Rosewood Massacre 1923 – Ironclad Facts


Note: The total number of racially motivated riots by Americans against American Negroes between 1900 & 1960 is only 31.  And of those 31 … 77% were provoked by either a rape or murder. LINK. The Rosewood incident began  Jan. 1st , 1923, and ended Jan. 7th, with the burning of the small predominately Negro town.

Archived newspaper account of the Rosewood incident>>  LINK

Fiction & Fact … before the riots:

Fiction: The town of Rosewood (Florida) in 1923 was an entirely African-American town and boasted a population of about 300 or more.

Ironclad Fact: In the book The Chronological History of the Negro, a far left-leaning, pro-integration recounting of Negro experiences from the 1700s and up until 1968, it describes Rosewood as “mostly Negro”, therefore, there were some Americans living in the community. The book also tells us there were “six buildings” burned down in the town (the town had just recently been vacated due to news of impending mob violence). And after the buildings were burned, then, a few days later, “the 12 remaining structures” were burned. The 12 structures were obviously residences (homes).

Note: Despite Wikipedia’s claim (produced from a thoroughly unreliable source, African American Maxine Jones) that Sumner and Rosewood had a combined population of “344 blacks and 294 whites” there is no existing census data that I could find to support this claim.  Rosewood shared a census tract with Sumner, so there is no way of knowing exactly how many people (white or black) lived in Rosewood.  However, the “12 structures”, or homes, in  Rosewood gives a pretty accurate clue. White people were likely less than half of the Negro population in Rosewood, so that would put the White population at about 30 to 40 (4 or 5 families) …and make the total Rosewood population   (White & Black) around 85 to 95 people.

 Fiction: Throughout American history only white males burned down a town as a racially motivated act.

Fact: In 1901, Negro males, as an act of revenge, and to strike terror in the hearts and minds of the white population of Tiptonville, Tenn., burned the town down. source >>AND, another town burned in 1882>> source


Fiction: From Wikipedia: South, Florida had imposed legal racial segregation under Jim Crow laws, requiring separate black and white public facilities and transportation.[6] Blacks and whites created their own community centers: in 1920, the residents of Rosewood were mostly self-sufficient. They had three churches, a school, a large Masonic Hall, a turpentine mill, a sugarcane mill, a baseball team named the Rosewood Stars, and two general stores, one of which was white-owned.

Ironclad Fact:  “Jim Crow laws” : South Florida, as well as the entire country, was actually operating under Plessy v. Ferguson (1896 Supreme Court decision allowing for the separation of the races). One distinct people living separate from another distinct people was the established norm in America at that time. It was also the established norm throughout human history. Blacks were a free people, free to build their own towns, their own cities and their own industries; or colonize a place in the vast expanses of unsettled land in America (e.g. the Mormons). Regarding the buildings in Rosewood, this has already been covered. There were “six buildings” burned, the “six” being the total structures in Rosewood that were not homes. The quote above indicates there were nine structures in Rosewood that were non-residences.   The existing structures in Rosewood at that time were:: two churches (white and black); two schools (white and black); a likely abandoned turpentine mill ; and only one daily operating business in Rosewood, which was the general store operated by a white male (John Wright).


Fiction: All the Negroes who formerly lived in Rosewood had remained silent about the mob attack over all those years (1923 to 1982) because they decided (by collective telepathy?) that it was just such a terrible event that they would all just blot it out from their memories.

Ironclad Fact:  When the news of impending mob violence reached Rosewood, all African Americans fled the small town, except the few that were in the Carrier home. Therefore, there were no African Americans in the tiny town as an eyewitness to report on the incident.  Note: Two young children were found hiding in the wooded area around Rosewood.  They were likely inside the Carrier home when the posse arrived looking for the fleeing[negro]  fugitive.  When the posse left that evening, and the fugitive and Mrs. Carrier were dead, the two children likely fled into the woods.


Fiction:  A Negro male, Jesse Hunter (the escaped convict) had nothing to do with the home invasion/assault on Mrs. Fannie Taylor

FACT:  Jesse Hunter, a negro,  escaped from a prison work detail near Sumner and Rosewood.  Mrs. Taylor ran from her home to the Sheriff informing him of a home invasion and “assault” by a “colored man.”   A posse with bloodhounds was immediately put on the track of the fleeing negro. His scent stopped at the shanty of Sam Carter, a negro, who lived between between Sumner and Rosewood.  Mr. Carter had a wagon and the posse naturally assumed he’d taken the fugitive somewhere by wagon.  Carter refused to cooperate and was then gunned down by a member of the posse.

Fiction: Mrs. Sarah Carrier (Negro-American) worked as a maid/ laundress for Mrs. Fannie Taylor and was going to Mrs. Taylor’s home (with her 7-year-old daughter Philomena) on the day of the assault. As Mrs. Carrier was approaching the Taylor home on that fateful day, she witnessed a “white guy” exiting Mrs. Taylor’s premises. Many years later, Philomena told her son, Arnett Doctor, that she also had seen the white guy that day coming out of Mrs. Taylor’s home. Arnett Doctor then gave this information to freelance (unemployed?) reporter Gary Moore, who then wrote a revised version to the Rosewood riots in 1982, claiming the white guy was actually a secret lover of Mrs. Fannie Taylor and it was he who assaulted his lover (Fannie Taylor) then fled the premises toward Rosewood – hoping he could escape the county before the sheriff and a posse caught up with him.

Fact: Unfortunately, there is no way of finding out the truth as to whether Sarah Carrier was in Sumner on the day of the assault, or even if she worked as a maid/laundress for the Taylors. And we’ll also ignore here whether the Taylors could even afford a maid/laundress (Mr. Taylor likely worked, like most men in the area, at the sawmill in Sumner for about $1.00 a day). But let’s consider this: The revised version of the Rosewood incident first appeared in 1982, and it alleges Fannie Taylor had a “white lover” and it was he who did the violence to her – not the Negro escaped convict. However, in order for the revised version to work the revisionists, Gary Moore and Arnett Doctor, had to invent an eyewitness to the “white lover”.  Magically then Sarah Carrier and her 7-year-old daughter Philomena are added to the scene as eye witnesses. This is just way too coincidental for me to buy into. Also, add the fact that there is no logical reason for the white lover to be fleeing for his dear life –just because he struck his lover in a quarrel? — makes the “white lover” version too unbelievable.



The Rosewood riots took place on January 5th and 7th.  The riot that took place on the 5th involved the burning of physical structures that were not homes.  The riot that took place on the 7th involved the burning of the homes in Rosewood.  The burning of Rosewood was perpetrated by Americans (White males) as retaliation for the the murders of  two American posse members.


True and ironclad facts concerning the Rosewood riots :

Note: There was no “massacre” of people in any of the two Rosewood riots.

1. An American female, Mrs. Fannie Taylor, was attacked and beat-up by a an African-American male, Jesse Hunter.  There is nothing I can find in the way of credible evidence that states the female was raped. However, there is evidence that states that members of the posse hunting for the African-American fugitive believed the woman was raped.  All credible evidence points to the perpetrator of the attack on Fannie Taylor being an the African-American male , who had just escaped from a nearby prison work-crew.

3. According to the book Chronological History of the Negro (published in 1969), and whose sources were newspaper accounts from the Rosewood riots period, stated “four Negroes and two white people were killed.” Only ONE African-American male (Mr. Sam Carter) is known to have been deliberately shot and killed by someone who was certainly an American (white). Three more African-Americans, Mrs. Sarah Carrier, fugitive Jesse Hunter, and Miss Lexie Gordon, were also killed. Sarah Carrier and Jesse Hunter died in the Carrier home from a hail of gunfire from the posse after two American posse members were gunned down – ambushed. The other African-American, a female, Lexie Gordon, stricken with typhoid fever and bedridden, died by fire or smoke inhalation when her home was set afire. Note: James Carrier, negro,  was killed after the first riot by a small number of white males . The White males believed he was in the house when the two posse members were ambushed and murdered.

4. Because an African-American gunned down two Americans, local Americans became enraged and subsequently burned most (or all)  of the physical structures  in Rosewood: six buildings were burned then, a couple days later, 12 African-American homes were burned.

5.   The ‘new’ version to the Rosewood incident was created in 1982 by a freelance reporter, (white male) Gary Moore. Moore relied on Arnett Doctor as his only source. Arnett was the son of Philomena Goins Doctor, who was 7-years-old at the time of the Rosewood incident. Arnett claimed to Gary Moore that his mother told him all about the Rosewood incident.

QUESTION (which apparently no one has ever asked Gary Moore): Once Moore heard the new version to the Rosewood incident, and from  a source, Arnett Doctor,  who was not even alive during the event, why didn’t Moore then go straight to the source , that is, Philomena Goins Doctor, to verify Arnett’s new version ?  Why?  Read below…

” [Philomena Goins] Doctor called her family members [after watching 60 Minutes recreate Arnett Doctor and Gary Moore’s new version of Rosewood – published in 1982] and declared Moore’s story and Ed Bradley’s television exposé were full of lies.” wikipedia

6.  Two other deaths allegedly related to the Rosewood burning were added after 1982 revised version appeared  — likely so those surviving family members could cash in on any settlement that was in the works.

7.   According to Arnett Doctor, Mr. Sylvester Carrier, whose mother, Sarah Carrier, died inside their home presumably in a hail of gunfire after the killing of the two Americans, he claimed  Sylvester was still alive after the Rosewood incident.  Arnett Doctor claims his family received Christmas cards from Sylvester many years after the incident.

>>>> Proof that Sylvester Carrier was NOT defending his house against white males trying to break his door down: “Arnett Doctor [son of Philomena Goins Doctor – whose grandmother was Mrs. Carrier and killed by the posse], in his interview for the report given to the Florida Board of Regents, claimed that his mother received Christmas cards from Sylvester Carrier until 1964” <<<<   Ergo, Sylvester Carrier was alive and well after the Rosewood incident.    In other words, he was not the black male lying dead in the house with Sarah Carrier. (notes)

So who was the dead African-American male on the floor with Sarah Carrier?  I believe it had to be the African-American fugitive Jesse Hunter.

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3 Responses to Rosewood Massacre 1923 – Ironclad Facts

  1. Hog wash I;ll believe the movie.Why because they lived it! their descendants and the ONE and Only White person there who witnessed it all. and had the Courage TO TELL THE TRUTH. that

    Why are we tiring so hard to go back to those times.Not a history to repeat or to be proud of.

  2. Lynnette Burnell says:

    I’ve read the above notes & thought on them awhile & conclude that the writer is white. It doesn’t matter how many residents lived or didn’t live in Rosewood or how many people were massacred, or how much money the families were hoping to get if they were money driven, or how many homes where burned, what matters is it happened & the injustice of it ! You cannot dispute the American redneck attitude prevalent in those days or today for that matter. The story deserved to be told & white Americans should be ashamed of their ancestors & hope the attitudes of the day be dead & buried ! My mother is white & my father was New Zealand Maori, I grew up in an integrated society & couldn’t be more proud of these facts. NZ was the only country in the world that adopted a policy of integration rather than segregation of races & to this day is still heaven on earth because of it. So maybe less people died than portrayed in the movie….something terrible & unjust happened to black citizens during those few days caused by white ignorance !

  3. Anti- Apathy says:

    @Lynnett…Maori people are not the same people as those of the African stock…African temperament is much different i.e. being far more violent… In addition, the Africans that were brought to America (sold by their fellow Africans to white male slave traders)… when the Civil War ended, the racial group did not possess a culture, or way of life, to instruct them on how to live in America. Point is, comparing white New Zealanders experiences with Maori and American white people with that of the African…there is no real comparison. So there is nothing for white people to be ashamed of. Racial separation was a way of life. It had always existed in America (just as the Maori lived separately from the white population in NZ). It had always exited in human history. Blacks were a completely free people after 1865… Free to build their own towns, cities, political systems; free to create a way to life however they saw fit. White people provided for themselves as a ‘group’. Blacks were expected to do the same thing. However, inexplicably, blacks never built any cities, towns, or political systems. They also did not create any industries, so they did not employ their own people. In other words, they became dependent on white people.

    By 1960, less than 1% of working black men were employed by their fellow blacks. This is NOT what white America wanted. Where the black race accumulated in any significant numbers within urban centers (all created by white males) , despair, poverty, a feeling of helplessness and dependence on the local white population quickly developed. What were white males to do? Racial integration was an unknown concept , never practiced in human history. However, despite racial integration being completely unprecedented in human history, in 1964, white males did the UNTHINKABLE: they created forced integration for the black man.

    Lynnette , b/c you are a female, you could not be expected to under this… Males create social stratification systems on a ‘group’ characteristics basis i.e. males racially, linguistically and religiously similar. NZ exists today b/c white Christan , English speaking males created the political/ economic system, based on THEIR culture. Same thing with America.

    Lynnette, before you comment on a subject of this nature, you should first do some due diligence research, so you don’t wind up looking dumb. Here’s a good link to start. Here’s what white people in America were forced to endure at the hands of the American negro – violence no people in human history were ever forced to endure.

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