Did White People Discriminate Against Blacks? Answer: No!

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 From 1865 (the end of the Civil War & the complete emancipation of the black race)  to 1964 … white Christian people did not discriminate ‘pejoratively’ against non-whites.  What white people actually practiced was Historical Group Recognition – i.e. non-pejorative discrimination.

Let’s first break down discrimination as it relates to racial/ethnic groups , into pejorative and non-pejorative actions (Historical Group Recognition).

Non-pejorative acts of discrimination as it relates to human group behavior are those actions by ONE people (usually racially, linguistically and religiously similar)  that are not intended to belittle or disparage, but simply intended to create and maintain a color line/ ethnicity line between juxtaposed human  groups.  With specific regard to the color line in America e.g. separate living arrangements,  separate working environments,  etc. …  it was of course directed mainly at the black race by the white race.  It (the color line) was also completely consistent with existing laws, customs, prevailing culture,  and also human history.  For white people (specifically white males), the color line protected their status environments (political/economic arenas).  For the black race, the color line was expected to specifically force black males to create their own status environments and  become the provider for their people/communities/families… and over the long run create self-reliance for the black race. Blacks, of course,  were  allowed to practice – and did practice – acts of non-pejorative discrimination. The 1964 compulsory integration law (AKA Civil Rights Act) ended non-pejorative (HGR) discrimination.1

Pejorative discrimination relating to race /ethnicity is an intentional act or actions to belittle or disparage,  and the sole motivation is because of racial or ethnicity difference (e.g a newspaper that would reference blacks only by “nigger”; using a Hollywood movie to represent blacks as an inferior people)).  These acts were either illegal or immoral prior to 1964 Civil Rights Act. In other words, it was not acceptable, specifically for white people,  to discriminate in a pejorative way towards blacks (or any other race/ethnic group).  Note: As for acts by one people against another that were malicious in nature and were entirely racially/ethnically motivated and designed to harm financially or deprive someone of due process of law,  these acts were illegal in America from 1868 (14th Amendment) to the present.  Acts by one people against another that were violent in nature and solely motivated by race or ethnicity difference were always illegal in America.

“But just a minute here! Before the Civil Rights Acts, you’re saying that blacks did not suffer discrimination by white males when they applied for work in America? That NEVER happened?!”

My answer to that is … after the Civil War and the complete emancipation  of the black race and all the way up until 1964,  black males in America DID NOT suffer discrimination in a pejorative sense. What they faced was a completely normal human condition called Historical Group Recognition (HGR). In other words, throughout human history male groups created their own status environments and reserved entry into these environments for members of their own male group (males racially, linguistically and religiously similar). Blacks also practiced HGR prior to 1964. Few examples: 1) all Negro-owned business typically only employed blacks; 2) Negro baseball only employed blacks; 3) Pullman Porters (96% Black); 4) Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (1925 to 1964), all-black leadership. 2

>>>BOTTOM LINE:  Whites and blacks having separate living and working arrangements prior to 1964 was not illegal nor was it an act of oppression against blacks. <<<

“But…But wait now. Okay. What about the political environments? Certainly Blacks were denied their constitutional right to vote? You’re denying that?”

A political environment is part of a male group’s status environment. Additionally, blacks were never told, as far as I know, they could NOT vote based solely on their race.  Blacks had every right to create their own political environment(s).  In fact, white males expected and wanted blacks to create their own political environments. This, of course, would require that blacks build their own towns and cities, and thereby create their own tax base to support their political offices within their towns and cities. NOTE: The total number of tax bases in America established exclusively by black males from their business activities from 1790 to 1964 …is ZERO.

Final note here about HGR. Again,  HGR (Historical Group Recognition) is a completely normal human trait. Moreover, it created the United States of America, as well as all the state and local gov’ts in the US. It was responsible for the creation of all the towns, cities, industries, tax bases, and the American culture.  And last, but certainly not least, HGR is also responsible for the existence of ALL racial and ethnic groups on the planet. Every male group practiced HGR prior to 1964. ONLY white Christian males in Western Civilization countries have created written laws in an effort to try to defeat HGR, deny it and/or defy it. Forcibly integrating the races – the effort to eliminate HGR and combat non-pejorative discrimination – continues to be a bold experiment in manipulating human nature.


Citation: 1.  When the compulsory integration act was created in 1964, white Christian males were forced to surrender their status environments. A protected status environment creates and maintains a national identity. When white Christian males were forced to surrender their status environments…they were also forced to surrender their national identity. Today…the former “Americans” are now only referred to as “white people”. (Romans also went through this very same identity destruction process). The 1964 Compulsory Integration Act (AKA Civil Rights Act) was primarily, if not entirely, aimed at forcibly integrating Black males into white males political/ economic arenas and residential communities. Females were not yet part of the “discrimination” picture.

2. I could not find one example prior to 1960 where blacks, when they enjoyed a vast, or entire, numeric majority in a working environment in America (making nice incomes), made any effort whatsoever to try to create diversity.  I also cannot find one example of a white male ‘working’ for a black man prior to 1960.  Countless millions of blacks between 1900 and 1960 worked for white people.

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1 Response to Did White People Discriminate Against Blacks? Answer: No!

  1. GuessAgain says:

    When I see a black man begging for change on a street corner I will intentionally stay 50′ back away from him till the light changes to green so I don’t feel obliged to contribute to his delinquency. When I drive by him I’m usually met with cursing of some racist nature.
    In my predominantly black neighborhood, the younger boys who feel like they own the street are met with equal resistance when I walk up on them with my open carry Glock while walking my pitbull. I have to demand respect or I would easily become their prey.
    A cop asked me once why I live there? Because I’m a United States Marine, once a Marine, always a Marine. Do or Die is our motto, and I surely won’t let some loser crack baby think he can control something he feels entitled to because of something as stupid as slavery that dosen’t exist anymore.
    I’m Native American and I never looked for any handouts to carry me, nor do I blame anyone for any misfortunes that come my way. I’ve lived in the hood for more than 25 yrs. This millennial group of blacks is the worst and weakest I’ve ever seen. No one knows what the fix is. Pitbulls and AK’s are the only answers I can see.
    Good old Abe fucked up when he thought it was to expensive to export them back to Africa after he freed them. Look at our wonderful country now. Our cities are turning into shit holes. And for all you non racist snow flakes. Why don’t you move into the hood and buy a beat down property and revitalize the neighborhood? Maybe because you don’t have the balls to step out of your white suburb?

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