Integration Rights For The American Negro – 1964

integration rights

In American history from 1865 (after the Civil War) onward … the Negro race was in fact FREE … free as a distinct people could possibly get. They were free to build their own towns, cities, businesses, industries, tax base, political environments, etc. ; or, if they truly felt oppressed they were also FREE to colonize a place in America (e.g. like the Mormons).


The recognized “Americans” ( White Christians) and the Negro race  were two distinctly different people that had always lived and worked separately throughout their respective histories in America (up until 1964).  However,  one should not be offended by this color line.  ONE distinct people living and working separate from another distinct people was not just the established norm in American history but also human history as well.  As for the legality of the two racial groups living and working separately, there were no Constitutional laws requiring racial integration.    Bottom line: The Negro race was NOT suffering an injustice because the Americans required separate living and working environments – a color line.

The Negro’s plea for integration, which began in earnest around 1960,  was in fact something unprecedented in the annals of human history (it was entirely orchestrated by White Liberals), and was also the WORST case scenario manifesting for most Americans.  The Negro race was supposed to live within the structure and confines of its own group. Human history and, indeed, the social constructs that define human nature, dictated this reality.  This separation (from 1865 to 1964) was expected to give the Negro race the necessary opportunity to develop their own way of life,  their own distinct culture and, most importantly, their own status environments (the creation of their own political & economic arenas), which would give them a feeling of self-reliance and empowerment over the lives of their people.   However, with the determined plea by the Negro race for across-the board integration rights (circa 1960 to 1968), it clearly signaled they were now prepared, and ultimately became very resolved, to abandon their human requirement to be a self-reliant people – something they never did accomplish in their entire history on the American continent.

In 1964, White Christian males DID THE UNTHINKABLE:: with no quid pro quo they granted the Negro race compulsory integration rights into their economic arena  (Civil Rights Act).   In other words, white males were now going to be forced to submit to a new law requiring them to nullify race in their status environments.  A first in human history. 1                                                                                                                                                          
Then, in 1965, White Christian males DID ANOTHER INCREDIBLE THING, and also unprecedented in human history::  again, with no quid pro quo they granted the Negro – with the Voting Rights Act – access to all their political environments (federal, state, local). No people had ever done this for another people!  

And one final clarification here. After the Civil War and the complete emancipation of the Black race and all the way up until 1964, Black males in America DID NOT “suffer discrimination” in a pejorative sense.  What they faced was a completely normal human condition called Historical Group Recognition (HGR). In other words, throughout human history male groups (males racially, linguistically and religiously similar) created their own status environments and reserved entry into these environments for members of their own male group (males racially, linguistically and religiously similar). Blacks also practiced HGR prior to 1964. Few examples: 1) all Negro- owned business typically only employed Blacks; 2) Negro baseball only employed Blacks; 3) Pullman Porters (96% Black); 4) Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (1925 to 1964), all Black leadership.  

Forcibly integrating one race into another was, and continues to be, a bold experiment in manipulating human nature.


1. 99% of the members of Congress in 1964 were White Christian males. Also in 1964, White Christian males also controlled 100% of every local and statewide political system in the US.

When the Negro race was granted integration rights by the federal gov’t in 1964,  White Christian males were forced to surrender their distinct  ‘American’  identity. That is, White Christians were no longer, from that year onward, the recognized Americans.  They have since been reduced to a color: “white” people.

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4 Responses to Integration Rights For The American Negro – 1964

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  2. mochamadness says:

    Judging by the black and white pictures I’ve seen in magazines, books, and television screen, blacks owned/operated their own businesses years prior to the civil rights movement. There were black schools also. I love watching programs featuring downtown areas and black neighborhoods where there were clothing and shoe stores were blacks actually made the shoes! There were grocery stores/fruit and veggie stands lined up on both sides of the streets in downtown areas. Black people had it “going on” for themselves in 1954 then lost damn near everything they worked for by 1964.

    I believe the whole civil rights thing/movement destroyed black people’s economic base and dignity. In reality, all of those black so-called leaders, MLK, Jesse, Al, and the rest of them set up blacks to be put through the wringer. And blacks fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Rather than hold these leaders responsible for the overwhelming despair they caused, blacks continued to put strong faith into pipe dreams and empty promises of these leaders.

    When I see clips of the civil rights movement on television, I want to cry and scream. First of all, I was born in ’63. So, I surely wasn’t able to understand what was going on with the movement. I couldn’t very well tell black adults that they were making a big mistake listening and following MLK, Jesse, and the rest of them. But once I became an adult and saw those clips, I thought, “Why would blacks willingly allow themselves to be sprayed w/ water hoses, bitten by dogs, beaten w/ night sticks, and jailed for the sake of integrating w/ whites and having excess to white-owned establishments?” Why was that necessary when blacks had/lived in their own sections of town, stores, etc? What civil rights activist should’ve done was define and demonstrate to blacks what it took to be good, decent men and women. How to basic get along with each other. And how to raise their children properly. Hell, how not to have so many children.

    • Well written response. You asked…” “Why would blacks willingly allow themselves to be sprayed w/ water hoses, bitten by dogs, …”
      I’ve done extensive research on the black race over the last decade, and when I started my research a couple of questions topped my list as major curiosities: Why would blacks plead for integration into a “group” that clearing did NOT want their presence, and a group THEY were labeling as their brutal oppressor?!

      The answers to these two questions can be found in one statistic from the US Census for 1960: total number of black-owned businesses in the US for that year as a mere 34,400. All are mom and pop operation i.e. there were no industries or corporation. Black businesses employed about 1200 to 1500 blacks. Putting it another way, about 99.5% of all blacks who earned a monthly pay check in 1960…received it from a white person, a white -owned businesses or the white tax base (gov’t job). Blacks did not produce a single tax base in American history capable of supporting gov’t services.
      MLK’s “movement” was not about achieving manhood for the blacks. It was about rendering them “children”…to be completely provided for by another people (white people) – permanent wards of the state ( i.e. the DEMS). This status would be humiliating to any other racial/ ethnic group. But as you can see by the employment statistic I gave you above, blacks really had no choice. Their entire history as a people in America demonstrates conclusively they cannot provide for themselves independent from white people, in political/ economic systems created by white males. They won’t admit it, but they intuitively know it.

      White people MUST find a way out of this situation.

  3. mochamadness says:

    [edited] Oh yeah, I forgot to mention if you goggle Jesse, MLK, Al, Ralph Albernathy you’ll find out some information that you probably didn’t know.

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