Black Man’s Hall Of Shame

Below is a pictorial – a small sample – of the innocent white people who have been victimized by Eric Holder’s people since Congress (mainly the democratic party) forced integration on the white population (July 2, 1964). Note: In 2005, the justice Dept. – in one of only two cases that I can find – released a victims list of crimes against people that crossed racial lines. The report indicated that blacks were responsible for over 90% of these types of crimes. And almost ALL of their victims – 580,000 of them – were white. SOURCE(bottom of pg)


                                               Beating victim of black males.

Ronald Goldman – murdered by black male OJ Simpson



NOTE: The white female on the far right, Chianne Gast, 32, was raped and then gunned down at her place of work by a black male. Her husband was also gunned down (husband survived) – motive was robbery.




The following are just some of the white police officers who were murdered in the line of duty … by a black male(s) since forced integration was created (1964). Note: Here’s the complete list of fallen white police officers – that I could find on the internet – since 1970.


Kelly McGillis: Home invasion rape and terrorizing…by two 14-year-old black males


           Murdered at their place of work by a racist black male.


Walk-Up Murder Victims Of Black Male Coral Eugene Watts


All five were murdered by black males in the infamous KFC restaurant massacre (1983 Kilgore, TX)



black males hall of shame -McDonaldsSuckerP Beat down of city worker black male sucker punches61-yearold teacher bus driver sucker punch



Victims Of Black Male “Cookie” Thorton’s Racially Motivated Massacre

Scott Christopher Nelson, 17 * Richard David Stephenson, 17 White males agreed give two black males a ride. RESULT? At gunpoint they were forced to a secluded area, one was raped, both were executed.

Christopher Lane was gunned down while jogging…by the black male with the gun. WHY? Cuz he wanted kill someone.

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4 Responses to Black Man’s Hall Of Shame

  1. Servite Omak says:

    notice no comments from libtards here? can not refute this overwhelming evidence so they are silent and they are cowards and scum

    • Chris says:

      You’re a coward. You are only bold here because you remain anonymous. I know you would never say these things to my face

  2. Melina Flores says:

    Why not post all the minorities white people have killed? All the school shooting white people do? Your history is full of savages, rapists and murderers

  3. Chris says:

    When are you going to start documenting the innocent blacks killed by white devils ?

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