; Fair Housing Act). It wasn’t “equal rights”; it wasn’t “equal access.” White Christian males gifted the black males integration rights into their established society (political arenas they created- economic arenas they created- residential communities they built). Again, unprecedented in human history.

      African- Americans (formerly Negroes), are the ONLY people in human history to never have achieved a state a self-reliance. They avoided it by pleading for integration.

      • Max says:

        But had your “white Christian males” achieved a state of self-reliance, “negroes” would have never made it to this country to farm your farm lands, pick your cotton, and breast feed your offspring (just to name a few things they were MADE to do). Oh, and let’s not forget that they were enslaved/oppressed and were PREVENTED from forming their own communities and churches, pursuing education, receiving social equality, etc. Let’s not dare speak upon the dehumanization, torture, and genocide they were subjected to by your dear Christian males. So please tell me how any HUMAN could achieve self-reliance under those circumstances.

        You really need to find Christ.

  2. Frances says:

    White men forced black men to be here AGAINST THEIR WILL. Took their children, wives, everything from them! As they were forced to be here THEY WANTED RIGHTS! Additionally, this “already established political & economic environments of another people” was SLAVE LABOR AGAINST HUMANITY. What’s wrong with you?!

    • It was the African blacks (not the white man) who created the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Industry. Blacks supplied the bodies to be sold… And the fact is …that blacks sold their racial cousins so dirt cheap it attracted Europeans to Africa to trade material items (even sea shells) for the black bodies. With glee and joy in their wicked hearts … blacks sold their brethren to foreigners.
      The black man NEVER knew the concept of human rights in Africa… Slavery was rampant all over Africa when the Europeans arrived in Africa (late 1600s). So was slave breeding…. White Christian people ended the despicable slave trade industry – not blacks. The slave trade to America ended in 1808 (a mere 17 years after the United States became a sovereign country). After the Civil War, blacks deserved a homeland in America NOTHING MORE. The state of Florida , or a portion of it, should have went to the black race.

      Integration, by written laws, and something the black man had never in his history lived by , was a STUPID thing to attempt to achieve.

      • Truth Arrived says:

        You’re rapidly, immeasurably, profoundly redefining ignorance. Your stupidity is sexiness to you. A stack of facts 100 stories tall could fall on you but you would still cling to the doctrine and lies that float your artificial self-esteem.

  3. veto says:

    You need to wait up and search your soul. Racial divides are social construct. All humans are equal in all sense. It is the scientific knowledge that’s distorting truth. White or black, these are merely social markers magnify by people TO JUSTIFY SLAVERY OR TO IMBUE BLACK WITH INFERIOR STATUS. Whatever it was, those crimes you’ve listed on your website committed by Blacks stemmed from what circumstances have forced them to do so. Instead of whipping out all your victim-blaming arguments here, have you read through the history of how Blacks are oppressed during that time and how hard is it to even live each day?!

  4. g says:

    Whoever wrote is ignorant and living in denial, there are opinions I don’t agree with but you are arguing historical fact. You obviously come from a country built on the backs of slaves.

  5. rogerunited says:

    Your commenters here are a pathetic bunch, not one fact or rebuttal among them.

    Keep on posting.

  6. Excellent work. Your blog is an incredibly valuable resource to all freedom loving Americans. As the MSM continue to lie, and HIDE THE FACTS about Black on White crime, blogs such as yours will only continue to be an invaluable resource and necessary Shield against blacks who prey on unsuspecting whites. Thank you for your dedication to the truth, and for helping to save white folk’s lives (and black, asian and hispanic) who have no idea of the danger they are in. #KnockoutGame #WhiteGenocide

  7. getaBETTERlife says:

    Blogger is probably an awesome dude. He certainly does tell the truth here.

  8. AnEqualAmerican says:

    According to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), 82% (that means percent) of white people are killed by other white people. 15% of white people are killed by black people. (82% is a higher percentage than 15%) 8% of black people are killed by white people, 90% of African-Americans are killed by other African-Americans. So, if there is anyone white people should look out for, it’s other white people. Still with me? Also according to the FBI there are 50% more white males arrested for violent crimes every year than African-American males and 48% of all hate crimes committed in the US are white males. This is where it gets a bit tricky. 52% of the white males arrested for hate crimes are driven by anti-African-American motivations. Finally, of all of the arrests made in the US, 70% are white. Overall violent crime? Well, white people take the cake for that, too at 61%. Don’t take my word for it. If you can read, you can find all of the info right here: https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s
    Also, I’m black and have not yet had the urge to kill my white husband. Nor, has my father chosen to kill my mother and my black brother (an active-duty soldier) has also chosen to defy the “negro devil” in him and not kill his white wife. What a miracle.

  9. James says:

    Awwww looks who is all upset and jealous because he can’t get a white woman. The problem isn’t black men, it’s your personal insecurities , brainless ways, self hate that prevent you from being successful in life. It’s always funny to see low self esteem guys like you because minorities aren’t going anywhere, interracial dating will continue, and that means you’ll have to sit in misery your whole life watching it…lol and we get to sit back and watch you and your kind burn in anger as we live happily…

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