Blacks Lynching Blacks – The Whole Truth

Regarding lynching incidences involving American Negroes (1882 to 1960), let’s first address some myths that have proliferated over the last decade –mainly by way of the internet.

Myth I: Prior to the Voting Rights Act (1965), it was very common, particularly in the South, for white people to round up Negro men who tried to vote … and LYNCH them.  Not true. Didn’t happen. I cannot find ONE verifiable newspaper account of such an event. Perhaps one or maybe even a few incidents did occur. If so, it/they likely happened during the Reconstruction years (1865 to 1878).  Of further note,  in 1963, two years before the passage of the Voting Rights Act,  43% of all eligible Negroes in the South were registered to vote. And if that percent seems low, remember, this was two years prior to LBJ’s launching of his Great Society socialist programs i.e. most Negroes believed they had little reason to go to the polls  and vote prior to  1963 ,  since – the way they saw it – there were no gov’t rewards for doing so.  There were voting “irregularities” mainly in Mississippi and Texas.  SOURCE: Chronological History Of The Negro (year 1963)

Myth II: More Negroes were lynched in the South because that’s where most of the racist Americans (white people) lived. Not true. The evidence, which may not be conclusive but certainly powerfully suggestive, is that Negroes lynched most Negroes in the South. As for the large disparity in lynchings in the South compared to the North, this is most likely due to Americans and Negroes in the South living a far greater degree of geographic racial separation.  In other words, when a Negro committed a rape or murder in his black southern community, Negroes had little desire to march – on foot – the Negro perp miles and miles to the white sheriff. The perpetrator was lynched by Negroes. And, of course, Negroes also would not have bothered to report the incident to the local white sheriff.  When found dangling by local Americans, the lynched Negro became just another hanging black man, which was then reported in the local newspaper. The Tuskegee Institute and/or the NAACP, would be notified of the incident through the newspaper … then, they would simply “apply” a reason for the lynching  e.g. “arguing with a white man”; “trying to vote”; “acting suspiciously”, etc.

Myth III: Americans lynched 3,446 Negroes between 1882 and 1968.  Not true.  The overwhelming majority of lynched Negroes were in fact lynched by fellow Negroes. Also, the 3,446 figure has been reduced downward –to under 3000. (source-pg 8)

Myth IV: All the Negroes who were lynched were innocent people… and were lynched because of their race i.e. Americans were racist people. Absolutely NOT true. Virtually every case I could find where the ones doing the lynching were Americans, the lynched victim was believed to be 100% guilty of a crime, usually murder or rape and the victim was white. Here is a small sample of some of the terrible crimes Americans were forced to endure at the hands of the American Negro (1900 to 1964) LINK

Note: In America between 1882 and 1968 there were three recognized legitimate sources for lynching data:: Chicago Tribune, Tuskegee Institute and the NAACP. The criteria for a “lynching” (created by the NAACP) requires that four conditions exist : (1) there must be evidence that a person was killed; (2) the person must have met death illegally; (3) a group of three or more persons must have participated in the killings (to rule out personal vendettas, etc.); and (4) the group must have acted under the pretext of protecting justice or tradition. Chicago Tribune began its lynching data in 1882; Tuskegee in 1892; NAACP sometime after 1913.

—————— ——————

We’ll now take a look at a scholarly research paper (LINK), where some very interesting observations are made:

1. “Beck and Clark (2002) glean information from local and regional newspaper accounts and show that the 432 black victims of lynch mobs in Georgia between 1882 and 1930 were largely connected to their communities rather than strangers.” This seems to confirm what I’m pointing out here. Lynchings were largely done in one’s (racial group’s) own community . White and black, of course , lived in separate communities back then.

2. “The Tribune, NAACP, Tuskegee and Ginzburg compilations have a few well-known problems. First, errors arise in Chicago Tribune and other newspaper reporting that emerge in the collected data sets on which they are based.   Among these errors are misidentification of victims, wrongly placed lynchings, and lynchings in which a death did not actually occur or did not meet the standard definition of lynching otherwise.” In other words, what this quote infers is that there were lots of errors made in the lynching reports of the Chicago Tribune, NAACP and Tuskegee.

3. “the racial classification in the three data series is largely dichotomous, and victims are either categorized as black or white. Each non-black victim, i.e., white, Chinese, Hispanic, Italian, or Native American, was recorded as “white.”” Again this quote points to the fact that the lynching data should not to be viewed as set in stone. As more research is done, expect many changes in the lynching data i.e. lynching total will be revised significantly downward.

Next, let’s think about this. If black males captured a black male rapist, murderer, etc. , would they march that black man down to the white sheriff (there were no black sheriffs in America between 1880 and 1968)? Highly unlikely. They would have settled the matter among their own people. That is, rape and/or murder, where the incident was black-on-black, common sense tells us it would have ended with blacks lynching the black perp. When a Negro was lynched by a mob of whites, one of the following almost always occurred: 1) picture was taken with white males gathered around the lynched Negro(es); 2) a sign was hung on the body, or etching on the photo negative, telling everyone why the black was lynched i.e. his committed atrocity.

Finally, we have the lynching list (LINK). You don’t have to be very perceptive to notice something when you run down the list of lynched people:: There is no indication of whether whites or blacks did the lynching. Of further note are the many , many “unidentified [blacks]” being lynched.  Again, white people made the identity of the perp known as well as the reason for the lynching.

Here is another LINK which purports to show all lynchings between 1882 to 1968, yet, once again, no confirmation as to who did the lynchings of the blacks.

Also of note, when you see a reason cited for the lynching on any web site, remember this:: When a black man was found dangling (lynched) by white people, there was obviously no information available for Tuskegee to accurately establish a reason for the lynching. So what would the person at Tuskegee (or the Tribune or the NAACP) do for citing a reason for the lynching? Well, he could (or would) easily manufacture a reason. There was no law against this practice. So when you come across preposterous reasons for blacks being lynched, like “Acting suspiciously”, “Quarreling”, “Insulting a white man” , “Trying to vote”, etc., don’t believe it, unless there is a verifiable source ( e.g. newspaper article) and the name of the Negro is given along with the cited reason for the lynching.

Also, citing a fictitious reason like “quarreling” has another intended and insidious purpose :: It implies that white people did the lynching. Right? AGAIN, why should white people simply accept that they were the ones who lynched every black male between 1880 and 1968? If a white mob lynched a black , prove it. Otherwise, FORGET IT!

As for my best guess on the number of lynched blacks who were lynched by white mobs for a vile criminal act against a white person (rape or murder specifically) between 1900 and 1960, I would put the number at around 500 to 1000; and maybe 10 acts done out of pure racism/hate i.e. no legitimate hanging crime committed.


Now let’s take a look at white lynchings. In the three pictures to the right, we can all plainly see white people are not shy at all about being shown as participants in a lynching. To the white participants it was retribution for a criminal act. Lynching may not have been consistent with America’s existing laws, but it sure had a long tradition (regardless of race). There was no coddling of the criminal back then. pic 1. Black male murderer of white person was hunted down and killed

pic 2. Black male servant (white household) Allen Brooks raped a 3-year-old white child

pic 3. A white person lynched. Note the etching on the negative. ————————————————————–

We’ll now look at some examples of Negroes lynching Negroes. Note that there are no signs on the hanging bodies, no crowds gathered around the photo, nor is there an identity given  (except in one case) for the victim(s). —————————————————————–

1. Lynched by Negroes: >>>> Four blacks — unknown identities and unknown reason for being lynched.

This Negro (white pants) was found dangling by a white person. It is another example of Negroes lynching a Negro –unknown person and unknown offense. A white male rushed home to get his camera to snap this pic before authorities could remove the body. Police also believed suicide was a possibility in this one, since the Negro’s hands were not tied. 

Lynched By Negroes: Ernest Harrison, Sam Reed, and Frank Howard –1911, Wickliffe, Kentucky. Offense: Murder/Robbery

Here is a black man found dangling by white people. The tell-tale sign Negroes lynched him is that there is no identity given for the Negro … and no reason given for the lynching i.e. his purported crime.


To the right is a postcard with four young black males clearly lynched. However, it was falsely claimed (deliberately by white people) on the postcard that white people hung these black males for a gang rape of a white female in Georgia. The reasoning for making the false claim was likely to intimidate would-be Negro rapists from attacking white females. These blacks were actually hung in Kentucky by fellow blacks in 1908, most likely for a murder or gang rape of a Negro.

The Negro RAPIST was a CONSTANT menace to the Americans and Negroes. Here we have another unknown Negro found by white people, who was lynched and riddled with bullets by fellow Negroes. Had this Negro raped and/or murdered a white person, white males would have gathered by the dozens, or hundreds, his name would be known to the local press, and a picture would have been taken immediately after the lynching depicting all the proud [white] participants. Also, note how the black male is holding his groin area. This seems to be indicating that he was protecting this area when shot. This tells us that this Negro was most likely a rapist and the Negro shooters were deliberately shooting at his groin. Pic is circa 1915 ————————————————————————————-  (Right ) Note how this unknown Negro is hung by two chains pieced together. This man, found dangling by white people, was obviously lynched by poor blacks who didn’t have a rope. If you enlarge the photo you can see what a haphazard and clumsy job the lynchers did tying the chains together. One can only imagine how long this Negro had to wait while his [black] lynchers tried to figure out a way to fasten the two chains together. ————————————————————————————- Negroes’ Inhumanity Toward Fellow Negroes

The scarred Negro here was a slave who was owned by one of the largest slaveholders in the state of Louisiana, a Negro woman named C. Richards. The widowed Negro, along with her son, P.C. Richards, owned a large (and very profitable) Louisiana sugar plantation and had a stable of 152 Negro slaves. There was a story circulated  – by Harpers Weekly magazine –  in 1863 that claimed this slave, who went by the name of Gordon, was whipped because he was a runaway.  However, no evidence exists to substantiate this “story.”  It could be that Gordon committed a very serious crime (most likely against a fellow Negro) for which he was punished. Gordon escaped from his plantation in the spring of 1863 and, after a ten day journey, found sanctuary among [white] Union troops. Note: If the scars on Gordon’s back did come from a whip, the most likely perpetrator would be the Negro overseer (slave-driver). There is also a claim that Gordon was in the service of the US Army ‘colored’ regiment, however, no record exists to substantiate this claim either. Highly unlikely this Negro would flee the slavery of one place (a plantation) and volunteer for de facto slavery in another (US Army). Gorgon could very likely have been a lazy Negro who not only didn’t like to work but also didn’t like taking orders. Gordon’s actual whereabouts after this pic was taken are unknown.  And one finale observation. Gordon’s back scars, which look like they’ve healed many , many, many years prior to the photo, could also be from (indeed, looks very likely) a burn injury. Perhaps thru an accident some hot grease or water spilled on him when he was a young lad. Of course, there would be NO story for Harper’s Weekly magazine if that version was reported. Point is, there is no credible evidence that Gordon’s back scars are from a whip. ——————————————————————————————————- ——————————————————————————————————- 2. The Negro ‘Texas Ax Man’ Between January 1911 and April 1912, Negro male(s) lynched / murdered 49 mulatto people, or families with mulattoes in them, in Texas and Louisiana. At this time in American history, it is the largest – by far – for racial hate killings. And it was all perpetrated by a Negro (or Negroes) because he/ they didn’t like the color of the person. The perps were never caught…and all the murders / lynchings appeared on the Tuskegee Lynching Report…and were attributed to white males. SOURCE —————————————————————————————————– 3. Decatur County, GA, 1930s Negroes Seize Negro Rapist And Lynch Him Tok Seabwright, a Negro rapist, for sexual assaults on two young black girls, was taken from [white] county officials by a black mob, lynched, then blacks riddled the dead corpse with bullets. SOURCE


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9 Responses to Blacks Lynching Blacks – The Whole Truth

  1. Your embarrassed white person says:

    You are honestly crazy. I would tell you to find Jesus, but trust me, he does not want you to find him. Your pathetic and you are MAKING your OWN history even after history was made? Your a psychopath. What a poor poor job your worthless parents did, bringing you into this world and raising you. I hope your time on Earth is not a long one.

  2. William says:

    where in the fuck do you get your information, it is clearly delusional and racially motivated…PICTURES TELL A THOUSAND WORDS…your words tell us NOTHING!…Look at the photos and you will get your answers, not some assumption by someone who is obviously disturbed by what his country and people have done and is creating fictitious explanations for such hatred and murderous heathens…

    • Umm, a “country” does not murder people. People murder people. You imply there was so much hatred and evil among white people…Yet, what the world saw in the early 1960s was the black man getting down on his knees and praying to god (pray-ins) to get his integration with those very people. The black man claimed that the white man was the source of his freedom, his dignity and even his very manhood. Prior to 1964, only the American black man had claimed such attributes could ONLY be achieved among another people. And you want me to believe that the black man was actually subjected – by white people – to the kind of evil and hate you imply.. Doesn’t make sense.

      • Peterson says:

        There are actually white people that have confessed to killing blacks, raping them, lynching them, torturing them and etc. Why don’t you talk about something more WHITE like the millions of WHITE Jews being massacred by other WHITE PEOPLE? Instead you focus on other race of people and your probably not even white which is the sad part.

  3. James White says:

    I can see where this is going. All I want to know did you zapped back in time to get your misinformation or another ingrate feeling bad about being white and American. Which being white is one of the first lies ever told along with me calling myself black. I have no tolerance for racism. I learned something by just look up the word racism. It is more than what a person or persons do i.e hanging or writing about a subject you can’t even associate with other than being so called white and that you live in America.


    O.o what kind of literall bullshit did i just read???? So basically…. you’re implying that…. there is no relative proof that any white person lyched etc. a black man….????? Lawd. I call bullshit! Straight bullshit!! I am a Researcher for Heritage Consortium her in my home town, and i can asure you have NOT did all your research. Your ” Whole Truth” is nothing more than mere rantings.
    Yes, whites lynched blacks and whites lynched whites and blacks lynched blacks and blacks lynched whites!!!!!!!! THERE WAS NO ONE SIDE TO THIS ERA OF HORROR!!!! Lets take Emmitt Till in consideration……or how about Rev. George W. Lee(who resided here in Belzoni,MS)…. eye witnesses…and in Emmitts case AN CONFESSION!!!!! -.- Lord, i felt a little dumber reading this pack of mess….. God bless your ignorant soul.
    P.S and no im not black, sligging around racial justice, i am white, who knows im right!!!!

    • QUOTE: LauraAnn:: “So basically…. you’re implying that…. there is no relative proof that any white person lyched etc.”

      How can a “researcher” have such a poor reading comprehension level?

      No where in my blog here did I even remotely imply white people did not lynch blacks. I did state that the evidence is very strong that most lynched blacks, particularly in the South, were lynched by fellow blacks. And, yes, of course white males were from time to time forced to lynch black males (and even a few black females) who they believed committed a terrible atrocity against their people. Prior to 1964, Blacks were suppose to be a separate people … and provide for themselves within the structure and confines of their group. Beginning in the early 60s, blacks changed course … and chose integration by compulsory means — instead of pursuing self-reliance as a people. Blacks were NOT suppose to come into white communities and rape, rob, murder and massacre. Unfortunately, too many times blacks did come into white communities to rape, rob, murder and massacre. When white Christian males created the compulsory integration laws in 1964, ’65 & 68, black-on-white crime exploded into the stratosphere. WHY? Who knows… Today, racism and HATE … the color is almost all black. And the exclusive victims of all the black racism and HATE? White people. White people MUST end the DEMS’ compulsory integration REIGN OF TERROR. Blacks need a homeland in America.

  5. mochamadness says:

    “Blacks need a homeland.” I couldn’t agree more. But the majority of blacks destroy everything ab
    nd they barel get along with each other. Every town/city/ that’s mostly black goes into bankruptcy because all blacks know nothing about policies, standards, and boundaries. They do whatever they want. Look at Detroit. A mostly black city ran by blacks is now 2 billion dollars in debt. They had a black mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, who’s now doing 28 years in prison. You can read about his shady ass online. If blacks had to depend on blacks, they’d be naked, starving, living on the streets.

    • Nevertheless, blacks and whites cannot live together under one political roof. 50 years of forced integration, we’ve learned the behavior traits of blacks are inside of them. In other words, white people are not going to teach blacks how to “live the way of the white man”. When blacks get their homeland…they MUST be left alone by white people.

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