The Myth Of White Racism

Is White racism against members of the Black race a myth? Or, putting it another way, do White Christian people really deserve the racist tag that the mainstream media and the Black race consistently tries to apply to them?

There are, of course, many types of racist acts or actions, however, in this Blog I am only going to focus on the issue of violent predatory crimes (i.e. rapes, robberies, home invasions, accosted in public) where there was a Black victim and he/she was murdered or seriously injured by a White person. And my reasoning for limiting the parameters here to just physical violence is short and simple.  These types of predatory crimes within a community frighten people the most … and will make them alter their living arrangements and their daily activities  e.g. putting bars on their windows; refusing to open up a business in the community; afraid to go outside at night, etc.

After an exhaustive scouring of the Internet … looking for everything I could find related to violent acts committed by White people against Blacks over the last 40 or so years, this is what I’ve come up with: a grand total of 99 incidents of  White on Black violence where the Black victim was attacked in an unprovoked  act by a White person, which resulted in a murder or serious injury (a few Black were not murdered or seriously injured, but were thrown on the list anyways).

But wait, you say. What about the neo-Nazis? What about the Skinheads? What about the KKK? Yes, these organizations are in America and have, collectively, a few thousand members who are White. However, these groups have not, nor its members individually have not, produced any measurable level of violence directed toward the Black race since the late 1960s (in fact, I could not find ANY measurable level of violence prior to the late 1960s – which, I suppose, is why we witnessed blacks marching down America’s streets DEMANDING integration across-the-the-board in the 60s).   Further, the White people associated with the above “hate groups” are not in any way representative of the vast, vast majority of White people who harbor no ill will, or thoughts of racial superiority, toward the Black race.

So members of the White Christian community, STOP feeling guilty. You are not – as the mainstream media consistently implies – members of a race-hating group perpetrating violence against Blacks. The victims are NOT there.

Finally, I think it’s about time now for the American media and the federal government to start telling the REAL truth about racial violence in America. That is, it is black racism that is the scourge which is ravaging America – not white racism.  WAIT! You say.  Can you back THAT up with gov’t statistics?! Yes I can.

“In 2005, more than 645,000 [were] victims of inter-racial violent crimes (blacks and whites) in the U.S.  In 90 percent of those crimes, black offenders attacked white victims.”  source  Putting it another way… almost 1 out of every 10 black males 15 to 34 attacked a white person in 2005.  This is nothing more than an epidemic of racially motivated hate!

New addition to black racism:

“knockout” game:

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5 Responses to The Myth Of White Racism

  1. Excellent post.If you want follow my.Greetings from me

  2. omalone1 says:

    wonderful post. Thank you

  3. BWSBen says:

    As far as i`m concerned,the terms of “white racism” and others are nothing more than labels and catch-alls used by the media and academia in their war on white america.The labels basically serve the purpose of making whites feel guilty so they wont resist continuing to defer to the interests of minorities at their own expense.The labels also serve the purpose of stifling dissent by intimidating or embarrassing white people concerned for their own race into silence and non-action.Thirdly,the labels are used to prop up the racial equality myth by blaming non-white failure on “white racism” instead of on genetics.As i said,there is a war on white america,and our enemies,such as the evil men who control our mass media,have used myths to morally disarm,confuse and intimidate us so we wont fight back.We must shrug off the white guilt and see through the fraud perpetrated by the media,by organizations like the ADL and SPLC,and by the academic institutions who are brainwashing our people,including our children.Regarding black on white crime,it is well established that black on white crime occurs at a far greater rate than white on black crime.The reason why many of our people believe otherwise is because of media deception in reporting interracial crime.The media has a unanimous policy of highlighting only white on black crime;this is done to make whites feel guilty so they wont object to having more of their freedoms taken away by government legislation and so they will be too fearful of the “racist” label to defend themselves against non-whites.

  4. adolph Mussolini says:

    Blacks are a protected class. Given every freebie. In sight and still. Savages

  5. Felix.Ind.In says:

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    such topics. To the next! Cheers!!

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