Did White People Discriminate Against Blacks? Answer: No!

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 From 1865 (the end of the Civil War & the complete emancipation of the black race)  to 1964 … white Christian people did not discriminate ‘pejoratively’ against non-whites.  What white people actually practiced was Historical Group Recognition – i.e. non-pejorative discrimination.

Before we get to  Historical Group Recognition (HGR), let’s first break down  “discrimination” as it relates to race/ethnic groups , into “pejorative” actions and “non-pejorative” actions. Non-pejorative discrimination as it relates to human group behavior are the actions by ONE people (usually racially, linguistically and religiously similar)  that are not intended to belittle or disparage, but simply intended to create and maintain a color line/ ethnicity line between juxtaposed human  groups.  With specific regard to the color line in America e.g. separate living arrangements,  separate working environments,  etc. …  it was of course directed at the black race by the white race.  It (the color line) was also completely consistent with existing laws, customs, prevailing culture,  and also human history.  For white people, the color line protected their status environments (political/economic arenas).  For the black race, the color line was expected to specifically force black males to be the provider for their people/communities/families… and over the long run create self-reliance for the black race. Blacks, of course,  were also allowed to practice – and did practice – acts of non-pejorative discrimination. The 1964 compulsory integration law (AKA Civil Rights Act) ended non-pejorative (HGR) discrimination.1

Pejorative discrimination relating to race /ethnicity is an intentional act or actions to belittle or disparage,  and the sole motivation is because of ethnicity or racial difference.  These acts  were  either illegal or immoral prior to 1964 Civil Rights Act. In other words, it was not acceptable, specifically for White people,  to discriminate in a pejorative way towards Blacks (or any other race/ethnic group).  Note: As for acts by one people against another that were malicious in nature and were entirely racially/ethnically motivated and designed to harm either financially, or deprive someone of due process of law,  these acts were illegal in America from 1868 (14th Amendment) to the present

“But just a minute here! Before the Civil Rights Acts, you’re saying that blacks did not suffer discrimination by white males when they applied for work in America? That NEVER happened?!”

My answer to that is …, after the Civil War and the complete emancipation  of the black race and all the way up until 1964,  black males in America DID NOT suffer discrimination in a pejorative sense. What they faced was a completely normal human condition called Historical Group Recognition (HGR). In other words, throughout human history male groups created their own status environments and reserved entry into these environments for members of their own male group (males racially, linguistically and religiously similar). Blacks also practiced HGR prior to 1964. Few examples: 1) all Negro- owned business typically only employed blacks; 2) Negro baseball only employed Blacks; 3) Pullman Porters (96% Black); 4) Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (1925 to 1964), all Black leadership. 2 >>>BOTTOM LINE:  Whites and blacks having separate living and working arrangements prior to 1964 was not illegal nor was it an act of oppression against blacks. <<<

“But…But wait now. Okay. What about the political environments? Certainly Blacks were denied their constitutional right to vote? You’re denying that?”

A political environment is part of a male group’s status environment. Additionally, blacks were never told, as far as I know, they could NOT vote based solely on their race. Blacks had every right to create their own political environment(s).  In fact, white males expected and wanted blacks to create their own political environments. This, of course, would require that blacks build their own towns and cities, and thereby create their own tax base to support their political offices within their towns and cities. NOTE: The total number of tax bases in America established exclusively by black males from 1790 to 1964 …is ZERO.

Final note here about HGR. Again,  HGR (Historical Group Recognition) is a completely normal human trait. Moreover, it created the United States of America, as well as all the state and local gov’ts in the US. It was responsible for the creation of all the towns, cities, industries, tax bases, and the American culture.  And last, but certainly not least, HGR is also responsible for the existence of ALL racial and ethnic groups on the planet. Every male group practiced HGR prior to 1964. ONLY white Christian males in Western Civilization countries have created written laws in an effort to try to defeat HGR, deny it and/or defy it. Forcibly integrating the races – the effort to eliminate HGR and combat non-pejorative discrimination – continues to be a bold experiment in manipulating human nature.


citation: 1.  When the compulsory integration act was created in 1964, white Christian males were forced to surrender their status environments. A protected status environments creates and maintains a national identity. When white Christian males were forced to surrender their status environments…they were also forced to surrender their national identity. Today…the former “Americans” are now only referred to as “white people”. BTW, Romans went through this very same identity destruction process. The 1964 Compulsory Integration Act (AKA Civil Rights Act) was primarily, if not entirely, aimed at Black males. Females were not yet part of the “discrimination” picture. 2. I could not find one example prior to 1960 where blacks, when they enjoyed a vast, or entire, numeric majority in a working environment in America (making nice incomes), made any effort whatsoever to try to create diversity. Indeed, I cannot find one white male working for a black man prior to 1960. Countless millions of blacks between 1900 and 1960 worked for white people.

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Integration Rights For The American Negro – 1964

integration rights

In American history from 1865 (after the Civil War) onward … the Negro race was in fact FREE … free as a distinct people could possibly get. They were free – as the Americans – to build their own towns, cities, businesses, industries, political environments, etc. ; or, if they truly felt oppressed they were also FREE to colonize a place in America (e.g. like the Mormons).


The recognized “Americans” ( White Christians) and the Negro race  were two distinctly different people that had always lived and worked separately throughout their respective histories in America (up until 1964).  However,  one should not be offended by this color line.  ONE distinct people living and working separate from another distinct people was not just the established norm in American history but also human history as well.  As for the legality of the two racial groups living and working separately, there were no Constitutional laws requiring racial integration.    Bottom line: The Negro race was NOT suffering injustices because the Americans required separate living and working environments – a color line.

The Negro’s plea for integration, which began in earnest around 1960,  was in fact something unprecedented in the annals of human history (it was entirely orchestrated by White Liberals), and was also the WORSE case scenario manifesting for most Americans.  The Negro race was supposed to live within the structure and confines of its own group. Human history and, indeed, the construct of human nature, dictated this reality.  This separation (from 1865 to 1964) was expected to give the Negro race the necessary opportunity to develop their own way of life,  their own distinct culture and, most importantly, their own status environments (the creation of their own political & economic arenas), which would give them a feeling of self-reliance and empowerment over the lives of their people.   However, with the determined plea by the Negro race for across-the board integration rights (circa 1960 to 1968), it clearly signaled they were now prepared, and ultimately became very resolved, to abandon their human requirement to be a self-reliant people – something they never did accomplish in their entire history on the American continent.

In 1964, White Christian males DID THE UNTHINKABLE:: with no quid pro quo they granted the Negro race compulsory integration rights into their economic arena  (Civil Rights Act).1

Then, in 1965, White Christian males DID ANOTHER INCREDIBLE THING, and unprecedented in human history::  again, with no quid pro quo they granted the Negro – with the Voting Rights Act – access to ALL THEIR political environments (federal, state, local). No people had ever done this for another people!  

And one final clarification here. After the Civil War and the complete emancipation of the Black race and all the way up until 1964, Black males in America DID NOT “suffer discrimination” in a pejorative sense. What they faced was a completely normal human condition called Historical Group Recognition (HGR). In other words, throughout human history male groups (males racially, linguistically and religiously similar) created their own status environments and reserved entry into these environments for members of their own male group (males racially, linguistically and religiously similar). Blacks also practiced HGR prior to 1964. Few examples: 1) all Negro- owned business typically only employed Blacks; 2) Negro baseball only employed Blacks; 3) Pullman Porters (96% Black); 4) Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (1925 to 1964), all Black leadership.  

Forcibly integrating one race into another was, and continues to be, a bold experiment in manipulating human nature.


1. 99% of the members of Congress in 1964 were White Christian males. Also in 1964, White Christian males also controlled 100% of every local and statewide political system in the US.

When the Negro race was granted integration rights by the federal gov’t in 1964,  White Christian males were forced to surrender their distinct  ‘American’  identity. That is, White Christians were no longer, from that year onward, the recognized Americans.  They have since been reduced to a color: “white” people.

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Atrocities Committed By African-Americans from 1900 to 1964


Regarding the crimes listed below, at the time in which all them took place in American history, they were considered atrocities. And the American people – provoked – acted according to the times in which they lived.


 W.E.B Du Bois (Book: The Philadelphia Negro – 1898)

“There is a widespread feeling that something is wrong with a race that is responsible for so much crime, and that strong remedies are called for. One has but to visit the corridors of the public buildings, when the courts are in session, to realize the part played in law-breaking by the Negro.”


1. April 25, 1899 – Coweta, GA

  Negro Murders American Employer – Rapes His Wife

Atrocity:: An American, Alfred Cranford, along with his wife, Mattie, and their infant son lived on a farm in rural Coweta, GA. Mr. Cranford was interested in hiring a day laborer for his farm and a Negro male, Sam Holt, whose real name (found out later) was Samuel “Thomas” Wilkes (AKA Hose), applied for the job and was hired by Mr. Cranford.

It seems the Negro, however, was not interested in sticking around the Cranford farm for long.  Wilkes’ plan was to murder the entire Cranford family,  steal whatever valuables he could carry and then hightail it out of Georgia and then back to his home in Illinois.

On the day of the crime,  Wilkes attacked Mr. Cranford with an ax and killed him. With Mr. Cranford out of the way, the Negro then  went into the Cranford’s home and did some unknown injury to the Cranford’s child, raped Mrs. Cranford, then beat her into unconsciousness (likely, he thought she was dead). After  Wilkes dealt with the two Cranfords inside the home he then looked for money and valuables and fled with what he could carry.  A few days later Negro Wilkes was apprehended. When questioned by the sheriff, Wilkes insisted he was just defending himself from Mr. Cranford who – the Negro claimed – was coming at him with a gun.

However, since there was the evident attack on Mrs. Cranford and the infant inside the home, naturally, the sheriff (nor anyone else) believed Wilkes’ tall tale about being forced to defend  himself. Presented with the evidence, including the surviving Mrs. Cranford’s terrifying description of her ordeal, Wilkes finally gave a full confession, which included implicating a black preacher by the name of Elijah Strickland in aiding him in his escape attempt from Coweta (note: likely Strickland was paid by Wilkes with money stolen from the Cranfords i.e. no one should doubt Strickland’s involvement was solely for financial gain).  After Wilkes’ confession,  an American mob marched him to the outskirts of town,  chained him to a tree, then burned him alive. As for the Negro Strickland, for providing aid to Wilkes in his escape effort, the American mob hung him.

Politically correct new version: The new, or revised, version to this brutal crime has Negro Wilkes (AKA Hose) pleading to get his justly earned wages just a little bit early so he could go see his ailing mother in Illinois. However, the mean ole Mr. Cranford wouldn’t give it to Mr. Wilkes (because Crawford was white and Wilkes was black). After days of listening to Mr. Wilkes plead for his justly earned wages, Mr. Cranford finally became angry and drew his gun to kill the Negro (because Mr. Cranford wasn’t just mean but also a racist southerner who would kill a black man for any reason he deemed appropriate). By two incredible strokes of luck, though, Wilkes was able to save himself. Stroke of luck #1: Wilkes just happened to have an ax in his hand. Stroke of luck #2: Wilkes, observing mean ole Mr. Cranford going for his gun, and sure he was going to be gunned down, threw his ax and hit Mr. Cranford right square in the head, killing him instantly. What a miracle throw! (Yeah, sure)

1. http://boards.ancestry.com/topics.ethnic.afam.ga/394/mb.ashx ‘New’ versions:: note in this link that Mr. Cranford has a gun with him. Why? Also in this collection of lynchings, note all the rapes and murders by black males. ( I’m assuming the victims of the black males are innocent white females. Black male rapes and murders were a constant menace to the white population back then — just as they are a clearly documented menace today).


2. May 28, 1901 – Polk County, FL

Rape(?) and Brutal Murder Of American Female

A 26-year old American female, Mrs. Rena Smith Taggart, while fishing off a bridge was brutally attacked with a butcher knife by a 16-year-old Negro named Fred Rochell. She was later found floating in the river. Whether there was a rape is uncertain. There was a great deal of trauma to her body, including many bruises and many, many knife wounds. The young white female’s throat was also slit from ear to ear. The overkill violence seem suggestive of Mrs. Smith not willing to let the Negro teen rape her … and she put up such a fight that the kid was forced to kill her before the rape.

There was no question Fred Rochell was the murderer (local Negroes were the ones who rounded him up and delivered him to the sheriff). He stoically ran through the whole crime with the sheriff. That evening, apparently following the wishes of Mr. Taggart, the sheriff led the Negro murderer to an open field, where he was tied to a pole and then burned alive. There was not a huge crowd. Children were not present. It was no joyful event. Everyone was just glad when it was over. There was also no attack on innocent Negro people by the local Americans. The only lingering question that remained…was why would the Negro teen commit such an atrocity?

Note: Two different versions have developed to this event. One – incredibly – is trying to turn it into an atrocity committed against a black man (Ossian Sweet, during his murder trial in Detroit in 1925, is most likely the creator of the ‘black version’). And the other one (the right one) recited by a local American newspaper in 1901, describes without an agenda. I have included links below which provide both versions.




3. April, 7, 1902 – Tuscumbia, Ala.

Negro Massacres  Six American Males

What was supposed to have been nothing more than a routine arrest of a petty Negro criminal named Will Reynolds, instead, turned into a massacre of six innocent Americans. The facts regarding this Negro atrocity are as follows: The sheriff, accompanied by his deputy, showed up at Mr. Reynold’s shanty with an arrest warrant for receiving stolen goods. The sheriff knocked on Mr. Reynold’s door and demanded the Negro come out. When Reynolds opened his door he was holding a 45-caliber Winchester. The sheriff, without even a chance to blink, was gunned down at pointblank range. The Negro then turned his gun on the deputy (about 300 feet away) and mortally wounded him. Over the next few hours White males from the local community quickly gathered outside the Negro’s home and they proceeded to try to flush him out. When it was all over four additional White males were dead and three were seriously wounded (this Negro was obviously one very good marksman). Reynolds, who’s home was set afire to force him out, died in a hail of gunfire. He was then tossed into his burning home.

The Innocent Dead White Males:
* Charles Gassaway, 34 (Sheriff)
* William Gassaway, 37
* Hugh Jones
* Bob Wallace
* Pat Prout
* James Payne

Seriously Wounded:
* Jim Finney
* Robert Paterson
* Jesse Davis

4. 1904 – Statesboro, GA

American Family Massacred

The first American family to be massacred by Negro males in the 20th century took place in Statesboro, Georgia, in 1904.

The Atrocity:: Two Negro males,  Paul Reed and Will Cato, broke into the home of the Hodge family, a white family, believing 300 dollars of silver coins were in the house, and brutally murdered the entire family (husband, wife and three children).  The two Negro men were eventually caught and then convicted in court (thanks to Paul Reed’s wife, who told the court the damning details of what she knew). Both Negroes were sentenced to death.

Since there was no doubt whatsoever the Negroes committed the atrocity, local Americans, in a fury over the massacre, stormed the jail where the two Negro murderers were being housed.  The  two Negro murders were dragged out to a field, then tied to a stake … then burned alive. It should have ended there. However, to many Americans the slaughter of an entire family by members of another male group was too much to bear. It was also made worse of Paul Reed’s claim that a Negro terrorist group had formed in Statesboro dedicated to “killing all the well-to-do white people.”  Attacks then started on innocent Negroes. Many were reported to have been beaten, and one black man was reported to have been murdered. When it was all over, most of the Negroes in the city, some reports claim, decided to leave.

Innocent White Victims:
* Henry Hodges (beat to death in front of his wife)
* Claudia Hodges (wife, possibly gang raped – then beat to death)
* Talmadge, 6-months-old (burned alive)
* Kittie Corrine, 12 (likely raped – she also begged to be spared by offering the Negroes a nickel. Instead, they bashed her skull in)
* Harmon, 2-years-old ( burned alive)

NOTE:: The total number of Negro families massacred by Americans (white males) from 1900 to 1964 – that I could find on the Internet – is ZERO.   Of further note, according to the US census for 2011,  the population of Statesburo was about 40% African-American. That is, the claims that most of the Negroes fled Statesburo after this incident seems to be greatly exaggerated. Likely none left.


Sept.  28, 1905 - Edna, Texas 

Another American Family Massacred 

Negro Males Invade American Household – Rape Mother And 12-Year-old Daughter – Then Slaughter Entire White Family

GIBSON, HENRY [MONK]  (ca.1889–1908). Henry “Monk” Gibson, born around 1889, was the convicted murderer of members of the Conditt family … [Monk Gibson was] a black teenager [who] was employed by J. F. Conditt to plow his field.  …Conditt’s wife, Lora, their twelve-year-old daughter, Mildred, and sons Herschell, Jesse, and Joseph were found bludgeoned and stabbed to death at their home. The youngest Conditt child, ten-month-old Lloyd, survived. Lora and Mildred had been sexually assaulted. J. F. Conditt had been working in a rice field several miles away.”

Note: Another Negro, Felix Powell,  was also implicated in Conditt rape & murders.  He was tried, convicted, and hung (date of execution unknown). Monk Gibson was finally hung for his part in the Conditt murders in 1908.



5. Oct. 1906 – Argenta (North Little Rock), AR

Negro Males Ambush Father & Son  

Father Murdered – Son Survives

In early Sept. 1906, an unknown number of Negroes gathered at a funeral home owned by three [Negro] brothers, Garrett , Charles and Robert Colum. The gathering was an official Coroner’s inquest, which was called as a result of the death of a male Negro, Wiley Shelby, who was shot and killed by an American (Robert R. McDonald) during a barroom fight. An American police officer was stationed in front of the funeral home and was apparently preventing some Negroes from entering the inquest. One of the Colum brothers (Robert), however, objected to this and got into an altercation with the officer. Two shots were fired by the officer which resulted in the death of Mr. Colum.

Senseless Retaliation Against Two Innocent White Males

Approximately one month after the death of Mr. Colum  (Oct. 6th ),  John B. Lindsey, a farmer, and his son, were walking past the Colum Brothers funeral home when shots rang out, striking both of them. The adult, who died at the scene, was found to have suffered eleven gunshot wounds. The son survived with an unknown number of wounds. There was no question in anyone’s mind as to who the culprits were : Negroes Garrett and Charles Colum.  A third Negro male, and friend of the Colum brothers, Louis Styles, was also quickly determined to be involved. Before police could arrest the three, however, they fled town — never to be heard from again.  On the night of Oct. 6th, an American mob (some estimates put it at fifty) in retaliation for the murder of Mr. Lindsey, burned the Negro funeral home and the home of Louis Styles. The following day,  police received word that on the day of the Lindsay murder another Negro,  Homer G. Blackman, was seen running from the funeral home with a handgun. He was seized and placed under arrest. That night an angry mob of  Americans again gathered, abducted Mr. Blackman, hung him  then repeatedly shot his dead corpse.  

Since the attack on the two innocent Americans happened almost a month after the funeral home shooting, no one should doubt that this ambush of the father and son was a premeditated racial attack. The Negroes were simply biding their time, waiting for the opportune “white” target(s) to ambush.


6. July 13, 1906 – Salisbury, N. Carolina

American Family Slaughtered

Home Invasion – Abuse Of Children

Five criminal-minded Negro males, Nease Gillepsie, John Gillepsie, “Jack” Dillingham, Henry Lee & George Irwin … tried to score some quick cash and other valuable by invading the home of an American family. In the course of their late night home invasion, four innocent Americans (husband, wife and their two young children), were brutally attacked with axes and, according to newspaper accounts, struck so many times as to make them all virtually unrecognizable. After the black males beat the four to death and took what they wanted, they lit the house on fire and left. However, they were unaware someone was still very much alive in the house. Because of the summer heat, a 14-year-old girl decided to sleep upstairs, whereas the slain family members all slept downstairs. When she heard the screaming coming from the death blows of the ax, she hid under her bed until she was sure the intruders were gone. After the Negroes had fled, the young girl rushed to a neighbor’s house and reported what had happened.

The five Negroes were tenant farmers of the white male and it was common knowledge in the area that less than a month earlier a major argument erupted between the American and the Negroes over crop payment.

Very likely, the Negroes intended the dead victims to be burned beyond recognition so there could be no possibility of a crime scene investigation, perhaps believing that the police would think all died from an accidental fire. The surviving girl , however, ruined their “perfect massacre” scheme. When a grand jury investigation determined that enough evidence existed to try the Negroes for murder, an angry American mob decided to take justice into their own hands. Three of the Negroes were dragged out of a holding cell , beat, then hung. Lynched were: Nease Gillespie, John Gillespie and Jack Dillingham.


Note: Yet another [white] author, Susan Barringer Wells (Book: A Game Called Salisbury), is disrespecting the innocent dead white victims of a black committed atrocity. Naturally, as in other cases cited here, it involves writing a book and implying that the black perps (yawn) were most likely, probably I mean, could in fact be, innocent.

Innocent White Victims:
* Isaac Lyerly (husband)
* Augusta Lyerly (wife)
* John Lyerly, 8
* Alice Lyerly, 6
* Addie, 14 ( survived)



The American MENACE…

“On the other hand, there is hardly a time when there are not forty or fifty Cairo negroes in the Southern Illinois Penitentiary, all convicted of theft or burglary.

The white people of Cairo have always dealt indulgently with the negro. For years it has been the policy to keep two negroes on the small police force, and there have been negro Justices of the Peace. A negro physician once came near being elected a member of the Board of Education. While they pay but little taxes, the negroes are provided with three public schools. The Sumner was the first colored High School ever established in the United States.  Yet this negro population, coddled as it is, is a constant menace to the town. No white woman dare venture outside of the house at night alone for fear of assault. Many outrages of which the world has never heard have been attempted. This is why, as Mayor Parsons says, the effect of the recent lynching will be “salutary.”

Altogether it is not surprising that a lynching took place in Cairo. The only wonder is that one did not take place long ago.”

New York, Nov. 14, 1909



November 11, 1909 – Cairo, IL

The CONSTANT Menace To Americans Strikes Again – Negro Rapes & Murders Young American Girl

At this period of time, many crimes were being committed by Negro males against innocent Americans in Cairo, IL. And what infuriated the Americans the most was that usually after the crime was committed the Negro would escape justice by fleeing across the state line (i.e. to Missouri or Kentucky). One Negro male, however, was caught before he could flee : Will James. After police questioning, James confessed to the rape and murder of a young American shop girl, Anna Pelley. When local Americans found out about the rape and murder they decided to take matters into their own hands. An American mob (some estimates put the whole gathering at more than 10,000) seized James from the local jail and brutally hauled him to the public square, where he was then hung; however, the rope broke so many in the crowd took turns shooting him. The dead body was then dragged to a field and burned. To the credit of the Americans in Cairo there were no reported attacks on the city’s Negro population.

Note: Negro Will James became one of the most popular photo postcards in the US at the time. Also, the 10,000 estimate for the mob seems way too large. Cairo’ census figures for 1910 show a population of only 14, 500. Assume 10% were black, that would put the white population at around 13,500, and the adult white male population at around 3800.  So if one were to assume even a ridiculous high 60% of the white males participated in the mob violence against Will James, the actual mob size then would have likely been around 2200.

The total number of rapes and murders committed against Cairo’s Negro population by white males from 1900 to 1964 – that I could find on the Internet – is ZERO.

A good read: http://www.executedtoday.com/2009/11/11/1909-will-james-the-froggie-lynched-cairo-illinois/

Also of Note:  Today, Cairo, IL, has lost most of its white population, due entirely to black racism, black hate, and the enormous cost of black crime in general. Link below shows some dramatic examples of what life is like in Cairo today as a result of black racism driving out the white population; then blacks failing to do what they have always failed to do: creating a sustainable tax base (i.e. creating business and jobs) to provide for their people.


8. March 3, 1910 – Dallas, TX

Negro Male Rapes White Child

A Negro male, Allen Brooks, who was described as “elderly,” had been a trusted servant for the family of Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Buvens. According to accounts of the atrocity, the Negro servant led the Buvens’ 3-year-old child to the barn where he then brutally sexually assaulted her ( a 3-year-old?!). Because of the constant crying of the child, Mrs. Buvens summoned her family physician. After the doctor’s examination he informed the mother, and the sheriff, that the child had been sexually violated. Negro Brooks was then arrested and held in the Dallas city jail. When news of this Negro atrocity got around to the white locals, naturally, being the times that they were, a crowd of Americans immediately descended on the jail house … and demanded access to the jailed Negro. Eventually, the crowd burst into the jail house, beat the Negro and then tied a rope around his neck … where he was then tossed out the second floor window.


9. May 26, 1911- Tulsa, OK

Brutal & Senseless Ambush Murder 

   Of An Innocent 

    White Male Sheriff’s Deputy

Newspaper:: “Tulsa World “Deputy Sheriff George H. Loney went to the Nelson home in search of some stolen meat. He found it and started to make an arrest when he was shot and killed. Both the Nelson woman and her son at first claimed to have fired the fatal shot, but it was later admitted that it was the son who fired it.” 

Law enforcement officer’s have the unfortunate task of being the ones responsible for enforcing society’s laws.  Many times  – too many – the Negro , at least it seems to me, has never quite grasped this simple reality (past & present).  In the above described incident, deputy Loney was simply doing his job:: recovering stolen property. It was actually a very petty crime and I’m sure the white male deputy wasn’t thrilled about having to arrest a Negro woman (Laura Nelson) over a small amount of stolen food. Apparently, the Negro woman’s son took offense to his mother being arrested and gunned down the deputy. But to gun down the deputy over something so petty,  seems more than ridiculous.  It seems like something a mentally challenged person would do. 

The lynching of the woman: I don’t get this at all. It was certainly cruel, even for those times. I also don’t understand why the Negro male’s pants were pulled down. What I do understand is that white people back then couldn’t care less what the Negroes thought of them. Other than white males who profited from the Negro’s labor, all other white people in general didn’t like the presence of the Negro, male, or female. To white males specifically, they (Negro males) took their jobs and NEVER supplied any in return. This fact the white male was forced to bear. However, a Negro male’s crime against his people was obviously considered an entirely different matter.


10. June 13, 1913 – Anadarko, Oklahoma

Negro Rapes & Murders  Innocent American Teenager 

A Negro, Bennie Simmons, overcome by his desire to rape a white female, ambushed 16-year-old Susie Church.  He took the young white girl to a secluded area, then raped her.  After Simmons finished  with his rape of the young white girl, he murdered her.  Simmons was easily caught.  However, a white mob was in no mood to wait for a trail and then 30 more days for a legal hanging. The black male rapist/murderer was seized from the local jail, then led to a tree and hung, though not by the neck but rather by his hands.  He was then doused with a flammable liquid and,  among a crowd of cheering Americans, and begging to be shot in the head instead of burned alive, nevertheless,  was set on fire. 


11. April 26, 1913 – Atlanta , Georgia

 Brutal Rape & Murder Of American Child

A young American girl, Mary Phagan, 13, arrived at her place of  work to claim her paycheck (it was a Sunday and the factory was closed).  A Negro, Jim Conley, a janitor, grabbed the young girl and then forced her to the factory basement where he raped her. After Conley was finished with his rape, he wrapped a cord around the little girl’s neck and then strangled her to death.  It wasn’t Conley though who wound  up being convicted and then lynched for this brutal crime, but rather his supervisor, Leo Frank.

Note :  It must also be pointed out that for those who claim that Leo Frank was used as a [Jewish] patsy for this crime, his professed innocence in this rape/murder is problematic. Regarding the murder, Leo Frank, without question, lied to police detectives when first questioned. Why? My personal belief is that Frank did play some part in this incident, most likely after it had already occurred (sexual abuse of a corpse? –maybe). However, looking at the slight physic of Frank (link provided below), no one should doubt he likely did not possess the necessary physical strength to strangle the young girl.  And since there were only two males present at the factory that Sunday, that leaves only the Negro Conely as the other possible perpetrator. But would the Negro male rape then murder the innocent young white girl? Proof enough was the pile of dung Conley left at the bottom of the elevator shaft i.e. apparently Conley thought he was going to get burned alive … and literally shit.



12. Oct. 9, 1913 — Leitchfield , KY

SHOCKING Negro Atrocity Narrowly Averted  

Newspaper account of incident:: “when, it is said, she was attacked by the negro who was frightened away by approach of the neighbors.”

Around 8:00 a.m. an innocent 11-year-old American child was walking alone to school … when she was suddenly ambushed by a Negro sexual predator named Joe Richardson. As he tried to drag the little girl to a secluded area she fought for dear life. Luckily adults were close enough to hear the little girl’s desperate cries for help and rushed to save her from a certain rape, and likely a bone-chilling murder. Fate was kind to this white child on this day. As for the Negro sexual predator, an American mob – not surprisingly – seized him from the local jail and… Well, you know. Oh, and FWI … Joe also became a popular postcard in this year.

Note: This event, like so many other incidents involving black males attacking , raping and murdering white people in the early 1900s, is being re-written (e.g Rosewood, Tulsa Riot). The new version has the completely innocent black man, the town drunk and ne’er-do-well , innocently bumping into the child –that’s all. She didn’t have a torn dress either. The implication of course is that savage white people did yet another wrong to an innocent black man. Don’t believe it. I’ve created quite a victim’s list of black male sexual attacks on white females>>> Link


13. Nov. 26, 1915 – Henderson, Kentucky

White Female Raped By Black Male  – Black Male Is Hauled From Local Jail And Lynched

A pathetic Negro named Ellis Buckner, 25, noticed a young white female, Miss Mary Hardin, working alone in a store and decided it was a golden opportunity to commit a rape.  The Negro entered the business, forced the young white female to the back of the store then viciously raped her. The Negro then fled – leaving the female alive. He was was captured a few hours later attempting to flee the county. After Miss Hardin identified the Negro Buckner as her attacker, he was arrested and charged with rape (a hanging offense). Within a few short hours of the arrest – on Nov. 26 – naturally, the whole town had found out about the Negro atrocity and was aware he was being kept in the county jail.

There was, and not surprising, an angry – lynching – mood among the local white Henderson population (a town of 20,000). Adding to the anger was that the girl was from a very prominent family in western Kentucky. However, the local police believed a mob could not storm their strong jail. When the mob gathered on the night of Nov. 28th to attempt to get at the Negro rapist, they were apparently aided by a deputy who allowed them in. The Negro, found cowering and wailing in his cell, was dragged out and into the street, then the public square. There, a rope was tied around his neck and, despite the Negro rapist’s hysterical squealing to not be hung for his crime, the mob strung him up…then waited for his death. The mob members then left for their homes. The Negro rapist was found dangling the following morning. No one in the town would either come forward and volunteer they were part of the lynch mob, nor offer up any names of those who participated. To virtually every white man in Henderson, the cowardly Negro rapist got exactly what he deserved.


14. 1916 – Waco, Texas

Rape & Murder Of  Innocent American Female

A 17-year-old Negro male, Jesse Washington, brutally raped and then murdered an innocent American woman, Lucy Fryer, 53. After the Negro teen was tried and convicted by a jury for the crime, a local American mob gathered at the jail and eventually forced their way in.   They they dragged the Negro rapist/murderer to an open field, tied him to a pole and then burned him alive. The lynch mob also included the mayor and the former chief of police, whose presence was simply the sign of the times – which was meant to convey to the local Negro population that the two racial groups were separate and each responsible for the conduct of their people within their own communities. To the local American population, this was a cowardly and despicable act by a member of the Negro group toward their group. And there certainly was truth to that. Jesse Washington was indeed brutally treated before he succumbed to death, but no one should extend pity to him for that. Jesse Washington was well aware what he did was going to provoke a brutal response. All the pity and sympathy instead should be directed toward the innocent American female, Lucy Fryer, who had to endure Washington’s rape … then murder.

The total number of Negro females raped and /or murdered by an American male between 1900 and 1964 in Waco, TX – that I could find on the Internet – is ZERO.


15. Memphis, TN, April 30, 1917

16-Year-Old American Girl Raped And Murdered By A Negro

On this date, A Negro male, Ell Persons (some sources put him at almost 50, while another source claims he was “young”), while out woodcutting (chopping down trees with an ax), observed a 16-year-old American girl on her way to school. Details are lacking, but he was somehow able to abduct this girl and drag her out into a forest area without anyone hearing her screams. The girl was later found dead. She had been decapitated, was naked, raped and her body severely beaten.

Since the girl’s head was severed, which obviously indicated an ax was used, police surmised the crime was likely an act of spontaneous opportunity i.e. it was not a premeditated murder. Someone was in the area with an ax. Local woodcutters would be an obvious first place to start. It was said that many in the vicinity were questioned, but apparently the police zeroed in on Negro men. After the questioning of these Negro men (number unknown), police interrogators’ suspicions were most aroused by one Negro, Ell Persons, who was a local woodcutter, and lived less than a mile from the crime scene. Persons later confessed to the crime. And, naturally, once police claimed they had their man, and it was, to no one’s surprise, a Negro, a mob later seized Persons from the county jail and “[He] was chained down, had a large quantity of gasoline poured over him, and set alight.” Crowd estimates of 5,000 were reported to have witnessed the lynching of the Negro rapist/murderer.

Rappel’s mother gave a speech: “I want to thank all my friends who have worked so hard on my behalf … Let the Negro suffer as my little girl suffered, only 10 times worse”

Innocent White Victim:
Antoinette Rappel, 16


The Houston MASSACRE (1917)

BEWARE. The Black version(s) are dominating this atrocity.

This event had …
–NOTHING to do with white racism

--NOTHING to do with the color line mandate (AKA Jim Crow)
If there is one event prior to the Civil Rights Act (1964) that should have determined once and for all the complete lunacy of the radical new concept of racial integration (a concept invented by the NAACP in 1910) , it is the Camp Logan Massacre 1917.

On August 23, 1917, 156 Negro males, employed by the military for non-combat assignments, mutinied, seized (stole) weapons and marched out of camp toward the city of Houston.  Their intended destination was the Houston police dept. to demand the release of an incarcerated Negro comrade. However, the undisciplined men only made it about half way.  They broke up into groups with most heading back toward Camp Logan.  The others, well, they decided it was a golden opportunity to kill lots of unarmed white people. The total death count from the Negro mutiny was staggering : 16 Americans (white people), plus one Mexican.

For the mutiny and slaughter of innocent civilians, a total of 19 Negro soldiers were hung by the military.

Other then the Civil War period, the Houston massacre is the only incident in US military history were men in military uniforms turned their guns on unarmed American civilians.

Also, no one should allow politically correct revisionists to rewrite this craven attack and make blacks out to be the victims (i.e. white racism made the blacks do it – NONSENSE!).

Note:  Curiously, the federal gov’t put black males in the same uniforms as the white males, in effect telling white and black soldiers they were one and the same. While this might sound good today, back in 1917 the United States was operating under Pessy vs. Ferguson, which legally allowed for the establishment of a color line between the two demonstratively different male groups (remember, no was denying blacks the right to build their own towns, their own cities, their own industries, or even colonizing a place in America). The US military brass could have easily put Negro and American soldiers in different uniforms. This certainly would have alleviated most of the tension as well as confusion between the two groups (example: England and Scottish troops during World War I wore different uniforms). The confusion, if not hypocrisy, of the situation was evident with the following: Black officers were not allowed to give orders to white soldiers and, for the most part, black soldiers were not allowed to see combat duty. So why did the U.S. gov’t deliberately violate the legally established color line?


Voldostra, Ga, May 1918

Terrible Negro Atrocity!  

White Couple Ambushed Inside Their Home – Husband Shot Dead – Wife Shot & Beat Into Unconsciousness

White Victims:Hampton Smith (farmer, deceased); Mrs. Smith (shot, beat, left for dead but miraculously survived)

Note: The Negroes’ ambush of the Smiths led to a rare American mob lynching of four of the five Negroes who participated in the murder of Mr. Smith and the beating of his wife.

There was also the hanging of a Negro female, Mary Turner, who was caught wearing the wedding ring of the dead white male’s wife.



1919 — Negroes Begin Their Massive Migration To The Anglo-Created Urban Centers From The Rural South

New York Times Reports:: “EVEN though recurring race riots have made the public aware that the negro problem has entered upon a new and dangerous phase, only those in touch with the inner forces that are playing on Ignorance, prejudice, and passion, realize how great this menace is.


Omaha, NEB, September 1919

Negro Male Rapes & Terrorizes Young White Female


 Newspaper Headline:: “The most daring attack on a white woman ever perpetrated in Omaha occurred one block south of Bancroft street near Scenic Avenue in Gibson last night.” 

Coverage in the World-Herald was slightly less inflammatory:
“Pretty little Agnes Loebeck … was assaulted … by an unidentified negro at twelve O’clock last night, while she was returning to her home in company with Millard [sic] Hoffman, a cripple.”

 The white female who was viciously assaulted positively ID’d the Negro Will Brown as her attacker.

“Brown ended up in the hands of the crazed mob. He was beaten into unconsciousness. His clothes were torn off by the time he reached the building’s doors. Then he was dragged to a nearby lamp pole on the south side of the courthouse at 18th and Harney around 11:00 p.m. The mob roared when they saw Brown, and a rope was placed around his neck. Brown was hoisted in the air, his body spinning. He was riddled with bullets. His body was then brought down, tied behind a car, and towed to the intersection of 17th and Dodge. There the body was burned with fuel taken from nearby red danger lamps and fire truck lanterns. Later, pieces of the rope used to lynch Brown were sold for 10 cents each. Finally, Brown’s charred body was dragged through the city’s downtown streets.



17. August 3, 1920 – Center, TX

Abuse Of Elderly White Female – Rape (?) – Murder 

A Negro male, Lige Daniels, committed an atrocity against an innocent American female for which he was lynched. A photograph was taken (above) which was made into a postcard. It read: “He killed Earl’s grandma. She was Florence’s mother. Give this to Bud. From Aunt Myrtle.” I’m sure Earl’s grandmother had lots of family and friends who dearly missed her. I can only imagine the disgust she felt being raped by this Negro fiend. Then the murder… One can only guess how long it took her to die.


18. February 1920 — Lexington , Ky

 Rape & Murder Of An Innocent American Child

A 9-year-old American girl, Geneva Hardman, was abducted, brutally raped, then beaten and strangled to death. Her body was found floating in a nearby swamp. Attention immediately centered on a Negro by the name of Will Lockettt. When police questioning him, he gave numerous inconsistent stories. Confronted with the evidence, Lockett finally confessed to the rape and murder of the little girl. When the governor of Kentucky received word that there was yet another Negro rape and murder against an innocent American, and this one being a child, the governor knew an American mob would very likely descend on the jail and try to lynch the Negro. He immediately called out the National Guard to protect the Negro and make sure he would receive a fair trial. As expected, an American mob (some estimates put it at over 5000 white males) did gather at the courthouse and, predictably, they were in a very uncivil mood. When the mob began to push their way toward the courthouse, the guardsmen (all white males) OPENED FIRE, killing six and seriously injuring more than 50.

In the end, Will Lockett did receive his fair trial. He was, predictably, found guilty and then legally hung.

* Seven white people died because of the sexually depraved nature of one Negro.


19. June 15, 1920 – Duluth, MN

Gang Rape Of American Female

A group of six Negro males, employees of a circus that had just come to town, abducted and then brutally gang raped a young American girl, Irene Tusken, age 19, while she was out on a date with her boyfriend. The Negro rapists also made the white male watch the atrocity being committed against his girlfriend.  Later that night in a police line-up the white girl identified all six of the Negroes who took turns raping her and they were then arrested. There was absolutely no doubt the Negroes were guilty. A death sentence likely awaited all of the rapists. However, a mob gathered at the jail in Duluth (some put it at more than 1000 Americans) and, rather than wait for the state to carry out a legal hanging, broke into the jail and took three of Negro rapists, Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson, and Isaac McGhie, to a remote part of town. There the mob gave them a quick trial, including bringing in the white female and her boyfriend to again identify them as the perpetrators. After a guilty verdict was delivered , all three were then hung. As for the Americans who did the lynching, they may have believed justice was served, and a clear message sent to Negro males locally and perhaps across America (it was not uncommon for these events to quickly find there way into major metropolitan – including Negro – newspapers). This is probably to some extent true, but let’s not forget the innocent white female in this ordeal who, for the rest of her life, had to live with the memory of being a victim of a gang rape.

The total number of gang rapes committed by American males against a Negro female from 1900 to 1964 in Duluth, MN – that I could find on the Internet – is ZERO.

Note: Once again, there is an attempt to rewrite this Negro atrocity and suggest the white female (and the white male) concocted a rape story. For the sole purpose of trying to get a bunch of Negro males lynched?! NONSENSE. Oh, and the notoriously liberal city of Duluth has even erected a monument to the Negro rapists!


20.  Macclenny, FL 1920

ANOTHER Gang Rape Atrocity Of American Female By Negroes

In 1920, four Negro males were abducted from Macclenny city jail, where they were awaiting trial for a vicious gang rape of a white female. The three were taken to the outskirts of the city then hung. Identity of the four Negro rapists are unknown, as well as the exact date of this mob violence –provoked once again by the white man’s persistent menace: the Negro rapist.

Note : This account of the four black rapists was obtained on Wikipedia, in their version of the Rosewood Massacre. Anyone with information regarding the identity of the Negro rapists, and or the white female victim, please leave it in the comment section below.


21. December 1922 — Perry, FL

Negroes Rape And Murder Young American Teacher

A Negro,  Charles Wright, 21,  was seized from the Perry city jail by an angry American mob and taken to a secluded area, tied to a tree then burned alive.  The mob became aware that he was the guilty party who viciously attacked an innocent young white female school teacher, Miss Ruby Hendry, 21, brutally beating, raping  then murdering her. Note:  Another Negro male, Arthur Young,  was also discovered to have taken part in the rape and murder of the white female. Most likely, black male Charles Wright implicated him in the crime when he gave his full confession to the Perry police detectives.  The following day of Wright’s lynching,  Arthur Young was also seized from the Perry city jail, led – by a thousand or more angry white males – and, like Negro Charlie Wright,  also burned at the stake.


22. Jan. 1 to Jan 7, 1923 – Rosewood, FL

Rosewood Riots – Two Americans Murdered

Beware. Black versions are dominating this event. This event was NOT a massacre of innocent Negroes.

An escaped Negro convict, Jesse Hunter, brutally attacked an innocent American female, Mrs. Fanny Taylor, inside her home. He was also directly responsible for the ambush and slaughter of two American males who were part of a posse and out looking for him; and also indirectly responsible for not only the deaths of four blacks but also the burning of the small town of Rosewood.



23. April 3, 1924 –Lexington, KY

 Innocent American Child Abducted & Raped By A Negro

A Negro, Ray Ross, 25, abducted an innocent American girl, Willie May Young, 9-years-old, and brutally raped her. For this atrocity, the Negro was sentenced to death. On August 28, 1925, in Lexington, and in a non-public forum, Ross was hung.


24. September 8, 1925 – Detroit, MI

A Planned Negro MASSACRE In Detroit

Note: Beware of black versions to this event (e.g. Wikipedea)

The REAL story:: In 1925, Dr. Ossian Sweet bought a home in an established American community – knowingly violating the color line – in a deliberate attempt to provoke the local American population to remove him. In three previous attempts over the prior few months in Detroit suburbs, Negroes attempted to move into all-American neighborhoods, only to be met with protests and physical expulsion. To the Americans this was NOT about racial superiority. It was about protecting their property values; and also protecting their families. It was no myth that Negroes moving into American-built residential communities would create a decline in neighborhood property values. It was also no myth that Negro males had a known crime problem. What the Americans insisted upon at that time was that the Negroes build their own community(ies) … separate from the Americans. However, Negroes in Detroit, like everywhere else in American urban centers, as white people were now discovering by 1925, would NOT build their own homes. This was the case with Ossian Sweet. He paid more than 25% above the property’s value for his home (where in the heck did he get the money from? Likely, the NAACP).

Note: There is enough evidence here to convince me that this was a planned MASSACRE, which was either orchestrated by, or involved, the NAACP.

Move-in date Sept. 7, 1925:

First, remember there were three previous attempts by Negroes to move into American communities and each time the Negroes were forced to leave (there were no reported injuries).   Ossian Sweet, naturally, expected this same scenario to play out.  As ten American police officers stood guard in front of Sweet’s home on September 7th,  nine Negro males, who had carefully concealed a large cache of guns and ammo while helping Sweet move in, impatiently  waited – in sweltering 105 degree heat – for the Americans to come charging into the home to forcibly evict them; where the Negroes would then ALL open fire and kill as many as possible.  As for their defense,   naturally, they would claim they were just legally defending their property against a vicious and dangerous mob.

On the first day, no home invasion occurred — not even a hint of one. By evening time of the second day, the the Negro men, who had again waited in that small home and in sweltering heat all day, finally grew tired of waiting. When a rock hit the house,  this was provocation enough for the impatient Negroes. They all stuck their guns out the window and opened fire on the group of people outside the home. The result of the volley was one American dead and one seriously wounded. There were at least 9 police officers (all Americans) stationed outside Sweet’s home that evening. When the shots were fired the officers charged inside of Sweet’s home demanding to know why on earth the Negroes were firing their guns.  When the officer in charge found out that an innocent American had been slain, he ordered the arrest of all the Negroes (including Mrs. Sweet).

No Negro was ever convicted of any crime in this case, thanks in large part to the efforts of Clarence Darrow (a member of the NAACP at that time). 

Innocent White Victims Of This Attempted Massacre :  Eric Houghberg (seriously injured but survived);  Leon Breiner (deceased, left behind wife and daughter) 

Note: Sometime in the 1930s, Mr. Sweet was stripped of his medical license.  Apparently in cahoots with a black pharmacist, Sweet would conjure up phony medical conditions on his black clients and then write them prescriptions.  One can only wonder how long Sweet was doing this, and how many complaints it must have taken for the state of Michigan to finally act. In the late 1930s, Sweet’s second wife left because of constant physical abuse (Sweet’s first wife and child both died under mysterious circumstances –poisoned?). Sweet also took in a young black male as a renter, but he too fled reporting physical abuse.  In 1960, Ossian Sweet, friendless, unemployed, penniless,  hopelessly in debt and facing eviction,  took the cowards way out and committed suicide.


25. April 7, 1926 –Hopkins County, KY

Gang Rape Of American Girl

A young American girl, Nell C. Breithaupt (age unknown), was kidnapped by two Negro males, Bunyan Fleming and Nathan Bard. Not surprising, the sole motive was to commit rape. The terror stricken girl was forced to a secluded area, where she was beaten raped by both Negro males, all the while threatening her with death if she dared to scream. After the terrorizing ordeal was over the Negroes fled, but left the American girl alive. Naturally, she immediately raced to the Sheriff and reported her abduction and rape. Both Negroes were quickly picked up trying to flee the county. The trial didn’t take long. There was no doubt about the Negroes’ guilt. The American girl was eager to point them out in court. She also gave the brutal details of what she was forced to endure. After the predictable guilty verdict, the only question that remained was whether these two Negroes should hang. Since it was a brutal attack on an American – an atrocity – and it was an all-American jury, not surprisingly, the sentence was death. On November 25, 1927, the two rapist were publicly hanged in Madisonville, KY.


26. January 19, 1926 — Lexington, KY

American Family Massacred

An American by the name of Clarence Bryant , owner of a prominent horse farm, employed a Negro laborer by the name of Ed Harris. Evidently, at some point the Negro decided he wanted to rape Mr. Bryant’s wife, 32-year-old Mrs. Margaret Bryant.  However, in order for Harris’ rape scheme to work, he would have to massacre the entire Bryant family (husband, wife and two small children). Since the Negro employee had the element of surprise and, naturally, Mr. Bryant couldn’t possibly foretell the atrocity that the Negro had planned for his family, it was just a matter of waiting for the opportune time to strike. When the Negro did decide to strike, Mrs. Bryant was attending to the horses and the rest of the Bryant family was in the house. The Negro first murdered Mr. Bryant and his two young children (likely preteens), then waited for Mrs. Bryant/b to come walking through the front door. When she did, Harris attacked her, beat her mercilessly, then repeatedly raped her. The Negro then strangled her to death, or so he thought.  Mrs. Bryant, miraculously,  survive by playing dead. When the Negro was finished scouring the house for valuables and fled, Mrs Bryant hurried to the sheriff and reported what had happened to her and her family. Harris was quickly captured trying to flee the county.

When the trial opened, not surprisingly, a huge mob of Americans had descended on the courthouse and desperately wanted to get at the Negro fiend. However, once again, the governor had called out the National Guard, and the mob, no doubt recalling the result of trying to charge the courthouse six years earlier to get at the Negro Will Lockett, decided not to try to seize Harris.

The Negro Ed Harris was quickly found guilty and sentenced to hang.

On March 5, 1926, among o/spanver 6000 onlookers, Harris was legally hung. As for Mrs. Bryant, I cannot imagine that she could have recovered, emotionally or psychologically, from this Negro atrocity.


27. February 1926 – Georgetown, DE

Abuse Of A Child – Rape – Murder 

In February of 1926, a 21-year-old Negro, Harry Butler was implicated in a brutal rape and murder of an innocent 12-year-old white girl. When the governor discovered that is was a Negro involved in the crime, he immediately issued orders to send in 2000 National Guardsmen. Despite crowds gathering in the thousands and demanding revenge, the Guardsmen were able to ensure a full trial for the Negro. Harry Butler was tried and found guilty of rape and murder. He was hung among 5000 onlookers.

Innocent Young Girl:
Eleanora Steinmetz, 12

28. May 3, 1930 – Sherman County, TX

Brutal Rape Of American Female

A Negro, George Hughes, invaded the home of a white farmer – after discovering the husband was not present – and then brutally raped the farmer’s wife (name and age of victim are unknown). There was no doubt the Negro was guilty of committing the atrocity. He pleaded such in court to the judge. And despite the governor sending in the local militia to protect the Negro, then even calling in the National Guard, as well as pleas from the local authorities (likely telling people the Negro was going to hang for his crime in just a matter of weeks), still, the local Americans (estimates put it at about 5000) could not be calmed. They wanted salutary street justice (a lynching). In the end, they didn’t get it. The Governor declared martial law in the district.

No Negroes in the local community were attacked. However, most of the black businesses over the course of a few days were burned (looted?).

As for the Negro rapist, George Hughes, the one directly responsible for provoking the riot & subsequent burning of the black businesses, he died in a fire that was set by the mob at the courthouse building where he was being jailed.

The total number of Negro females raped by American males from 1900 to 1964 in Sherman County, TX … is ZERO.

Note: Also in May of 1930, in northern Texas and Oklahoma there were three other incidences of Negro rapes of innocent white females. These men were lynched. White males in Sherman apparently decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH and it’s time to send a ‘message’ to the local Negro populace.


29. Marion, Indiana — August 7, 1930

Negro Ambush!

White Male Murdered While Out On A  Date – Girlfriend Raped

Three young Negroes,  James Cameron,16, Thomas Shipp, 18 and Abram Smith, 19,  had a gun and decided to use it to rob a White couple sitting in their car.   The three Negroes approached the car and at gunpoint ordered the White male out. The White male was forced to give up his wallet then, without provocation, was gunned down. The Negroes then went after the White female. She was literally dragged out of the car to be raped.  However, one of the Negroes,  James Cameron,  decided he wanted nothing to do with the rape and left the scene…straight to the police station and informed on his two comrades.  The two were quickly arrested, along with James Cameron.

Lynching: When news broke of this Negro atrocity, naturally, it inflamed – and provoked – the local American population. A mob quickly gathered at the jail were the Negroes were being kept. The anger was palpable … and the mob was not going to be denied their justice.  They broke into the jail and abducted  the three Negroes. The three were then taken to the outskirts of the city, while being beaten and kicked along the way.  The third, James Cameron, was saved by the white female who was the rape victim. She insisted to the crowd, as the Negro had the rope around his neck, that he was not involved in the shooting or the rape. She saved his life. And, a fact that should not be overlooked, since the white mob freed the third black male this clearly demonstrated to everyone, past & present, that the American mob was not just a group of bloodthirsty people. They were out for retribution for a vile criminal act. They were also clearly desiring to send an unmistakable message to other possible Negro criminals/rapists:: STAY OUT OF THE WHITE COMMUNITIES WITH YOUR DEPRAVED CRIMES. As for James Cameron, he was sentenced and incarcerated for knowingly participating in an armed robbery.

Note: Here we have another effort being made to rewrite an incident involving a black rape of a white female. The new version (yawn) insists the rape never happened. Yes it did. All three blacks were charged with rape. Police just don’t make up a rape charge. The female apparently claimed she was not raped by Cameron.

Innocent White Victims:
Claude Deeter (deceased)
Mary Ball (survived)


30.  October 6, 1930 — Hardinsburg, KY

Brutal Rape Of Young American Girl

An American female, Mabel Downs, 23, was observed by a 21-year-old Negro sexual predator, Sam Jennings,  who decided a very good rape opportunity existed and he wasn’t going to let that opportunity slip by.  Details are lacking as to where the Negro sexually assaulted the innocent American woman.  However, it was obviously a place where screams could not be heard. Fortunately, Mable Downs was left alive by her Negro assailant and was able to report the incident to police.  Negro Sam Jennings was legally tried and then legally executed for his atrocity. 


31.   July 19, 1935 – Fort Lauderdale, FL  

Yet ANOTHER Black Male Crime Now Being Re-Written – The Negro Just  Wanted Some Food – No He Didn’t

Black Male Assaults White Female As He Tries To Force His Way Into Her Home

A black male, unemployed and homeless, Rubin Stacy, 30(?), apparently was hungry and decided to go to a white community and beg for food (evidently, this was quite common for Negroes to do).  He knocked on the door of a white female, Mrs. Marion Jones, 30, wife and mother of three children. Details are sketchy but it seems when the Negro asked for food and was denied and told to go away, he apparently tried to barge into the white female’s home.  In the course of this act, Stacy assaulted the white female (striking her?).  The white female screamed  loudly which scarred off the Negro intruder.  Later that day Stacy was picked up by the Sheriff. After the still terrified Mrs. Jones gave a full accounting of what happened to her and “identified [Stacy] as her assailant”  Stacy was charged with assault.  While on the way to another jail in Miami, Stacy was seized from the Sheriff by an American mob, taken to a field close to the home of the white victim, and then hung.

NOTE:: I want to remind readers here that this was a time in American history when white males felt duty bound to protect white females – particularly from Negro assaults. After the infamous Civil rights Act (1964), the protection of white females fell completely to the local police force. Result? 




32. June 7, 1936 — Owensboro, KY

 Home Invasion Rape & Brutal Murder Of An Innocent Elderly American Woman

A criminally inclined Negro by the name of Rainey Bethea, 27-years-old, who had just been released from prison (incarcerated for a home invasion of a white residence), didn’t waste any time to commit another crime. This time, it was an atrocity (rape & murder) committed against an innocent elderly American female, 70-year-old Lischia Edwards.

“During the early morning … Bethea gained access to the home of Lischia Edwards by climbing onto the roof of an outbuilding next door. From there, he jumped onto the roof of the servant’s quarters of Emmett Wells’ house, and then walked down a wooden walkway. He climbed over the kitchen roof to Edwards’ bedroom window.

After removing a screen from her window, he entered the room, waking her. Bethea then choked Edwards and violently raped her. After she was unconscious, he searched for valuables and stole several of her rings. In the process, he removed his own black celluloid prison ring, but failed to retrieve it. He left the bedroom and hid the stolen jewels in a barn not far from the house.” Wikipedea

The Negro rapist/murderer Rainey Bethea, among a hoard of 20,000 Americans, was publicly hanged on August 14, 1936. It was the last public hanging in the United states. It was also the only hanging which was supervised by a female (Florence Thompson had – strangely – become sheriff of Daviess County as a result of her husbands death)


33. October 15, 1938 – Ruston, LA

Negro Male Ambush – - Rape - Murder 

A Negro male, W.C. Williams , observed an American male and his female companion in an area secluded enough for the Negro predator to believe he could perpetrate a rape.  The Negro though first had to deal with the white male. He did this by finding a club, sneaking up on the white male, then clubbing him repeatedly in the head … until he was dead. Williams then turned his attention to the innocent American female. She was forced to endure Williams’ rape but, miraculously, was left very much alive by the Negro when he fled. She reported the incident to the sheriff and a posse of Americans, led by the sheriff, went after Williams. Williams was found hiding in the woods and was led back to town to stand trial. However, an American mob of 500 or more had now formed and was demanding immediate and salutary justice i.e. a lynching. Negro Williams was taken from the sheriff and led to a tree, where he was then stripped from the waist down and – apparently – castrated. When this act was finished, the Negro was lynched. While his body dangled it was then riddled with bullets.

Innocent White Male Victim:
* Robert N. Blair
* Identity of the innocent white female , who was forced to live with the memory of this Negro atrocity, is


34. August of 1937 –Covington, KY

American Female Ambushed And Raped

A Negro by the name of Harold Van Venison, 33, while doing his janitorial duties, observed an American female alone and decided he was going to to rape her. no one was around stop him. The white female was ambushed and then raped (note: exact details of this Negro atrocity are lacking). Apparently, the rape was the only thing Negro Van Venison was truly after. One can surmise this since he left the white female alive; that is, free to go to the sheriff. Of course, that’s exactly what the American female did. For this committed atrocity, the Negro was hung on June 3, 1938. Negro Van Venison was the last person hung in the state of Kentucky.

Note: I cannot find ONE example of a white male in the entire state of Kentucky(!) raping a Negro female from 1900 to 1964.


* Example of a Negro Atrocity committed against his own people*

Little Rock, AR : On July 4, 1939, Milton Williams, a Negro, while exiting a [Negro] church bathroom (it was a restroom detached from the church), observed a 5-year-old Negro girl, Ruthie Mae Brooks, waiting to use the same bathroom. Williams stopped and waited for the girl to finish.  When the little 5-year-old exited the bathroom the Negro abducted her and raped her (one can just imagine what brutal torture it must have been for this 5-year-old to endure a rape). Negro Williams then murdered the little girl.



War  Atrocity:  Negro Males  Lynch Innocent POW

Fort Lawson Riot of 1944 … On the night of August 14th, Negro soldiers stationed at Seattle’s Fort Lawson had an altercation with a few Italian prisoners. Apparently, the Negro soldiers got the worst of it. When word of the altercation reached the Negro camp, that night a great number of  Negroes (exact number unknown) desiring revenge ambushed the Italian POWs in their barracks. In the ensuing melee, many Italians were severely beaten and had to be hospitalized. The following morning an innocent Italian POW, Guglielmo Olivott, was found dead, hanging from tree (i.e.  Negro soldiers had lynched him).

A court-martial was convened for 43 Negro soldiers. More Negroes were involved but many were given immunity for cooperating with the investigation. After a long fact-finding period, the evidence presented was compelling enough to convict all 43 Negroes of rioting and murder. They were all given lengthily prison sentences.


36. March 23, 1944 – Clarendon County, S . Carolina

Yet ANOTHER Negro atrocity that is now being rewritten… George was INNOCENT!  – No he was NOT!

Negro Teen Murders Two Little White Girls — Commits Necrophilia

Two American girls, one 8-years-old and the other 11-years-old, were approached by a 14-year-old Negro boy, George Stinney, while they were picking flowers. When the Negro boy became insistent on sex with the 11-year-old, and, of course, the girl flatly refused, both girls tired to leave. That’s when Stinney pulled out a railroad spike from his pants pocket and started beating both girls … until they were dead. He then sexually abused the dead corpses. After Stinney was done with that act he dragged the bodies to a ditch and pushed them into it.

 George’s sister rats him out… Well, not exactly. During the hunt for the missing girls, George participated.  When he mentioned he and his sister had not only seen the missing girl’s but also talked to them, the police, naturally,  wanted to talk to George and his sister.  When police did talk to the two Negro children, the sister of George told them that the girls had stopped and asked her and her brother George where to find some flowers.  They told them where to go. The Negro girl then  told the officers that the girls rode away and, as the girl’s rode away -according to George’s sister – George went in the direction of the girls.   One can imagine at this point the officers looking squarely at George and asking him why he went in the direction of the girls?  One can next imagine that George must have just stood there speechless. George was then taken into police custody for further questioning.

Deputy Newman’s Interrogation notes: “I was notified that the bodies had been found. I went down to where the bodies were at. I found Mary Emma she was rite [sic]at the edge of the ditch with with four or five wounds on her head, on the other side of the ditch the Binnicker girl, were [sic] laying there with 4 or 5 wounds in her head the bicycle the girls had were beside the little Binnicker girl. By information I received I arrested a boy by the name of George Stinney… ” …he then made a confession and told me where a piece of iron about 15 inches long were, he said he put it in a ditch about 6 feet from the bicycle which was lying in the ditch.”

The bold  portion in George’s confession is ironclad proof that George had murdered the two white girls, for only the true perpetrator would have known the whereabouts of the murder weapon.

There was little George’s defense attorney could do with the detailed confession George made to the deputy.  A jury later convicted George Stinney of the double murders and the judge sentenced him to death in the electric chair. He was executed 81 days after his conviction.

>>> Of further note, George’s own parents never publicly proclaimed their son was innocent of the double murders — not a single newspaper account exists where they plead for justice from a racist southern judicial system. Also, the NAACP, an organization that certainly one would expect would have gotten involved in this case if there was even the slightest hint of malfeasance or foul play, all the way up to and after the execution, never claimed George was innocent.<<<

Innocent White Girls:
* Mary Emma Thames, age 8
* Betty June Binnicker, 11
Google Book Source



War Atrocity Narrowly Averted: Guam Riot of 1944 

On the Island of Guam, after the American soldiers secured the Island – and losing 1600 of their comrades – racial tensions began to emerge because 100 or more Negro soldiers were allowed to camp on the Island (Note: Negroes attached to the Marines were non-combat support personal – and they sustained no casualties on the Island). Even though the Marines had a strict separation policy, both races were coming into contact with each other when they went socializing (looking for women) in Guam’s largest town, Agana. On December 24th, a few Negro soldiers were on holiday leave when they entered an area in Agana which American soldiers regarded as reserved for them. Apparently shots were fired in the direction of the Negroes, which didn’t hit any of the soldiers. However, later that day, word got back to the Negro camp about this incident and some decided to go into town to take revenge on the American soldiers for this act. Two trucks were stolen and the group headed for Agana. On the way , however, they were intercepted by Military Police and forced to return to their base (note: since blacks were not allowed to possess weapons on the Island, it’s likely these soldiers were not armed). On December 25th, again racial tensions caused an altercation, but this time a Negro soldier was killed and another wounded – presumably by an American(s). When word of this incident reached the Negro camp, once again some cajoled their comrades to take revenge, though this time the plan was to go to the American Marine camp in the middle of the night and seek revenge there (i.e. the blacks were likely planning another Camp Logan massacre). 44 Negro soldiers responded. Since Negro soldiers were not permitted to have guns in their camp , they armed themselves with knives and clubs, probably intending to acquire guns in the American camp. The sneak attack by the marauding Negroes, however, did not catch the Americans off their guard (these weren’t ordinary and unarmed civilians like the ones the Negroes set upon in the Camp Logan Massacre). The end result was the Negroes were all caught and round up before they could execute their planned ambush. There were no reported injuries among the American soldiers.

Because the military brass truly believed the Negro soldiers were intent on causing grave bodily injury, all 44 faced court-martial at the military’s highest level (i.e. they were tried under a general courts-martial). After a lengthy trial, all 44 Negro soldiers were found guilty and given lengthily prison terms.

Note: I cannot find ONE recorded protest, nor one lodged complaint, by blacks (or the NAACP) during the entire WWII period demanding or requesting that black soldiers be allowed to have front-line combat assignments.


38. February 16, 1947 – Greenville, S. Carolin

American Taxi Driver Agrees To Allow A Negro Into His Cab – RESULT? Robbery – Murder

A white male cab driver , Thomas Watson Brown, allowed a Negro,Willie Earle, 24, into his cab and agreed to take him home. Apparently – and not surprisingly – the Negro did not have the money to pay for the cab. On the way to the Negro’s home, which was in a rural part of Greeville, the Negro pulled out a knife and began to stab at the white male. When the wounded cabbie crashed his cab, the Negro got out and began to mercilessly beat on the dying Mr. Brown. When Earle believed Mr. Brown was dead, he stole the cabbie’s money then fled toward his home, which was less than a half mile away. When the police arrived at the crime scene they easily followed the lone set of footprints, leading from the taxi to the home of Willie Earle. A search of Earle’s home produced a bloodied knife, bloodied clothes and cash.

Note: As a result of this Negro atrocity, 31 Americans (fellow taxi drivers) decided to seek salutary justice.  They seized the Negro from the county jail and took him to a remote area then beat him, knifed him then shot him in the head with a shot gun. It was the first lynching in South Carolina since 1912. (Since 1912?! And I bet you thought blacks were being lynched every day in racist South Carolina.  hmmm)

Also of note: The state of South Carolina decided to erect a monument to the” true” victim in this crime:: Willie Earle. That’s right folks. The white male was NOT the victim here. It was – and consistent with revisionist history – the criminal black male.


39. January 8, 1949 – Martinsville, VA

‘Martinsville Seven’ Atrocity  

Negro Males Gang Rape A White Female Good Samaritan Worker On A Public Street

In 1949, Mrs. Ruby Stroud Floyd, 32,  a Jehovah’s Witnesses who did Good Samaritan work in the Negro section of Martinsville, VA, was victimized in one of the worst Negro atrocities ever committed against an innocent White female. She was very fortunate to have survived.   On the day of the atrocity, Mrs. Stroud was in Martinsville’s Negro community finishing up on her Good Samaritan work. However, though it was getting toward dark , and she was advised to leave, she decided to make last stop to collect a small amount of money owed her by a Negro lady.   Because Mrs. Floyd wasn’t quite sure of the address of the Negro lady , she approached four Negro men and asked if they could  give her directions.  A rape scheme was quickly devised.  The American woman was given phony directions in an attempt to lure her to a secluded area.  After walking some distance Mrs. Floyd likely caught on to the scheme, since she tried to quickly double back. However, she was immediately surrounded by the four scheming Negroes … and they wasted no time, first grabbing and throwing the helpless and frightened woman to the ground, then, ripping off her clothes.  Off in the distance another adult Negro male observed what was going on and, incredibly, instead of helping the poor woman, he quickly rounded up two more Negro males to get in on the rape.  All seven then took turns raping the White female, and also beating on her. 

The White female, very curiously, was left alive by her Negro assailants.  And though she was severely injured and very traumatized by the attack, she was still able to identify all seven of her attackers to the local police.  They were all subsequently arrested and tried for aggravated rape.  Because of the nature of the crime, which was a very apparent hate crime against an innocent and defenseless American woman, the prosecutor demanded the death penalty for all seven rapists.  Since there was no question of the guilt of the perpetrators, as Mrs. Floyd was able to positively identify all of them to the jury, and also provide all the sordid details of the atrocity,  a death sentence for each one was no surprise.   All seven heard the same sentence from the presiding judge:

“It is the judgment of this court that you be electrocuted until you are dead, in accordance with the Virginia statutes,” said Judge Whittle, “the date hereby fixed by the court for the execution is Friday, July 15, 1949. It is my prayer that God have mercy on your soul.”

The good news is that not ONE of the cowardly rapists received a commutation of their sentence i.e. all died in the Virginia’s electric chair.

Negro Gang Rapists (age at time of execution):

Frank Hairston, 19
Howard Hairston, 21
Booker T. Millner, 22
Joe Hampton, 22
John Clabon Taylor, 24
Francis DeSales Grayson, 38
James Luther Hairston , 23

Note: All were electrocuted in February 1951.

Also, The New York Amsterdam News, a American black nationalist weekly ‘racist’ newspaper, had this obnoxious thing to say after sentence was carried out: “nobody talks about Ruby Stroud…Never very bright, it is doubtful that she will be able to overcome the omnipresent fact that seven human lives have been snuffed out to protect her questionable name.” Mrs. Floyd did NOT have a “questionable name”; nor was there ever any mention of her not being “very bright”.


Jacksonville, Fla. 1954

Negro Invades Home Of White Female – Commits Rape And Murder

Details are lacking on this brutal Negro atrocity, including the name of the Negro perp. What we do know about this case came to light after the conviction of  black man (in 1992) for the rape and murder of an elderly white female.

“After the trial had ended, [black male rapist & murderer, Kenneth Bernard] Rouse’s counsel made a disturbing discovery involving one of the 12 jurors, Scott Baynard of Archdale, N.C. In 1954, Baynard’s mother had been murdered by a black man in Jacksonville, Fla. He was 22 years old at the time.”

Mr. Baynard:: “I noticed similarities between the facts of my mother’s murder and that of Mrs. Broadway. In particular, the pictures of Mrs. Broadway at the murder scene reminded me of pictures of my mother after she had been murdered. In addition, robbery was involved in both crimes, as were sexual assault and drug abuse.”

White Victim: Mrs. Baynard



40. Pearl River County, Mississippi — February 23, 1959

Black Male Rapes Pregnant White Female … In Front Of Her Daughter

A black male, Mack Charles Parker, 23, while driving home with three of his [black] drinking buddies, noticed a car parked on the side of the road. The four got out and checked what they believed was an abandoned car. Instead, they discovered a pregnant white female inside, along with her 4-year-old daughter. She told the black males that her car broke down and her husband went to get help. The four blacks subsequently left the scene. However, Parker, as they drove away, tried to cajole his comrades to return to the scene and “get some o’ that white stuff”. Parker’s friends refused the offer. When Parker dropped his friends off, hpe hurried back to the white female’s car and, at gunpoint, ordered the white female and her daughter out of the car. The white female was about 6 months pregnant, but that detail didn’t matter to Parker. He wanted his rape. The white female was ordered to strip her clothes off – in front of her four-year-old – and was then raped by black male Parker.

A day later, a local black minister (father of one of the black males Parker drove home the previous night) reported to police who the perpetrator was who raped the pregnant white female — Mack Charles Parker. In a line-up, the white female positively identified Parker as the perp.

On April 25, a vigilante mob of eight to ten masked men (they were NOT “hooded”) entered the county jail where Parker was being kept, beat him with clubs, then dragged the black male rapist to a waiting car and stuffed him into the back seat and sped away. Parker was later found floating dead in the Pearl River in Louisiana. He had been shot multiple times.

As for the innocent white female in this despicable black male rape, I’m sure the terrible psychological trauma that was inflicted on her by Parker remained with her for the rest of her life.


  41.   New Jersey  Nov.  23, 1962

Two Negroes Barge Into White Male’s Business And  Beat Him Mercilessly – Then Gun Him Down  – Total Take In Mastermind Armed Robbery Was $72.00

Note: The two Negro were not unemployed. They were simply driving around looking for a white person to rob at gunpoint. And if it meant murdering the white person, the Negroes were prepared to do that. They also committed multiple armed robberies over the previous few weeks. For the two Negroes, it got to be down right fun to rob white people at gunpoint. 

Also, George Wright escaped prison (actually, just walked out of a minimum security prison). He then hijacked a plane, terrorizing innocent white people in the process. Wright wound up in Africa and has been able, incredibly, to avoid capture to this day. 

Black Convicted Of Murder:   George Wright, 19,  Walter McGhee, 22 (triggerman)

Innocent Hard Working White Male :   Walter Patterson, 42  (World War II hero, had wife & children to support)



42.   March 13, 1964 – Queens, New York

Pre Civil Rights Act Atrocity

A crime that SHOULD have been a warning to compulsory integration advocates

In the early morning hours of March 13, 1964 – about 3 1/2 months from the signing of the infamous Forced Integration Act [July 2, 1964] – a young white female, Catherine “Kitty” Genovese, 28, had just come home from work and parked her car. Little did she know that a Negro male was driving around the neighborhood looking for a white female to victimize (rape). The Negro’s npame was Winston Moseley, 29, a person who had already raped and murdered two other females (race of these victims unknown). Note: It could also be – indeed likely – that Moseley had spotted this white female a day or two earlier coming home and thereby predicted her routine. That is, he was lying in wait for her.

Clearly, Moseley was taking advantage of the guilt-tripping the Democratic party and the media were laying on America’s white population at this time i.e. if you look at the black man suspiciously, you’re being racist – he got his rights. The innocent white female had little chance. It was about 3 a.m. when Kitty parked her car … and then noticed a Negro charging toward her. She tried to run, but the Negro rapist easily caught up with her. Armed with a pocket knife, he tackled her. Then, apparently because she was fighting too much and screaming too loud, he began stabbing her. When a male voice shouted to the Negro attacker to stop, he fled. But he didn’t go far. Moseley was determined to rape this white female, and if there was just the slightest chance he could get away with it, he was going to take that chance. When no one came out to investigate Kitty’s screams for help, Mosley decided to go after her again. Kitty, suffering from numerous stab wounds, had managed to crawl to her apartment’s vestibule, but hadn’t quite made it inside the building’s locked outer door. Moseley, who had lost sight of Kitty and had been desperately searching for her, eventually found her lying on the ground in a semi-conscious state. This time, the Negro got his rape. When he was done with the white female, he stabbed her a few more times until she fell into an unconscious state.

Police and an ambulance arrived about a half-hour after the second attack. Kitty died on the way to the hospital.

Note: Moseley was finally arrested and made a complete confession. He was sentenced to death, but liberals on the appeals court intervened and invented an excuse for Moseley’s despicable atrocity against the innocent white female: he was “medically insane” at the time he murdered Kitty Genovese. But just because Moseley was in prison didn’t mean he was through with his despicable rapes.

“In 1968, during a trip to a Buffalo, New York hospital for surgery, Moseley overpowered a guard and beat him up to the point that his eyes were bloody. He then took a bat and swung it at the closest person to him and took five hostages, raping one of them in front of her husband—actions for which Moseley would later blame his parents—before he was recaptured after a two-day manhunt.”



Regarding rape: The penalty for a rape conviction in the USA from 1900 to 1970, particularly for a black male and the victim was white, was not always death. It was most likely a lengthly prison term. In the state of Virginia, for example, between 1900 and 1960, out of 288 rape cases involving black males raping white females, only 50 (22%) were executed by the state (17 were lynched).

Note: There is no known record (that I could find) in the state of Virginia from 1900 to 1960, where a white male was convicted, or even accused, of raping of a black female.

1970 Fourth Circuit Court Ruling on rape.

Between 1930 to 1967, there were a total of 455 executions for rape in the USA. 90% were Negro males. I have yet to find statistics for execution for rape prior to 1930. Anyone with a link, or source, please provide it below and I’ll post it here.


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Black Males & White Females : Deadly Combination?


Concerning this particular blog, I am going to simply list all the white females who became a victim (seriously injured or dead) because of a relationship with a black male. I will also list other innocent white victims, such as family members, friends and/or acquaintances, who also were victimized because of her relationship with a black male.

BTW, I am not searching the internet for black-on-white domestic violence incidences. When I see one (white female is seriously injured or deceased), I will include it here. The list below is what I’ve come across since I started this blog (Feb. 2012).
Note: Out of 275,500 new interracial marriages in 2010, black and white marriages represented the fewest of all , at 11.8%. In other words, only about 27,000 white females married a black man in 2010. SOURCE

Also, only 0.49% of married white females have a black husband.
And…  Only about 38% of adult black females cohabitate with a black male. (SOURCE for both statistics)
And why is the black male/female cohabitation rate so low?

>>> “The number one killer of African-American women ages  15 to 34  is homicide at the hands of  a  current or former intimate partner.” i.e. the black male <<< Africana Voices Against Violence, Tufts University, Statistics, 2002, http://www.ase.tufts.edu/womenscenter/peace/africana/newsite/statistics.htm


“Using data from the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth, the study analyzed almost 6,000 men and women between the ages of 15-44 who had ever been married, over a period of ten years. Their study found that:

“Marriages involving a black husband and white wife were twice as likely to divorce as marriages involving a white husband and white wife. <<<SOURCE


                 Dressed to the nines …

…look out ladies!


Los Angles, CA  2014

Black Actor – Star Of “Shield” – Finally Did It – Murders His Wife

Black Male Michael Jace’s  MO In Two Marriages — “You Will SUBMIT Or I Will BEAT You – You Defy Me I Will KILL You”

Jace shot his current wife, April,  THREE times (one shot wasn’t enough). He then calmly called police and told them what he’d done and to come and get him. If only April had known about the treatment the white  wife had received, I doubt seriously she would have agreed to live with crazy brain Jace.

“Jace has a history of abuse and his ex-wife, Jennifer Bitterman [pictured at top], has claimed that he used to beat her with her friend as witnesses. “Seeing the extent of his anger was one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen,”one of Bitterman’s friends said in a sworn testimony.”

Note: Crazy brain Jace lived in an all black community in South LA (Hyde Park). That is, he lived  in an environment that one would not expect of a money making actor. In other words, I believe crazy brain Jace went into kill mode over the issue of money. Maybe the wife bought herself a new dress with his money… 


1. England 2008

One Date With A Black Male – RESULT? RAPE 

Katie’s rebuilt face

A white female met a black man, Daniel Lynch, on the Internet (he lived at home with his mommy and was unemployed), and thought it would be a real neat-o thing to do to accept a date. Result? Eight hour rape ordeal then, later, sulphuric acid in the face.

If you want to know what Katie , a former model, looked like before and then immediately after the black male’s attack, here’s a a link (it ain’t pretty folks) LINK

 >>>Why Is It Important For White Males To Find Out About A White Female’s Past Relationships? <<< 

If She Dated A Black Man…You Never Know If, Where Or When He’s Going Show Up… 

Black Male Hunts Down Ex-White Girlfriend And Almost Murders Her Husband…Over A $6.00 WalMart Gift Card! (No, I’m Not Kidding)

This here be crazy brain Shane Landon Tyson 



2.  LA, CA, June 13, 1994

OJ Simpson Home Invasion   – Double Murder   

NicoleBrown Just one of many beatings…after marriage.

Nicole Brown’s letter to OJ: “I wish someone could explain all this to me. I see our marriage as a huge mistake & you don’t.

Yeah, sure Nicole.  Nicole was beaten numerous times, punched in the face, given a black eye, often humiliated in front of her sister and friends by OJ, and this was BEFORE they were even engaged. Oh, and Nichole was also raped on her first date by the black man (she was 17-years-old and Simpson was 29).

Ron Goldman : Innocent victim of white female’s ex [black] husband



Note: During this case, a local television station did a contrast report involving a black male who also murdered  his white wife in Santa Monica, CA,which was being completely ignored by the local media. Name of white female and black male murderer unknown.

Butler County, OH,  2011

35 Hacks With A Meat Cleaver – White Female Miraculously Survives Black Boyfriend’s Attack

A black male, Robin Chester, 25, began dating a white female and was invited into her home. For unknown reasons he attacked the white female with a meat cleaver, striking her 35 times.  Clearly, black male Chester intended to kill the white female.  She miraculously survived.  The prosecutor, though, despite it being a clear case of attempted murder,  decided to give the black man a break and asked for only a ten year sentence.  Miller claims she is unable to use her left hand… Again, she’s lucky to be alive.

Victim:   Jennifer Miller



CHELSEA, Vermont, 2007

Black Man Douses EX-White Wife With Industrial Chemical And Burns Her Face Off – Survived … But Disfigured For Life 

She Tried To Flee (Across Country) But He Found Her…

A black male, Herbert Rodgers, claiming he was angry over believing his [white] ex-wife was seeing another man (likely a lie since his ex-wife didn’t even recognize him when he broke into her home),, mixed some industrial-strength lye with detergent and, after first beating his ex-wife with a baseball bat, then doused her with the chemical mixture. She was burned over 90% of her body. But, obviously, black male Rodgers was most interested the white female’s face.

Carmen Tarleton, 40 ( 39 skin grafts and 45 total operations, including a cornea transplant)


3.  Nov. 2009

Black Man Douses White Wife With Flammable Liquid –Burns Her Alive 
Stark naked with a butcher knife, he beat her with a hammer then set her on fire.

Black Male:
Christopher P. Hanney, 44

Victim :
* Audrey Mabrey ( –80% of body burned)


4. Lansing, MI, Feb. 2, 2011

Stabbed To Death By Black Husband 
Two months before they were married, black boyfriend , Fredmun Reynolds, stabbed his white girlfriend with a knife (she was likely wanting to back out of a BIG mistake – i.e. their relationship).  Then the marriage… There was no marriage ceremony,  just a marriage license. Less than a year later her black husband finally did it: he stabbed her to death. Note: This has all the makings of a black male MOOCH situation… and she wanted OUT!  Oh, and black male Reynolds got life in prison for the murder of the white female  — and the MOOCH is MOOCHING off the state of Michigan for the rest of his life.

Danielle R. Nicholson, 22
5. Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nov. 2007

Black Male Rapes And Murders White Girlfriend’s Little Sister
A black male,
Marquis Bullock, 18

… kidnapped and raped a 13 year-old white girl … then murdered her. The black male was living with (mooching off of) a white female who was the older sister of the murder victim. Apparently, black male Bullock had been planning this rape and murder for some time , and was just waiting for the right opportunity – that is, waiting for the girl to let her guard down.

Victim is:
* Cory Baker, 13
6. Spokane County , WA, April 27, 1996

Black Male Rapes & Then BEATS Two White Females To Death   

  Jade Moore, 18

I young and naive white female introduces her sister and a friend to a black male, obviously unaware [due to the mainstream media's failure to report] of the black males’ crime rates in America, as well as their predatory assaults on white females.  The black male was invited over to their house … and the Result?

 According to testimony Venus [the lone survivor] gave at trial, Woodspoured himself vodka and expressed unhappiness about the fact that Jade was not awake. At the behest of Woods, Venus tried to awaken Jade, but she did not respond. Woods, according to Venus, became irate and eventually shoved Venus onto the couch and attempted to unbutton her pants. Venus said that she escaped from Woods’ grasp but that he managed to grab her again and “slammed” her head and neck against a door. From that point on, Venus has no memory of events that morning except for reoccurring “flashing” of memory in which she recalls struggling with Woods. After Woods completed his attack on Venus, he moved on to Jade. At about 7:30 a.m., Woods climbed into bed with Jade and forced her, at knifepoint, to get up. He then forcibly took her to witness the severely beaten Venus who was lying unconscious on the floor in one of the bedrooms. Woods proceeded to threaten Jade that if she did not comply with his demands, she would “end up looking just like your friend Venus.'” He then forced Jade to help him loot the trailer and to give him her automatic transaction machine (ATM) card together with her personal identification number. He then raped Jade orally and vaginally. While Woods was attacking Jade, Telisha came over to the trailer to retrieve some of her belongings. As she entered the trailer, Woods seized and bound her and forced her to stand against a wall in the bedroom. Jade, who was laying on the floor at this point, and “acting like she was dead,” said that she “heard a baseball bat hit” Telisha’s head. Jade was then hit in the head with the bat, knocked unconscious, and was unable to observe what happened beyond that point. When Telisha failed to return home later that morning, her mother, Sherry, became concerned and decided to go to the trailer. She arrived there at approximately 10:25 a.m. and found the door locked. While peering in through a window in the trailer, she saw a man, whom she later identified as Woods, alighting from the other side of the trailer. … Despite the efforts of hospital personnel, Telisha expired without ever regaining consciousness. Jade initially responded favorably to medical treatment, however, her condition eventually worsened and she died the following day due to a blood clot.”

Black Male Rapist / Murderer:
Dwayne Woods, 26

Innocent Victims:
* Telisha Shaver, 22 (deceased)
* Jade Moore, 18 (deceased)
* Venus Shaver, 20 (survived)


7. Charleston County, S.C., June 2009

Two White Females Go Down Here 

Ethan Mack

Two people (black male-white female – unemployed)
Ethan Mack, 29,
Heather Kamp, 30, (w/f)

…brutally tortured then murdered a white female, that both had been acquainted with. Motive was robbery. However, some of the blame in this brutal murder has to fall on the victim. It was she who introduced the white female Kamp to black male Mack – a stupid thing to do … that cost her her life. The white female who hooked up with the black man … she will likely get life in prison.

* Kate Waring, 28


8. Burlington County , NJ, Feb. 11, 2010

White Female Brings Lazy Unemployed Black Male Into  Grandfather’s Household  – Result?  MURDER
Louis Berger, Jr. , 73

The Black Male Temperament…LOOK OUT!

Allowing A Black Man Into Your White Household Could Have Serious Consequences…

A black male, Richard H. Still, 24, targeted an unattractive white female … for a place to live and free food.  However, the place where the unemployed and broke black man wound up squatting, belonged not to the dopey white female but to her 73-year-old innocent grandfather.  When the elderly man told the black male squatter to get out … the black male temperament set in and he attacked the elderly white male, beating him and then strangling him to death.

Note: Black male Still tried pulling the “he called me a nigger” to justify to police his beat-down murder of the elderly man. Judge gave lazy black male Still 24 years. With good behavior he’ll be out in about 12 years (36 years old).

* Louis Berger, Jr. , 73
9.   Columbus, Ind., May 2003

White Female Allows Black Man – UNEMPLOYED – To Squat In HER Home & Do Drugs – RESULT? She’s DEAD  

A black male,
Undray Knighten, 39,

..unemployed and being supported by his white girlfriend, police suspect, turned on her and brutally beat then strangled her to death in her home. Apparently, unemployed Knighten is denying he did anything to the white female – yeah, she just wound up dead.

>>>I’m seeing lots of these cases where a black male hooks up with a white female then forces her to support him (a mooch).<<<

* Pamela McKee, 32

Note: I could not find out if unemployed and penniless Knighten was actually charged with the white female’s murder.


10. Feb. 2012

Beaten Then Murder

Alicia N. McDonald

How She Died Is Still A Mystery

“Some friends and family members noticed bruises and abrasions upon her body, but McDonald would minimize how Hagan inflicted the injuries, the affidavit states.”

A black male, Michael “Romeo” Andrew Hagan, 25 (career criminal), is the prime suspect in the murder of his white girlfriend. Details are currently lacking. This might be yet another “you ain’t gettin’ away from me white bitch!” murder. UPDATE: Hagan has been arrested and charged with the white female’s murder.

Alicia McDonald, 22


11. San Jose, CA

Black Female MURDERS White Female’s Mother

A black female, Sagal Mohamod Sadiq, 40, was living with a white female, Minema Kirk, 36, and the white female – apparently- wanted out of the relationship. The black female rage kicked in, and she took out her anger on the white female’s mother, hacking her to death with a machete.

Victim:: :
Yvonne Marie Kirk, 65


12. Los Angeles, CA, 1981

Black Male Murders White Girlfriend – Buries Her In HER Back Yard – Then Squats In HER Home

A black male, Hercules Butler, murdered a 30-year-old white female, Adriana Percono (name may be misspelled), who had a home in Venice, California, and was also Butler’s girlfriend. Butler was able to con his way into the white female’s home. The circumstances regarding Andrea’s death are a mystery. What is known is that she was stabbed multiple times and likely died from those injuries. She was then encased  in cement and buried in HER back yard (case represented on the TV program LA Forensics).  Again, the motive for this crime remains a mystery. However, it could be that the black man, who was homeless and only marginally employed (maybe unemployed),  wanted the white female’s home and all her personal belongings.  It was just a matter of making her disappear.
13. Lee County, FL, May 2011

 He Dated Them … Then Murdered Them 

Gullible White Females Continue To Fall Victim

Nicole L. Smith

A black male (career violent criminal),
Connell Carroll, 32

… is believed to be responsible for the death of two white females. This black man apparently only dated white females – then killed them(?). Could very well be that the white females learned quickly the black male was a con man and simply wanted to use them for shelter and food. When the white females got tired of being used they told Carroll to get out, then the black male temperament issue erupted i.e. the white girls were gunned down. UPDATE: Black male Carroll pleaded no contest (guilty) to murdering  Nicole L. Smith.

Victims:: :
* Danielle Blackburn (Police believe Carroll is the killer but still trying to get evidence)
* Nicole L. Smith
14 . Boone County, IL, Aug. 5, 1976

Black Male RUSE – Public Abduction – Rape – Murder 

Of course, the white female didn’t know about his numerous convictions

University of Missouri college student – disappeared in 1976

“Please. Ah, C’Mon. Jus a cup of coffee… That all… ” Relentless begging and badgering like this, day after day from black male Johnny Wright, 33, the white female finally said ok. Apparently, she didn’t want to appear racist. It costs her her LIFE.

* Becky Doisy, 23

15.  Essex, Vermont, Aug. 24, 2006

Black Male Mooch Told To LEAVE – Result? MASSACRE

A homely white female, Andrea Lambesis, befriended a homeless and unemployed black male,

Christopher A. Williams, 27

The white female allowed Williams to stay in her house, which she shared with her mother. However, the white female not only became frustrated with constantly being forced to provide for the black male, but also putting up with his his bizarre behavior. She finally demanded he leave. The day she required Williams to be gone, the black male went over to a friend’s home and acquired a gun. Williams then went back to Andrea’s house to kill her mother, 57-year-old Linda Lambesis. After he shot her to death, Williams next went to Andrea’s place of work, Essex Elementary School, to kill her. When he couldn’t find her, he decided any white female would do, and walked into the classroom of 56-year-old Mary Shanks and killed her. He then shot another female, Mary Snedeker, 52. (Mary miraculously survived the black male’s attack).

I wonder if Andrea Lambesis learned a lesson here?!
16. Montgomery County, PA, Jan. 31, 2005

Black Male Uses White Girlfriend To Set Up Phony Drug Buy/Armed Robbery  – Victims Of Armed Robbery – Seeking Revenge – Murder White Female   

 Jennifer Penning

Three black males,
Maurice Jones
Harold Murray,27,
Ernest Reginald Morris

…sought revenge  – murder – against a black male, 33-year-old Shawne Mims,  for a an earlier robbery of drugs and money.  The drug-dealing black male that was being targeted for murder by the three  had a white female girlfriend.  The white female, who was used by her black boyfriend to set up the phony drug buy/armed robbery,  was later found and shot twice in the face – killed along with Mims.  Oh, the black man Shawn Mims also turned her into  a crack-head.

Innocent Victims:
* Jennifer Penning, 30 (murdered)
* Unborn baby (also deceased)
17.  Crestview, FL, April 24, 1996

Black Male Murders White Wife & Hybrid Child

Two black males,
Lamar Brooks, 23,
Walker Davis,

…murdered a white female and her child. Apparently, black male Davis thought he was the father of the white female’s child and (SURPRISE) didn’t want to have to pay child support. Davis enlisted the help of his cousin, Books, to do the murders.

* Rachel Carlson (w/f)
* Alexis Stuart , 3 months old (may be mixed)
18.   Escondido, CA, 2003

Black Male Kidnaps And Murders White Girlfriend & Her Best Friend 

A black male,
Bennette Lee Douglas, 19,

…was somehow able to get into a relationship with a very young and, unfortunately, very naïve white female. The result? The white female plus her best friend were found dead a short time later.  Since black male Douglas was found to have used duck tape and a shovel in the crime, it appeared to be premeditated. Perhaps black male Douglas was involved in an illegal activity and the girls found out about it. Or, more likely, black male Douglas was informed by the naive white female that she didn’t want to see him anymore and the black male believed the other white female had something to do with it. So he decided to “do ‘em both.”

Victim:: :
* Jennifer Ross, 18
* Heather Ann Steimer, 18

19.  Snohomish County, WA, September 2002

Public Abduction – Torture – Murder  

GOOD NEWS: White Female Takes Down 8 Black Male Criminals!

BAD NEWS: White Female pays with her life for associating with black males.

“Eight people have been arrested in the Rachel Burkheimer case. Two have pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and have agreed to testify in the others’ trials. Here is what the eight are accused of in police reports, witness statements and court documents.”

JOHN “DIGGY” ANDERSON, 20 (looks like a half n’ half black male)
Charges: Aggravated first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Could face the death penalty if convicted.
Burkheimer’s ex-boyfriend. He is accused of orchestrating her kidnapping, holding her hostage in a south Everett garage, putting her in a duffel bag and shooting her in the woods outside Gold Bar.
Charges: Aggravated first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Could face the death penalty if convicted. Anderson’s former Mukilteo roommate accused of digging Burkheimer’s grave, taking her jewelry and burying her on Anderson’s instructions.
MAURICE C. RIVAS, 18 (h/m)
Pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.
Anderson’s former roommate and Lynnwood High School student who admitted to helping abduct Burkheimer, dig her grave and bury her.
Pleaded guilty to first-degree murder.
Friend of Rivas’ since elementary school. Admitted to helping kidnap Burkheimer and driving her in his Jeep to a remote area near Gold Bar, knowing that others would kill her.
Charges: Conspiracy to commit first-degree kidnapping, first-degree rendering criminal assistance.
Rivas’ friend from school. Burkheimer was originally supposed to be abducted from his house, where Anderson and some of the others were captured.
Charges: First-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.
Witnesses told police he was trying to start a “Northwest Mafia” with Anderson that would orchestrate drug sales and robberies of other dealers. Burkheimer was lured to the duplex where he lived and was held hostage for several hours in the garage.
Charges: First-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.
Lived on the other side of the duplex from Jihad. Court documents say he was present when Burkheimer was held hostage in the garage and later allegedly bragged about hitting her with the barrel of his handgun.
Charges: First-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.  Cousin of Jihad’s girlfriend who lived in the other side of the duplex. Accused of helping to get duct tape to bind her and of turning up the stereo to drown her screams.”


20. Carlsbad, CA, Aug, 13, 2000

Black Male’s “Sexual Obsession”  …

Patricia Gallego


Aftermath of Female in Black- relationship
A black male, Calvin Lamont Parker , 33, was (incredibly!) allowed to move into an apartment of a pretty white (Brazilian descent) female. There was no sexual activity, however, and the female intended to keep it that way. Though, not surprisingly, the black male became sexually obsessed with her; and also angry that he wasn’t “gettin’ any” and left only to masturbate over her. “Parker wrote about his infatuation with Gallego and superimposed her face on the pictures of at least 75 of the hundreds of women in sexual positions that he had on his walls, his bed and in duffel bags.” Black male Parker began to hate her to the point that he planned her murder. Of course, before the murder, he also planned to rape her. However, this was not going to be just a rape and murder. All of the black male’s sexual rage came out against the innocent white female:: beating her, hand-cuffing her to the bed, sodomy.  For more than a day she had to endure the torture of black male Parker’s sexual abuse…until he finally decided to end it by slitting her throat. Parker then dismembered the body and scattered the remains  in dumpsters in various cities.

Victim:: :
* Patricia Gallego, 29


21. MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma, 2012

Two White Females Go Down – One Dead – One Imprisoned

Jessica McPherson-Brown

Arrested For Murder:                                                                                                                  Fabion Brown – sentenced to death for the double murder. Emily Matheson, 23 –arrested for murder with her black boyfriend – pleaded guilty and got 15 years.  Broderic Glover,19 – pleaded guilty got life in prison, no parole.

Jessica McPherson-Brown, 23 –pregnant with black child and seeking divorce from black man


21.  Polk County, FL, 2012 

Black Male Brutally Murders Ex-White Girlfriend Who Was Demanding Child Support 

Relationship aftermath with b-m-w-fWhen a white female, 26-year-old Nicole Fields demanded that black male, 29-year-old Steven Louis, start paying child support, that was apparently enough grounds for murder for black male Louis. He pulled out a pocket knife then stabbed her to death.  Her body was found dumped in a wooded area.


22 . Athens, GA, March 2011

White Female Tracked Down By Ex-Black Boyfriend – Kidnapped – Viciously Beaten – Then Murdered

She tried to escape, even got a protection order,  but the black male vowed to get her. THAT was his obsession… 

A white female,  Wendy Bond, 26,  had had ENOUGH of the beatings from her black boyfriend,  Lamar Anderson, 45 , and filed a restraining order and was trying to GET OUT and get away. Wendy was apparently kidnapped off the public street and taken to an abandoned building, then murdered. NOTE: The white tax base will now be forced to provide for this black male for the rest of his life i.e. Anderson got LWOP.

MO of the Black male BULLY>>> “Anderson would either talk Wendy into coming back or he would physically force her to return.”  “If she tried to leave him, he would put something in front of the door — a concrete block, anything — so that if she swung open the door he would know it.”




Berks County, PA, May 1, 2008 

Black Male’s Sexual Obsession Leads To White Female Rape & Murder

Black male attacks, rapes then murders white female co-worker

A black male, Glenn Lyons, 45, …murdered a white female co-worker because she would not submit to his sexual advances. It was a very brutal murder. Black male Lyons at knife point forced the white female into the back of her SUV, then raped her.  After the rape, Lyons started stabbing the white female… until she was dead — over 30 stab wounds.

Note: Black male Lyons claimed to police that he and the white female were having a secret love affair. However, there is no evidence of an affair between the two other than  Lyons’ claim.  Lyons likely is using the affair claim to cover his bases to avoid a rape charge. 

Victim:: : * Kathy A. Leibig , 45

24.  Lakeland, FL , Aug. 14, 2010

White Female Stabbed To Death By Live-In Black Boyfriend 

Arlene Arocho

A Black male, Tony Renard McNeal , 47, unemployed. wormed his way into a white female’s apartment and then , for reason’s not yet revealed by police, brutally stabbed her to death. UPDATE: Black male McNeal claimed to police (get this) that when he told the white female that he was leaving her (his meal ticket and free place to live), she became so distraught that she retrieved a knife and stabbed herself.  She then, according to McNeal, threatened him with the knife not to call 9-11, so he didn’t.  When the prosecutor tried McNeal for murder, incredibly, the jury believed his ridiculous version. McNeal was found not guilt…and he a free man today.

Arlene Arocho, 43


25.  Aiken, S. Carolina, August 11, 2010

Beaten & Burned Alive(?)

Shalamar Nicole Byrd, 38 Black male, Franklin Wright, 55,  unemployed, destitute and career criminal, pleaded guilty to two murders and received life in prison. He also pleaded guilty to beating a white female store clerk so bad she was left in critical condition.

* Shalamar Nicole Byrd, 38 (body found smoldering in brush)

* Mrs. Yana Schenker, 75


Yana’s obituary:


26.   England 2009

Black Male Temperament Strikes Again – MURDER

 “I’m dying…my boyfriend stabbed me”

Evidently, white females believe they got themselves a little puppy dog when they hook up with a black male. The white female above wanted out of their short-term relationship. The black male would have none of that. Another black male mooch situation?

Too late to learn a lesson for this white female…

Black Male Murderer:
Ricardo Morrison, 21

Victim:: :
Miss Barnes, 19 (aspiring model)
27.  Franklin, TN 2009

Beaten To Death With A Hammer

A black male, Antonio Forrest, 30, a convicted felon (you can bet he forgot to mention that to the white female before they got into a relationship), tracked down the white female that he had a previous relationship with, and , apparently enraged over her leaving him, attacked and killed her (beat her to death with a hammer). The black male then went to work on the white female’s grandmother and beat her.

Rikki White, 32 (deceased)
Francis Webb, 69 (survived, in critical condition)
28. Milwaukee, WI, February 2010

 Criminal Thug Takes Down TWO White Females

A criminally inclined black man, Desmond Dejuan Laster, got involved with two white females. RESULT? Both wound up dead and the criminally inclined black man got life in prison.

White Females:
Brittany Robertson, 19, w/f… (shot to death)
Rachel Thompson, 23 (stabbed to death. Also murdered were her two half black half “black” children)



Travelers Rest, S. Carolina, March 17, 2011 

 Two White Females Go Down – One Deceased – The Other Imprisoned

30 Years To Life … For White Female Who Hooked Up With  Unemployed, Career Criminal & Drug Dealer 

A black male and a white female,                                                                                                      Antwon Quarles 27,   (alleged drug dealer & career criminal i.e. unemployable)

Victim:                                                                                                                                                Stephanie Bailey, 25 (w/f) 

 …were arrested for the murder of a white female. She was beat to death in an apparent robbery scheme. White female pleaded guilty and begged for mercy from the judge. She didn’t get it. The judge sentenced her to the max - 30 years to life. Black male Quarles got life without parole.

30. LEWISBURG , TN 2008

Eight Years Of Beating – Family Warned White Female To GET OUT -She Didn’t — Finally, As She Coward From His Beating…Boyfriend Shoots Her In The Head

Roderick Sims

Black male, Roderick Sims, 46 , became enraged and attacked [white] wife, who endured eight years of domestic abuse, beat her then shot her to death. She tried to get away, but he would have NONE of THAT…

White Victim:: Charity Spickler, 27

UPDATE: Sims received a life prison term.
Stabbed Her To Death … Then Committed Suicide

When she told Tasmanian immigrant,Kuol Piom, 29, she’d had enough he pulled a knife and stabbed her to death. He then killed himself.

White Female Victim:
Sammi Hewitt, 24


32. TX, January 2008

Gullible And Unattractive White Female … Hooks Up With 3-Time Murderer

Gullible White Female Pays With Her Life

A black male criminal and mooch, Darrell Bernard Billingslea, met [white female] Jessica Rae Lewalling , 23, on a chat line while he was IN PRISON. Most likely black male Billingslea was seeing a free meal ticket when he got out. When he did get out of prison and found he had no where to go and no money , black male Billingslea called the gullible white female for a place to stay.  She agreed, but on the condition that he be gone the next morning. When Billingslea got to the white female’s place and discovered another black man had moved in on HIS meal-ticket, he attacked them both with a knife, but his major focus of anger was on the white female. He was determined to kill her.


33. Canada

White Female And Family Member Die At Hands Of Sadistic Black Man 

“Yaw then stabbed 16-year-old Thomas Zois, who survived the ordeal, but was held captive at knife point for two nightmarish days.
Yaw forced Thomas to watch while he performed an indignity to his sister’s dead body, telling him, ‘This is how much I love your sister.””

“Lois Zois’ friends knew that her tumultuous relationship with Nana Yaw had already been over for months. She had only continued to live with him, she told her friends, because she was afraid to leave.”

Black male boyfriend:
Nana Yaw

Iliada ‘Lois’ Zois (deceased – murdered her black boyfriend)
Jamie Zois , 14 (deceased)
Thomas Zois, 16 (survived knife wound)
34.  Lancaster County, NE, January 1988

Unemployed Black Male Commits Murder For Drugs & Gets White Girlfriend 30 Years

An unemployed black male , Herman Buckman,  took his white girlfriend , Goldie Fisher, to buy a small amount of marijuana or cocaine from a white female who sometimes sold the stuff.  However, at the pre-arranged meeting place  the unemployed Buckman, who made his living burglarizing white people’s homes, instead showed up with a hand gun. As the white female pulled up in her car , Buckman pulled his gun and shot her multiple times.  She died at the scene.  Buckman got life, his white girlfriend 15 to 30.

“On March 2, 1989, Buckman was sentenced to life imprisonment on the murder conviction and to 20 to 60 years’ imprisonment on the weapons charge, as enhanced by the habitual criminal statute,

White Female Victim:  Denise Stawkowski



Black Male Murders White Girlfriend … Then Cooks Her And Eats Her (No,I’m NOT Kidding)

Cop: Suspect says God made him kill, cook girlfriend
Police: Cannibalism suspect said ‘God’ told him to kill


Black Male Cannibal:
* Christopher Lee McCuin, 25
36.   UK 2010

Pregnant White Girlfriend Stabbed 17 Times

Black male unemployed drug dealer , Lloyd Bartley, 47, murdered his girlfriend with a kitchen knife.

Victim:: Penny Taylor, 27


37. Atlanta, GA, 2011

 Ambushed — Douses EX-White Girlfriend With Flammable Liquid And Burns Her Alive  
Scarred For Life

A black male, Morgan Yarbrough, 25, angry that his white girlfriend had had enough of him, decided to get even. He followed her to a gas station, then, when she exited her car, Yarbourgh ran up to her and doused her with gasoline and then set her on fire. She sustained sever 3rd degree burns over 25% of her body.

If He he couldn’t have her, no one else was going to even want to look at her again…

Victim:: :
* Rachel Brokaw, 29


38.   KANNAPOLIS, N.C  2013

Black Male Attacks White Girlfriend And Her Son – Boy Dies – Mother Rushed To Hospital In Critical Condition

“Investigators don’t know if 10-year-old Mark was killed trying to defend his mother. Her injuries are so serious she has not been able to talk to police”

Mark Ethan Alexander Stewart

A white female, Christi Stewart, 32, decided to get into a relationship with a black male,  Eugene Mays, 39.  She met him online.  Apparently, it didn’t take long for the black male temperament to erupt.  Most likely, the 10-year-old child of  Christi Stewart tried to intervene when his mother was being beaten by black male Mays.

Victim Of White Female’s Relationship With A Black Male:                     Mark Ethan Alexander Stewart, 10

39.  St. Paul, MN, 2007

Black Male Strangles Former White Girlfriend To Death 

After black male, Zachery Matthews, 21, strangled his former white girlfriend Kristine Larson, to death, hr then set her on fire.


40.  Grand Rapids , MI, July 7, 2011

He Liked To Date White Females — Result? SIX White People Slaughtered 

Innocent family member Amanda Renee Emkens, Kimberlee’s sister

Innocent family member Marissa Emkens, Amanda’s daughter

Brought the black man into a white household; Jennifer Heeren , Dantzler’s girlfriend

Innocent family member Thomas Heeren, Jennifer’s father

Innocent family member Rebecca Heeren , Jennifer’s mother

The monster Rodrick Dantzler

Brought the black man into a white household: Kimberlee Emkens, Dantzler’s ex-girlfriend

A black male,
Rodrick Dantzler, …murdered five innocent white people, including his ex-girlfriend and his child – total of seven. Police claim it was entirely a premeditated mass murder.

* Rebecca L. Heeren , 52
* Thomas Heeren, 51
* Kimberlee Emkens, 23
* Amanda Emkens, 27
* Marissa Lynn Emkens , 10


40.    GAUTIER, Miss.,  2012

After Long History Of Violence… 

The Black Man  – On Probation & Unemployed – Finally Murders White Girlfriend (She Had Three Kids With Him) 

[Markee] Kirkland, 24, of Gautier, was accused in the stabbing death of his girlfriend — 23-year-old Amanda Fallon Perkins — at HER Ocean Estates home on July 27.”  Note:  Kirkland was a black male mooch and home squatter.  No doubt in my mind, she told the unemployed MOOCH to GET OUT.

Victim:: Eileen Garnreiter,  22


41. England, 2009

Living In Constant Fear…Finally Stabbed To Death by Black EX-Boyfriend — She Was WARNED Not T0  Leave

Black male boyfriend=BIG mistake that cost her her life.

A black male, Percy Wright, 37, refused to let his former white girlfriend go and live in peace. He stalked her … then he beat and stabbed her to death. Since this murder happened in England , black male Wright will get about 15 to 20 for this brutal murder. He’ll likely be back on the streets in less than 10 years.

White Victim;
* Colette Lynch


42.   Upshur County, West Virgina  2013

 Crazy Brain Black Male Goes Berserk … Guns Down Ex- White Girlfriend In Public Parking Lot 

Black Male Charged With Murder:  Jonathan Ray Shepherd, 32

White Victim:  Cheyenne Green, 29

43.  New rochelle, NY, 2011

Hacked To Death (with a Machete)

Black Male Mooch…Told to GET OUT

Akeem Lindsay, 30, living with a white female in HER apartment (another black male MOOCH) and a drug user , finally went NUTS and used a machete to hack the white female to death. Most likely scenario: the white female told the mooch to GET OUT.

White Female:
Lisa Stabler, 29


44. Omaha, NE , June 23, 2008

Three Bullets In The Back…

She’s VERY lucky To Be Alive!

A white female made a very BIG mistake:: she started dating a a black male, and a gang member to boot (who was involved – the shooter – in a drive-by shooting). The black ex-boyfriend committed suicide but the dopey cousins of the dead black male ex-boyfriend SOMEHOW blamed the white female for his death. And how do black males get revenge for something like this? They gotta KILL the white person. The white female made ANOTHER big mistake, she got into a car being driven by a black male, who took her to a secluded area and there she was shot three times in the back. Note: Two black males involved in the abduction and shooting of the white female each received lengthly prison terms (at taxpayer’s expense )– all because of this white female’s BIG mistake!

Dopey Black Males:
Jamaal Abram, 25 (100 yeas for attempted 1st degree murder)
Jerrell Abram (got less time because he testified against his brother)

100 years in prison for putting three bullets into her back

Not Too Bright White Female:
* Sarah Schramm (now in hiding , fearing for safety — all this for dating a black male!)


45.   Peoria, IL, 2006

  Black EX-Boyfriend Finally Found Her…


Slashed Her Throat — He Was One Very Determined Stalker

With a slit throat …she bled to death on the sidewalk

A black male, Victor Russell, 38, had been looking for the white female (ex-girlfriend) who got away from him. When he spotted her on the street he charged up to her and slit her throat.

White Female:
* Carla Spires, 45


46.  Long Beach , CA , 2010

Blew Her Brains Out!

Fearing her safety, she obtained a restraining order a month earlier.

A black male mooch, Donovan Morris, 34, , was being divorced by hiss white wife…and he didn’t take kindly to THAT. Morris showed up at her apartment, abducted her and then shot her in the head.

White Female:
Ivy Bodkins


47.  DeLand, Fl, Nov. 8, 2010

It took Only One Date…And The White Female Was Found DEAD — Also Raped – Throat Slashed

A black male ,Willie Hicks Jr., 32, met a white female at a bar and they left together. police found her stuffed in her car trunk. Hicks is charged with her murder. He’s also charged with raping a female with a knife pressed to her throat. Fortunately, she survived.

White Female Victim:
Danielle Santangelo, 34 (deceased)



48.   March 2011

Planned Execution/Ambush 

White Female Victim:
Susana Cisneros, 24 (pregnant at time of ambush/murder)

Black Male:
Gregory Lewis Nelson Jr., 27,


49.  St. Clair County, IL, 2005

Beaten To Death By Black Boyfriend 
Shauntez Hairston, 30

A black male Shauntez “Shaun” Hairston, 30 (a career criminal), got mad at his college-going girlfriend (Harrison didn’t go to college) and beat then straggled her to death.

White Female:
Marissa Tharp, 20


50.  Portsmouth, VA  1997

Black Male Stalks EX-White Girlfriend – Kidnaps Her – Tortures Her – Murders Her Then Mutilates Her

A MUST READ! How This white female died…

“The nude, mutilated body of Angela Felton,25,  was found on May 20, 1997 in a vacant house on Freedom Ave. in Portsmouth. She had been abducted the morning before by her ex-boyfriend, Dexter Vinson, 34.  [The white female]  had lived with the black male for more than a year but had moved out a few weeks before her death. On the morning of her abduction, she had gone back to the home she once shared with Vinson to retrieve mail. Upon seeing Vinson, Felton attempted to drive away. Vinson followed in his car, ramming her car from behind until she stopped.   After he beat her, Vinson and Felton drove away to a nearby boarded-up house where she was dragged inside and sexually mutilated, suffering massive cuts and tears to the genital area. She also suffered multiple deep cuts to her neck, forearms, trunk and buttocks and blows to the head and face. Fingerprints in the car and the vacant home, and a match of Felton’s DNA with bloodstains on Vinson’s shorts linked him to the crime.

One can only guess as to the length of time black male Felton spent torturing the young white female …before he finally finished her off.
51. Ireland, November 2006

Invited Black Male Over – RESULT? Stabbed To Death  

A Nigerian national, Kristoff Emmanuel Alauya, 23, got invited over to a white female’s home and , apparently believed sex was in the offering. When it wasn’t, the black male got angry and attacked her, beat her, raped her then stabbed her to death. Naturally, the black male ransacked the place looking for valuables. WHAT was this white female thinking?!!!

White Female:
Grace Moore


52. Franklin County, OH, Nov. 3, 2009

Dated… Then Murdered …Then Dismembered


A black male, Vernell Loggins Jr., 39, got angy with white girlfriend , so he grabbed a knife then stabbed her over 25 times –a very obvious RAGE kill.

Innocent White Female:
Stephanie Fields, 25


53.   Ramsey County , MN 2008

Black Male Massacres Entire White Family  

 <<<The MOOCH

 <<<Victim(mother of daughter who brought black man into white household)

A black male – MOOCH – Johnny Lee Ellis, Jr., 39, hooked up with an unattractive white female, Angela Lynn Vigen, 40 , who lived with her mother and sister, and was able to con his way into their household i.e. the black male made the white family house him and feed him. When the white female finally had had enough of the MOOCH and told him to get out, that’s when Ellis went berserk and massacred the whole family : girlfriend, her mother and sister.

Innocent Victims of white female ‘s Black Boyfriend ::
Jolyn Hazel Vigen, 75
Jennifer Gail Vigen, 35 (daughter )
54.   New York, NY, 2011


‘Help me, Help me!

“The scene was so horrific that when the blonde student was rushed to the ambulance, police told stunned neighbours not to look.”

A black male, Raul Berrera, 33, got tied of arguing with his white girlfriend , so, the black male temperament being what it is, he retrieved a knife and rage-killed her. It was the white female’s apartment and the black man did not pay rent. NOTE:: This is like likely another MOOCH murder my friends. That is, the black man is being told to get out and fend for himself.

White Female:
Sarah Coit, 23
55. Sacramento, CA, July 20, 2009

White Female Shot In The Head By Black Boyfriend


A black male, and (surprise) an ex-convict Demario Richard Wiggins, 32 weaseled his way into a white female’s apartment and they became boyfriend/girlfriend. It didn’t last long.  During an argument (dare I say a MOOCH being told to GET OUT?) the black male ex-con pulled a gun and gunned her down.

White Female:
Tersha Brown, 26 (deceased)
56. Oxford Township, MI, September 9, 2009

White Female Invites Black Man (Convicted Murderer!) Into Household – He Shoots 5-Year-Old Girl In The Face (Intending To Ruin Her Looks) 

A white female told a mooching unemployed black male, Keyon Timmons, 28, to get out. He vowed revenge for losing his free meal ticket and went to the white female’s mobile home to murder her. When he found out his intended target wasn’t there, Timmons turned his gun on an innocent 5-year-old white child and shot her in the face. The sadistic black male’s intent was not to kill the little white girl but to ruin her face

Innocent White Child Victim Of White Female’s Black Boyfriend::
* Jordayna Barrett , 5 (survived, but requires many surgeries to repair her face)

57. Camden County, NJ, March 2008

Black Male Told To GET OUT … Comes Back And Murders EX-White Girlfriend 

What on earth was this 23 -year-old doing with a 39 year-old black man?!

A black male male, Troy Whye, 39, stalked his former girlfriend and then attacked her with a knife, stabbing her over 30 times in an very apparent RAGE kill.

Krystal Skinner , 23


58. Denver, CO, Dec. 11, 2007

 Satan Told Black Man To Knife White Girlfriend To Death 
Abigail Robertson

She was only 21 years-old when murdered by her beloved black boyfriend

A black male, Marcus Hightower , 26, for unknown reasons, wanted to get rid of his young white girlfriend. Apparently, in order to cop an insanity plea, he figured he would blame the murder on a message received from Satan. Hightower RAGE killed the white female with over 60 stab wounds.

Abigail Robertson, 21



Black Female Murders White Boyfriend (With A Hatchet) 

Even These Relation Can Be DEADLY
Black female temperament ca be VERY dangerous indeed

A black female, Cheryl N. Giles, 35, went ghetto on her white boyfriend, Richard Herman Church, 52, attacking him with a hatchet. The black female apparently wanted drug money from the white male (she was mooch), and when he refused to give it to her, she got a hatchet.


59.  King County , WA March 9, 2007

 One Date With A Black Man …He Demanded more… 

When She Refused Him … He Vowed To Get Her

A black male, Randall Edward Connor, 27, was able to get a date with a white female. When the white female didn’t want to see him again, the persistent Conner couldn’t, and wouldn’t “get it.” He vowed to get her. Conner went over to the white female’s apartment , barged inside, pulled a knife and then began stabbing her repeatedly – more than 30 times – until she was dead.

White Victim:
* Merianne Lorentson, 24


60. UK, 2011

Black Ex-Boyfriend Goes Berserk When Ex-White Girlfriend Begins Seeing Another Man 

Vicky Meek

A black male, Isaac Williams, 28, thought he’d found the perfect white female to mooch off of i.e. not too bright. She decided she didn’t want the mooch any longer and kicked him out.  Well, you just don’t kick a black male mooch out and tell him to fend for himself. Williams decided that “If I can’t have you, no one else will.”  So he socked the white female in the face, beat her relentlessly, then, while she was unconscious, retrieved a knife and stabbed her repeatedly — more than 10 times. After he stabbed the ex, the black man then went after her two children (which were Williams’ half n’ half kids), and stabbed them repeatedly.

White Female:
Vicky Meek, 23 (clinging to life)
Half n’ Half Children ( both in hospital in serious condition)

UPDATE:: Victims survived. Black male Williams was sentenced to a whopping 10 years for the attempted triple murder.


61. Detroit, MI, May 9, 1999

Mystery Death Of  White Female Who Hooked Up With A Black man

A black male male, Will Kindred, found a gullible white female to hook up with. Result?

“Public records show police were called to Kindred’s home 17 times in four years for domestic issues. Some of the incidents were disturbingly violent……” Also,

* 1997– Arrested for assaulting his wife “during a wild temper tantrum.”
* 1998– Arrested for abuse of son
* “According to police reports, Kindred threatened to kill his wife on two occasions and once threatened to “take out the whole family.”
* Black male Will Kindred chronically unemployed
* White female gunned down

Note: Another black male, Justly Johnson, was arrested and convicted for the murder of the white female. However, the white female’s family strongly suspect her black husband. No evidence tying black male Johnson was ever produced tying him to the murder. Had this white female married a white male, she would most DEFINITELY be alive today.

White Female:
Lisa Kindred, 35


62. West Bloomfield , Mich., Aug. 2010

When White Female Demanded A Divorce …Black Male Murdered Her

Never had a chance to escape the black man. Had she married a white male , she would be alive today.

A white female brought a black man, Ellery Bennett, into a white community, married him and then had two halfn’half kids. She then realized what a BIG mistake it was marrying the black man and wanted OUT. When she filed for divorce, Bennett , realizing he was going to get kicked out of her home (in her white community), decided it was now time to murder her. It was actually supposed to be a murder-suicide, but Bennett coward out and only gave himself a superficial wound. I also could not find a reason for the divorce, such as the usual beat-downs, chronic unemployment – mooching- kind of stuff. But she definitely wanted out.

White female:
Lisa Bennett, 46

63. State Of Washington 1990

Sexually Depraved  & Sadistic Black Male Serial Killer Of White Females: MO: Convince White Females To Give Him A Ride Home–He’s Just A Harmless Puppy Dog… 

The “Vampire Killer”

A black male, George Waterfield Russel , who liked hanging around the white community, developed a casual way that would allow white females to let their guard down to him. Little did these white females know how mentally depraved this black man really was. Apparently, he started his sadistic killing spree [on white females] at age 32. Three white females, between June and Sept. 1990, fell victim:

1. “Mary Ann Pohlreich (WF, 27), by strangling her outside;
postmortem poised body so that legs and arms were crossed with a pinecone
underneath hands as if in coffin; also, covered her eye with a plastic top”

2. “Carol Beethe (WF, 35) by beating in the head; bit her on arms;
post-mortem: kicked, shoved gun 5.5 inches up vaginal area, wrapped head in plastic
wrap,covered with a large pillow, and posed body so legs were spread towards the door”

3. “Killed third victim, Andrea Levine (WF, 24), by stabbing 250 times; bashed back of
skull in, shoved an electric sex toy down her throat, and placed the book More Joy of Sex in her left hand.”



64. Snohomish County, WA, Oct. 22, 1979

Public Abduction – Murder

White female brings a black man into a white community…Result? MURDER

A black male, Gregory D. Johnson, 26, became angry at a white female who had WARNED her best friend (presumably a white female) to not see the him anymore. When Johnson heard of this warning, he marched over to the white female’s home, barged inside and then shot her in the head. Johnson was nailed 31 years later.

Innocent White Female:
* Susan Schwartz, 26

65. Butts County , GA, 2011

Black Man Murders His White Wife AND Her Niece  

Herman Jackson, III was able to marry a white female. She had nine kids. I cannot find evidence that any of these children came from Jackson. According to the arrest report, Jackson first murdered his white wife, then went into the bedroom of a 10-year-old, who was the niece of the wife (not related to Jackson), and then knifed her to death.  Note: This could be another “Get out of MY house!” (mooch) murders.

White Female:
* Penny Philips, 40


66. Clarksville, TX, Sept, 9, 1993

I’ll Let Ya Stay At My Place For The Night … Ya’al Can Trust Me

A black male,
Reginald Lenard Reeves, 19,

… offered a young white female a room for the night (she had just ran away from a group foster home). Apparently when the girl refused his sexual advances black male Reeves became angry and brutally beat , then raped the girl. After the brutal rape, black male Reeves decided to kill the white girl. He beat her some more, tried to break her neck, and finally just strangled her to death.

Innocent White female:
* Jenny Lynn Weeks, 14


67. Steubenville, Oh , 2011

Black Male Temperament – Brutal Beatings… 

Finally Murder  

“Police have confirmed there was a history of domestic disturbance calls for the Lawrences.”

Don’t they look happy?

A black male , Marlon Lawrence, 40, according to court records, had bullied his white wife around for quite some time. Then black male bully Lawrence finally did it. He got mad, really mad (likely another beat-down session and she threatened to call police) and retrieved a gun…and without a moment’s hesitation shot the white female in the head.

White Victim:
Angela, Lawrence, 32


68. Poteau, Oklahoma, February 2012

Sadistic Murder – Black Boyfriend Burns Her Alive

A Black Male Deliberately Douses White Girlfriend With Gasoline And Sets Her On Fire 

Black Male Arrested For Murder:
Donnie Lee Harris Jr., 29

White Female:
* Kristi Ferguson, 25 (languished for days before dying)



69. Charlotte, N. Carolina, 2005

The Young White Female Said She’d Had Enough And It Was OVER!

Result? MURDER 

A black male, Seyi Tayo Odueso, 27, furious his white female was giving him the boot (from her apartment), his free ride over,  a brutal confrontation ensued, which resulted in the white female being strangled to death.

White Female:
Christy Galvin, 26
70. Steubenville, OH, 2008

Abuse Of A Child – Torture By Scalding Water 

A black male, John Carter Jr., 33…living at his white girlfriend’s apartment, was allowed to supervise a white male 2-year-old child. He was arrested for deliberately placing the 2-year old in scolding hot water. The irresponsible white female mother, Christy Ely , was also arrested.

“The lower leg, back of the legs, the little boy’s private area. It’s horrible. It’s just one of the worst things I’ve seen,” said Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCafferty. “Anybody who does this to a child. It’s just something I can’t even describe what I’ve seen is something that haunts me when I close my eyes,” said the boy’s future stepmother.”

* Unidentified infant


71. Springfield, IL, 2011

Black Male Told To GET OUT … Comes Back And Murders White Girlfriend

When a white female had had enough of her mooch live-in black boyfriend, Keon Rice, 28, and wanted him OUT. Apparently, the back male left, though only temporarily.  He acquired a gun and drove back to the white female’s apartment then shot her five times. Rice then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

White Victim:
Jamie Weickart, 30


72. Baltimore, MD, 2011

After Too Many Beatings … She Left … But Black Boyfriend Tracked Her Down — MURDER

A black male, Daniel Sullivan, 30, wasn’t going to let his white girlfriend leave him without HIS permission. She’d had enough of his beatings and intimidation – and his chronic unemployment. When she did leave, Sullivan, fresh out of prison (charge unknown), tracked her down then gunned her down on a public street.

“If I can’t have you, I’m going to kill you and then kill myself.” Umm, Sullivan apparently forgot the last part of that boast of his.

Keenya Jordan, 32


73. Waterbury, CN, 2010

She Just Wanted To Be Friends — Black Male Had Other Plans – Rape – MURDER
Chloe Ottman, 16

A young 16-year-old white female thought it wasn’t risky business to be friends with a black male, Francisco Cruz , 19, (he appears half Hispanic). She agreed to go on a walk with him to a deserted religious attraction. He likely lured her there on some ruse. She thought she could trust him since she knew him for two years. It turns out he was interested in rape. After the brutal rape of the white female, the black teen stabbed her repeatedly in the neck…and left her to die.

White Victim:
Chloe Ottman, 16


74. Charleston County , S. Carolina, 2010

Good Ending Here…A Lucky Survival Story 

Brandy Scott, 25

A black male, Jeremiah Brown, became enraged at his white girlfriend and began beating her. He then forced her her in the trunk of her car and took off. This girl likely did not have long to live. However, unknown to the black male, the white female had her cell phone on her and was able to call police and summon help.

The judge ordered the black male to stay away from the white female. Yeah, that’ll work.



St. Petersburg, Fl, 2007

She Filed A Paternity Suit – That’s ALL It Took – DOUBLE HOMICIDE 

Paula O'Conner 

Deceased Victims
 Paula O’Conner
  Alijah,  15-month-old


76. Manitowoc County, WI, 2009

White Female WANTED OUT! The Black Man Said “No F*ckin’ WAY!”

“Authorities found a store receipt near the body of a woman that included duct tape, a utility knife and weed killer.”

A black male, Ambrose Greaves, was constantly physically abusive to his white wife … and she finally had had ENOUGH. She filed for divorce and separated from him. However, Greaves wasn’t about just let the white female walk away. He had a plan to deal with that “white bitch.” He first stalked the white female. Then, when the opportune time came to execute his plan, he ambushed the white female, abducted her, took her to a secluded field, where he tortured, beat and stabbed her repeatedly…until she was dead. Of course , no one knows how long Greaves spent murdering the white female.

White Female:
Miki Greaves, 50



77. Wichita, Kansas, June 5, 2006

White Child Raped By Black Male Neighbor –Pregnant With His Child She Agrees To Get Into His Car–MURDER

Three black males,
Elgin “Ray-Ray” Robinson Jr., 20,
Everett Le Gentry, 17,
Theodore G. Burnett, 49,

…participated in the murder of a pregnant young white girl. Robinson was accused by the white girl’s parents of statutory rape for impregnating their 14-year-old daughter. The parents and prosecutor were waiting until the baby was born to get a DNA test from the child. Robinson thought he could get rid of the “problem” by killing the white girl. Robinson paid Burkett $500 to strangle the girl to death while they be out for a joy ride around town.. The innocent white girl is:

* Chelsea Brooks, 14
78. Tunica , MS April 2012

Argument…Black Male Temperament …

Beaten To Death 

A black male, Nathaniel Yates III, 34, got into an argument with his white girlfriend , then the black temperament set in and he BEAT her to death. The screams – while she was being beaten – alerted hotel guests, but by the time police arrived the white female was dead. Police caught black male Yates while he was attempting to escape out his hotel room window.

White Female:
Brandi Floyd, 25


79. Lancaster County, PA 2008

Black Male Is Told To ‘GO AWAY–IT’S OVER’

Result? White Female Is Strangled To Death 

A black male, Kenneth Brown Jr., couldn’t stand the idea that a white female finally had had enough of him…

 How white female died:: “A witness who was a passenger in the Fetrow’s vehicle, told police that she and Fetrow were going out the night of the murder for drinks. Brown insisted on joining them although Fetrow made it clear she did not want him to go. Eventually, Fetrow caved in to Brown’s demands and she and the witness picked him up. The evening was tense as the two argued all night and the two women decided to drop Brown off. As Fetrow sat at a stop sign, Brown, who was seated behind her, reached to the front of the car and began choking Fetrow. The witness, Fetrow’s best friend, tried in vain to pry Brown’s hands from Fetrow’s throat.”

Innocent White Female;
Tonya Fetrow, 28


80. Jesup, GA, 2012

Beaten To Death Because She Wanted OUT

A black male , Jeremy King, married a white female. It turned sour and she was, apparently, looking for a way out. She phoned her brother to tell him to hurry up and come and get her — she needed to get out of that house. Apparently she tried to escape into the back yard but King chased her then beat her to death. She was pregnant at then time, and police charged King with a double homicide. Case yet to be prosecuted.

White Female:
Bonita King
81. UK

Stalked & Knifed To Death 

A black male, David Palmer, 40, was told by his former white girlfriend to leave her alone. The black male temperament set in… he stalked her, then, in broad daylight, and on a public street, charged up to the white female and stabbed her multiple times…until she was dead. With good behavior black male Palmer will be out in 10 years.

White Female:
Kerry Smith, 29


82. Nashville, TN, 2009

Beaten To Death – Buried In Back Yard 

A black male, Leroy Thompson Jr. 42, for unknown reasons, got angry at his white girlfriend. That, of course, could easily spell dangerously serious trouble for the white female. And it did. Thompson beat her – and beat her and beat her – until she was dead. He then dragged the dead white white female out to the back yard, dug a hole, and then tossed her in it as if he was disposing of a dead stray dog.

White Female:
Tina Brewer, 45
83. Rosenberg, TX, Dec. 26, 2009

White Female Flees Crazy Brain Black Husband – Moves Into Mom & Dad’s Home – Black Husband Breaks Into Home … Attacks Mother & Wife — Throats Slit Ear To Ear

Keitha Turner, wife of black male, is on right. Other two, her mother and father

White Female TRIED To Get Away From Him…

White Female’s Father Miraculously Survives

A black male, Albert James Turner, 44, angry at his white wife because she had moved out of their home and moved in with her parents, went over to his in-law’s home at night armed with a butcher knife. He broke in then first located his white wife and beat and stabbed her multiple times, including slitting her throat. After Turner murdered his wife he then went after his mother-in-law, slicing her throat from ear-to ear. His [white] father-in-law was stabbed in the head, miraculously survived.

White Deceased Victims:
Keitha Turner
Betty Jo Frank


84. Fountain, CO 2012

You Ain’t Gettin’ Away From ME Bitch!

Critical Cond. – 5 Bullets In The Back

A black male, Gammall Perez, 34,(looks half black, half hispanic) got mad, real mad, at his white girlfriend. When she exited her home she was shot in the back and her head. Perez also killed their two-year old. When police arrived he committed suicide.

White Female:
Shannon Paolini, 27
85. Las Vegas, NV, 2006

Told Black Male It Was OVER

Michele Carson

Wound Up Murdered & Burned

She thought she could get away from me …

A black male, Justin “Spider” Burns, 27, was told  by his white girlfriend that she wanted to end their relationship.  Burns, however, decided he wasn’t going to allow that to happen. He kidnapped the white female, took her out to the desert then murdered her. He then doused her with gasoline and burned her. Note: One can only guess as to what kind of depraved “fun” this black male had before he finally finished off the white female. Since the body was burned … no way of telling what she was forced to endure or for how long.

White Female:
Michele Carson, 25


86. Memphis, TN, November 25, 2010

Home Invasion – Murder Of White Girlfriend & Her Father

White female made a BIG mistake…and tried to get out

A black male, Derek Boykin, 27, became angry when a white female told him to quit calling her and to stay out of her life. She even began the process of taking out a restraining order against black male Boykin. But, like so so many of these white females who realize way too late about the violent black male temperament – and the desire to get a white female to be his provider – she paid for her mistake with her life. Black male Boykin barged into her apartment and then at gunpoint chased her and her father outside. When he caught up to the white female her murdered her, then murdered her father. When the police caught up to cowardly Boykin he turned the gun on himself.

Innocent White Victims:
* Brittney Davis, 22
* Edd Davis, 56


87. Muncie, IN, 2011

Two White Females Go Down Here

White Female #1:: Tonia J. Ingram, 40, raped, murdered then burned by unemployed black male EX-husband Terry Donald Rutledge, 24.  The white female had told the black male to GET OUT. Yeah, you don’t tell NO black male BULLY to GET OUT. You gonna pay if you do…


White Female #2:: Regina Miller, 36, friend, or current white girlfriend of black male Terry Donald Rutledge. According to police, she assisted Rutledge in disposing of (burning) the body of his Ex wife. Miller claims “he made me do it!”. Either way, she is going to prison for a long time — a very high price indeed to pay for being an acquaintance (or girlfriend) to a black man.

Terry Donald Rutledge, 24. Yeah, WHAT a catch he was for the white female! Oh, and sorry white females, he gonna be in prison for the next 25 years. Note: Yet to be prosecuted

88. Charlotte, NC, 2011

Beating After Beating … Finally Murder 

Catherine Blakeney

The blacks man’s insatiable need to have complete mastery – CONTROL – over his female … can very quickly turn dangerous or even deadly. For the white female married to black male Brandon Oneal Blakeney, 34, it was the latter. They were only married a year and a half. When police arrived at the couple’s home(not known if the black male was employed) looking for the white female, the black male did not tell police he murdered his wife. After a thorough search of the house the white female was finally found.

Catherine Blakeney, 34


89. Carson, CA, Jan. 2012

A Birthday Slaughter – Mother & Daughter 

An unemployed black male, Virgil Tyrone Tate, 30, evidently was told by his white girlfriend to GET OUT and leave her and her mother alone (could be a black male mooch situation). Well, as we’re learning here, this is indeed a dangerous thing to do. The black male becomes dependent on his white female’s income – and free place to live – and he also enjoys seeing her cower when he threatens her. All these goodies come to an end when the white female finally musters up enough courage to tell the black man to GET OUT. It was Virgil’s B-day when he decided he was gonna have some fun. He got inside the white female’s place, then retrieved a kitchen knife, removed all his clothes, then began whaling away at the two white females. The scream altered the neighbors who called police. When the police arrived. both white females were dead.

White Victims:
* Tracie Ann Brooks, 32
* Suzy Brooks , 59 (Victim of daughter’s black boyfriend)
90. SPRINGFIELD, Ore.Nov. 28, 2010

The White Female Said “Get OUT!”  

Black Male Thug Beats Her To Death With His Bare Hands!

A black male, Robert Darnell Boyd, 29, could not stand the fact that his former white girlfriend had had ENOUGH of him. So he tracked her down, then, when he spotted her on a public sidewalk, Boyd charged up to her and literally “beat her to death with his bare hands.”

Allyson Archibald, 18


91. Hawkinsville, GA, 2011

Young White Female Said  ENOUGH–GO AWAY! 

Black Male Said “No F*ckin’ WAY White Bitch!”

A young , and obviously very naive, white female dated a black male , 33-year-old Birago Blackshear. Apparently, she thought the relationship was over. The black male saw it differently. While stalking the white female he saw her with another male, and that set off the black male temperament. He charged up to her and then shot her in the back.

Ashton M. Bartlett, 18 (deceased)


92. Washington County , PA 2008

After Numerous Beatings … White Female Had Had ENOUGH & Wanted OUT

RESULT? White Wife And Their Two Hybrid Children MURDERED

A black male, Orlando Guarino, 38, because of his constant beatings of his white wife, led her to file a “protection-from-abuse order”. Well, black male BULLY Orlando Guarino wasn’t going to stand for THAT. He barged into his wife’s home, located the white female, then strangled her to death. Guarino then murdered (by smothering) his two half n’ half kids.

Ashley Guarino
Dreux, 2
Orlando Jr., 11-months


93. Butler County , OH, 2011

White Female’s EX-Black Boyfriend Returns To…

Beat Her &Her Younger Brother-Then Stabs Them Both

A black male, James Terry V , 43, acquired a white female as a girlfriend, then (surprise) he moved into her home.  Also living there was her younger brother. The relationship didn’t work…and the white female told the black man to LEAVE (he had just recently been fired and was apparently forcing her to provide for him). Well, a black man just doesn’t LEAVE. He came back and beat and stabbed the white female and her brother. Both miraculously survived. I wonder if the white female has leaned anything here? Oh, black male Terry is pleading insanity as his defense.

Kelly O’Keefe
Danny O’Keefe


94. Chicago, IL, 1995

Black Atrocity!

 Former Black Boyfriend Murders White EX-Girlfriend — And Her Two Children

“Prosecutors said Williams faked her own pregnancy — complete with baby shower and a bogus birth certificate — in a plot to steal Evans’ baby.” She did this by cutting the baby (already at full term) from the dead white female’s womb.

Three blacks (two males and a female), Jacqueline Annette Williams, 29, Levern Ward, 22, Fedell Caffey, 21, …as part of a plot to steal a white female’s baby (still in her womb), barged into her home and murdered her, along with her two children. The white female was pregnant with Wiliams’ boyfriend’s baby. Caffey likely believed he was going to benefit from this macabre murder scheme by not having to pay child support to the white female.

White Victims:
*Sarah Evans, 28
* Joshua Evans, 7
* Samantha Evans, 10



A White Female (Out of Pity) Hires Black Man To Do Lawn Work …

White Female Then Invites Black Man (Ex-Con) Into Her Household

White Female Found Murdered

A very naive white female, who thought that showing love to everyone would make everyone love her, received a reality check from the REAL word…that cost her her life. First, the white female hired a black male Ex-con, Brian S. Mallory, 42 (BIG MISTAKE-lots of home invasion rapes/murders). Then, she started up a relationship with the black man, THAT EVEN INCLUDED INVITING HIM TO LIVE WITH HER. It wasn’t too long after that when police found the white female DEAD and (surprise) her personal belonging stolen by black male Mallory.

Naive White Female:
Sarajane Hakopian
96. Philadelphia, PA, Jan. 3, 2006

White Female Tells Black Male “IT’S OVER!” RESULT?

Black Male Stabs White Female & Grandmother To Death

A black male,
Brandon Foster, 23,

…went over to a white female’s home (former girlfriend?) and stabbed her to death. Foster also stabbed to death the white female’s great grandmother.

Victims :
* Samantha Zenszer, 21
* Violet McCall, 79


97. Buffalo , NY, 2012

Abuse And More More Abuse… 

Finally Black Male Guns Down EX- White Girlfriend 

“He threatened to kill her a couple of times,” she said, “but I think in her mind she wouldn’t believe it would actually happen.”

A black male, Dr. Timothy V. Jorden, Jr., 48, was told by is his white EX-girlfriend that she had had ENOUGH of him. But that wasn’t going to work with black male Jordon. No white female was going to be allowed to just leave HIM. He warned her repeatedly he would “kill her” if she dared to try to get away from him. After stalking the white female for days , black male Jordon finally struck.

White Victim: Jackie Wisniewski, 33 (deceased)



98. Greenville, S. Carolina, Sept. 23, 2003

Black Male Stalks Ex-White Girlfriend…Then Murders Her 

A black male, Charles Williams, angered that his white ex-girlfriend demanded that he leave her alone and get out of her life, decided to seek revenge …and murder her. Williams dressed in army camouflage attire, went to the white female’s place of work and …
” walked into the Bi-Lo grocery store on East North Street with a sawed-off shotgun under his arm and extra ammunition strapped to his leg.”

When the white female saw him coming at her she tried to flee.  Williams caught her and held her hostage for two hours. When the white female realized the black male had no intention of letting her live… she broke away and tried to flee.  Williams shot the white female in the back, then walked up to her and, with a smile on his face,  shot her two more times. Cowardly Williams then surrendered to police – obviously in fear that he might get hurt.

White female:
Maranda Williams, 24 (deceased)



EX-White Girlfriend Kidnapped At Gunpoint 

A black male, Ryan Brown, 35, broke into the home of his ex-white girlfriend and forced her into his truck and took her back to his place. Fortunately for the white female, she was able to call 911 before she was abducted. And though she was already gone by the time police arrived, a manhunt was quickly started. The woman was later found alive. Had she not been able to call police, the white female likely, after days of abuse, would have wound up murdered.

White Female:
* Kathryn Bolton, 28


100. Merrillville, IN, 2012

The White Female… 
She Had The HOME… 
She Had The CAR… 
She Had The MONEY….

Kimberly L. Danielewicz, 40

When The White Female Said She Wanted The Unemployed Black Man OUT! Result? MURDER

Black Male Wanted For Murder Of White Female::
James Bailey, 42 (mooching days over, police closing in … he committed suicide)


101. Indianapolis, IN,

Black Male Murders Two – White Girlfriend & Her Daughter

A white female moved in with a black male, Elwin Hart, 63, and, apparently her daughter-in-law needed a temporary place to stay. When Hart found out she had moved in the black male temperament set in … and he decided to murder both white females.

White Victims:
Linda Nickle, 61
Elizabeth Newcomer, 24


102. Baltimore, MD, 2010

White Female Allows Black Male Criminal To Move in –RESULT?

White Female Strangled To Death

“She always said, ‘Mom, I’m safer in this jail than I am in my own house.’ She was right,”

A black male, Andrew Jackson, 29, fresh out of prison (2008) for auto theft,  hook-up with a gullible white female. She had a job, was going to college and had a home. Most importantly, she had an INCOME. Black male Jackson, naturally, had none of these things. Jackson put on his innocent puppy dog face, worked his charm, and the white female fell for it. It ended up costing her her life. Note: Jackson was due in court for a probation violation the day after the murder. The white female had probably told him “THAT’S IT! YOU’RE NOT COMING BACK TO LIVE WITH ME!” Lesson white females? You don’t tell a black male mooch to get out. Once you let him in…you’re STUCK with him.

“The suspect, 29-year-old Andrew Jackson, had been arrested 13 times previously, including for two handgun violations.” Yeah, she sure picked a winner…

Betsy Sue Riggin, 29

103. Fort Meyers, TX, Feb. 10, 2009

White Female Allows Black Male To Move Into Her Home–RESULT?

Beating After Beating – Finally MURDER

“he put me in the hospital and he’s psycho. He said if he can’t have me, he’d rather be dead or put in jail.”

A black male bully and career criminal, Connell Carroll, 31, who apparently was angered by being forced to attend anger management classes for multiple beatings of his white girlfriend, decided – many believe – to get even with the female by murdering her. Since Carrol is a career criminal and, not surprising, unemployed,, it is also likely that he was furious over the white female tossing him out of HER place and forcing the black man to provide for himself.
Note: Even tho police won’t charge thug Carroll with the murder of Blackburn, her family knows (and police as well) he’s the murderer. Carroll has refused to answer any questions about Blackburn’s murder. The only violent creature Blackburn had in her young life … was black male Carroll.

White female:
Danielle Blackburn, 21 (strangled to death)


104. Tulsa, OK, 2011

Black Male Hunts Down EX-White Girlfriend — Attempts To Murder Her

“Just days before the shooting, on Tuesday, McClain filed a protective order against Walker.”

An unemployed black male, Charles Edward Walker, 27, furious that a white female had ended their relationship, showed up at her place of work armed with a gun. He fired multiple shot at her, but missed. The white female fled out a black door. The black male, unable to kill the white female, turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

White female- whose relationship almost got innocent people injured:
Shelby McClain


105. Middleton, WI, 2009

Black Male Goes Psycho –Murders Two White Females Over Child Support

An unemployed black man, Tyrone Adair , 38, fathered two half-n-half children with two different white females. He moved into the home of one of the white females and, apparently, the white female, after she had Adair’s baby, found out about the other white female and the daughter he fathered with her. Threatened with being kicked out of the white female’s home, and two paternity lawsuits, and his free meal-ticket threatened, the lazy unemployed black male went psycho and murdered all four : two white females and his half-n-half kids.

Tracy Judd, 33 & half-n-half daughter (deceased)
Amber Weigel, 25 & half-n-half daughter (deceased)



White Female Marries A Black Male THUG – She Produces A “POSSE” Of Nine Black Children That Terrorize Memphis 

“The self-proclaimed posse and their kin have passed their legacy of violence down through generations and “turned crime into an art””


107. Escambia County , FL, 2011

Black Male Stalks Then Murders EX-White Girlfriend

A black male, Isreal Taylor, 31, gunned down his white girlfriend in a rage killing – she was shot five times at pointblank range. Motive is unknown. However, in most of these cases, it’s about 1. money -she has money and he doesn’t; 2. child support (she had his kid); 3. or, “You ain’t gettin’ away from me white bitch” sort of thing. The black male was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to life. Note: I picked up this story off a black-on-white crime site, so I am assuming the victim is white.

Jennifer Gilbert, 22


108. St. Petersburg, FL 2011

Crazy Brain Black Male Comes After EX-White Girlfriend – White Male Intervenes In The Fight And Gets His Ear  Bit Off

A white female, Sarah Zimmerman, broke off a relationship with a black male, Davis Randolph. Well, Randolph would have none of THAT. He tracked her down, then a fight ensued on a public street. Zimmerman’s male friend tried to intervene and offer help, only to now himself become involved in a fist fight with the crazed black male Randolph. During the altercation, black male Randolph bit off the white male’s ear …and then swallowed it. SICK

The White Male Victim –Who Paid The Price For the White Female’s Relationship:
Terrance Johnson
109. Johnstown, PA, Aug. 3, 2010

Black Male BULLY Hunts Down EX-White Girlfriend — Stabs Her To Death

The Black BULLY

“Prosecutors have said that the victim lived in fear of Williams and parked a distance away from the apartment rather than close to it.”

“Family members said the suspect in a violent homicide had threatened to kill the victim prior to the slaying, investigators said”

A black male, Shawn Williams, 37, unemployed & penniless (a mooch), and who had been supported by his former white female girlfriend, had a history of abusing and terrorizing her. According to the white female’s sister, Williams “pushed open an apartment door, shoved Tammy Smith aside, grabbed a bank envelope containing nearly $500 from her purse and fled”. When the money stopped coming, Williams became enraged and went over to the apartment where the white female was living (her mother’s aprt.), barged in, beat her mercilessly, then stabbed her to death.

Tammy Smith, 32


110. Midwest City, OK, Dec. 2009

White Female Viciously Murdered By Black Boyfriend (A Mooch) – In HER Apartment

And she thought she was going to have a loving relationship with THIS guy?!

Stacey L. Beesley, 25, foolishly invited a black male (a mooch) to live with her –in her apartment, her household items, her money. To make matters worse, she agreed to marry him. When she decided it was a bad decision and wanted to call off the wedding – realizing no doubt this black male was going to be nothing more than a mooch – he beat her to death.

Loving black boyfriend: “I just murdered someone — I call her the devil,”


111. Henderson, Nev. May 4, 2005

Pretty White Blond Turned Into His Ho… 

Unemployed(?) Black Boyfriend Needed The Money(?)

She Wound Up Dead & Mutilated

A black male, Solomon Barron, 26, somehow acquired a pretty white female as a girlfriend. Solomon “claimed” he was hip-hop promoter, which is usually code for ‘unemployed’.   The white female then went to work as a stripper , then began turning tricks for blacks who would pay lots for sex with a white female ( I wonder where those black clients came from? Hmmm). The short of it is that the pretty white female suddenly went missing.  The unemployed black male Solomon , well, he told police he just had no idea what happened. He swears he didn’t do nothing and the white female’s disappearance was a real mystery to him–she just went missing.

On May 23, 2005, police (Springfield, Ill.) found a pair of severed legs. DNA later confirmed they were Solomon’s [white] girlfriend.

White Female:
* Lindsey Harris

UPDATE::  Well, guess what? Black male Barron has been arrested in Las Vegas for “pimping” and “including pandering and living off the earnings of a prostitute” (2011). Not surprising, THIS BLACK MALE – LIKE SO MANY REPRESENTED HERE – DON’T LIKE TO WORK. Solomon Barron apparently found his niche for making easy money:  Find white females, turn them into prostitutes, then force them to provide for him. My guess as to what happened to the white female who “went missing” is that she refused to support Barron … so he murdered her. Still no evidence tho, or not enough evidence,  to pin this murder on black male Barron. No question in my mind that police believe he did it.



112. Houston, TX, 2006

White Female (Pregnant) Gunned Down By Black Boyfriend

“Houston police arrested Vellar Clark, III, at his home on Tuesday. Back in March, the body of Gwen Sneed [29-years-old] was found lying next to her motorcycle in a business district in north Houston. She was six weeks pregnant and had been shot to death.”

“Her family says she had planned to end the relationship with Clark.”


Black Male BULLY Vows To Kill White Girlfriend Who Put Him In Jail For Continuously Beating Her – Strangles Her To Death In “HER” Apartment

“When I get out, I’m gonna kill that (expletive).”

Note: The black male got 20 years for the brutal murder of the white female. With good behavior, he’ll be out in 10. The white female produced 2 half-n-half kids from Carter. She had the apartment (apparently Carter was unemployed). The white female had packed all his clothes in a suitcase , and (yawn) given him some of her money, and wanted him to be OUT of her life. Most white females in a black relationship find out the hard way:: You don’t tell a black male BULLY to leave! Also, I wonder who gonna be takin’ care of and providing for Carter’s kids? Carter obviously didn’t care about that little detail as he was planning the death of his children’s mother.



114. MONTESANO, Washington , 2011

A VERY Determined Black Man …FINALLY Gets His Murder Of EX-White Girlfriend

Note: The above pic is the aftermath of the FIRST murder attempt by her black ex-boyfriend. She survived six gun shot wounds – 2 head shots, neck, cheek, arm & shoulder. He vowed to get her again…and he DID.

“A man pleaded guilty Thursday to gunning down his ex-girlfriend in front of the couple’s kids but told KIRO 7 that he wasn’t sorry for the crime he admitted to.”

“According to a 2006 protection order, Dietz accused Jefferson of beating her, threatening to kill her and that he even sent numerous abusive text messages to her phone.”

A black male, Charles Jefferson, fathered three half-n-half kids with a white female. During their relationship he beat her and terrorized relentlessly. She tried to get away, but black male Jefferson would have none of that. He vowed to kill her and he meant it! Going to prison for more than 30 didn’t matter. Jefferson also didn’t care about gunning down his white EX-girlfriend in front of their three kids. Nor did he care about who would raise his kids.


115. Miami, FL, Dec. 7, 2002

Black Male Temperament – Murdered White Girlfriend Over Loud Music  – Then Murders Her Baby 

A black male, and member of the US Military, James Coleman, murdered a white female over “loud music” – so he claimed. There were no witnesses to the murder. The apartment belonged to the white female. Coleman “move in”.

“The next day, Coleman put Hine’s body in a brown leather suitcase and drove to Volusia County, where he dumped it in the woods,”

“…the child was not looking good so he wrapped him so tightly until the baby stopped breathing. Then he put him in a freezer.”

“Department of Children & Families tried to keep 10-week-old boy Devonte Coleman away from James Coleman,”

Jessica Lynn Hine, 19
Devonte Coleman, 2 (baby – not Coleman’s biological kid)


116. Sunrise, FL, September 2005

Black Male Rapes & Murders White Female College Student

A black male, Edward Mosie Howard, 26, (a career criminal) even though DNA evidence was on the white female victim’s underwear, was acquitted of a rape and murder.
“The reason? Mozie’s defense attorney argued that Mozie’s brother — James — could have committed the crime. James was dating Myers at the time.” Had the white female chosen a white male boyfriend, needless to say, she’d be alive today.

Innocent White Female:
* Christine Myers, 18


117. Newnan , GA, March 2004

Black Boyfriend – Drug Dealer- Gets White Teenage Girlfriend Murdered During Drug Buy

Heather Rhodes, 17 – (deceased), was visiting her black boyfriend, and drug dealer, Mandel Mahama, 22, who was also shot but survived.

Also implicated in the murder was black male Marquis Damon Cannon, 28.


UK 2011

Black Male Tossed Out Of White Female’s Million Dollar Home – RESULT? Black Male Beats Former White Girlfriend To Death With A Baseball Bat

A black male, Peter Foster, 36, moved in with a white female co-worker (both worked for the police), and apparently became enraged at being kicked out of the white female’s home…and vowed to get even. Police found her dead body in the woods, beaten with a baseball bat (10 wackes in the head!) and also stabbed multiple times – RAGE KILL. The white female apparently(?) produced two half-n-half kids.

“The judge added that aggravating factors were that the attack was carried out in front of the couple’s children,”

Heather Cooper, 33

NOTE: Black male Foster got a WHOPPING 17 years. Hell be out in less than 10.



118.  Poinciana, FL, Nov. 1, 2007

Black Male Strangles EX-White Girlfriend To Death – Sets Body On Fire (burning is usually  to cover up a rape)

A black male, Mourad Balzourt, 27, according to police, (no surprise here) became enraged when he found out his ex-white girlfriend was seeing someone else. Black male Balzourt wasn’t going to have any of THAT.

“Prosecutors argued Balzourt was upset because Roman had been seeing her ex-boyfriend. An autopsy revealed she had died of asphyxia and was dead before her body was set on fire.”

White Female:
Solymarie Roman, 22


119.  Philadelphia, PA, 2012

Black Male Finds Out White Girlfriend Is Pregnant – RESULT? Black Male Murders Pregnant White Girlfriend

“Police had been called to Gillespie’s home for domestic disputes previously, the captain said.”

A black male, Aaron Fitzpatrick, 19, wanted sex with a white female. When he found out she was pregnant, well, it was time to get rid of the “insignificant” problem. However, the dopey black male now has TWO bigger problems:: a double homicide indictment. Note: Case yet to be prosecuted.

White Female:
Tiffany Gillespie, 24 (shot in the head – deceased)



120.  Waukesha County, WI, Oct. 20112

He Vowed To GET Her …  Black Man Ambushes & Murders Ex-White Wife – Then Slaughters Her Two friends

White Wife (now deceased) in court:: “But things have gotten so bad, Rad. I just, we need to separate. We need a course before you hurt me. I don’t want to die. I just don’t want to die.”

A black man, Radcliffe Haughton, 45, angry at ex-wife, Zina Haughton, 42, for wanting OUT of their relationship, showed up at her place of work and gunned her down. However, murdering her wasn’t good enough for this black man. He also murdered two other white females , for no apparent reason. After the black man’s massacre of the innocent white people, he then took his own life. Note: She had the job (her own salon), and she had the money. The black man was unemployed.

Names Of Other Innocent White Victims:
Cary Robuck, 35 (left)
Maelyn Lind, 38


121.  Clarksville, TX, Sept, 9, 1993

I’ll Let Ya Stay At My Place For The Night …Ya’al can Trust Me


A black male, Reginald Lenard Reeves, 19,

… offered a young white female a room for the night (she had just ran away from a group foster home – AGAIN, we see this offer to be a Good Samaritan- then the black male STRIKES)). Apparently when the girl refused his sexual advances black male Reeves became angry and brutally beat , then rapped the girl. After the brutal rape, black male Reeves decided to kill the child. He beat her some more, tried to break her neck, and finally just strangled her to death.

Innocent White female:
* Jenny Lynn Weeks, 14


122.   Waterloo, IA , 2012

“Victim Had Sought Protection Order”

Black Man …Angry White Wife Was Leaving Him – His Meal Ticket – Black Male Guns Down Wife & And Her Mother

A black male, Kevin Ambrose, angry that his white girlfriend – who worked and provided the food as well as paid the rent – decided he was wasn’t going to just let his EX walk out the door…and leave him without any means of support.

“Court records show that [white female ex-girlfriend ] showed up at the Black Hawk County Courthouse Wednesday afternoon seeking an order to protect her from boyfriend Kevin Deshay Ambrose, who was living with her.”

Black Male Temperament sets in… Ambrose, who walked in on his ex-girlfriend while she was packing to leave her home, pulled a concealed gun and chased his ex-girlfriend out of her home. When he caught up to her he shot her in the back. As she lay on the ground, Ambrose fired three more shots into her. The black man, thinking the white female was dead, went back into the house to shoot his ex-girlfriend’s 59-year-old mother.

Marlene Buss, 33 (survived)
Kay Straw, 59 (deceased )



123.   McComb, Mississippi, Feb. 2005

Black Male Ambushes EX-White Girlfriend — Guns Her Down

A black male,
Alanza “Henry” James, 34

… gunned down a white female in a domestic violence incident.

* Shaunta Ardillo, 25 (mother of four young children)



124.  Mankato, Minn., 2011

White Female Tells Black Man “IT’S OVER”  …             Black Man Hunts Her Down & Rage Kills Her

“Police learned from friends of Bishop that her ex-boyfriend, Williams-Tillman, had allegedly thrown her cell phone in a pond the week before and slashed the tires on her vehicle in April, according to court records”

A black male, Damone Christopher Williams-Tillman, was told by his white girlfriend, Josselyn Marie Bishop, 19, that she no longer wanted to see him. Tillman then stalked her … and when he saw her exiting a movie theater, he abducted her, took her to a cornfield, then slashed and stabbed her multiple times — including slicing her throat from ear to ear.

Note: Black male Tillman claims she got into his car voluntarily. Very doubtful.



125. Reno, NV  2006

Older Sister Befriends Mentally Disturbed Black Man – Result? Little Sister Beaten – Raped - Throat Slashed

A white female befriended (dated?) a schizophrenic black man Tamir Hamilton, 30, and actually brought him into her household to meet her family – as if she was bringing home a cuddly stray dog.  Apparently, once the black man saw the white female’s little 16-year-old sister … he decided to put on ol black male puppy dog routine. The white family fell for the act.

The [white victim]…  was found dead in her bed by her mother after being raped and stabbed, authorities said.  

Victim: Holly Quick, 16




Las Vegas, NV,  2011

Black Male Criminal Gets White Female Life In Prison

“Anthony Stiger and Melanie Constantini, both 20, are both accused of stabbing 58-year-old Harold Shelberg to death and then stuffing his body in a box.”


127.   Battle Creek, MI, 2006

Black Male Guns Down White Wife & Son In Their Living Room

Michael Fisher listing to judge, then when he hears his sentence (life in prison) he goes for deputy’s gun

“The judge said statements Fisher made to several people that his marriage was in trouble [he was unemployed] and he feared his wife would take their son from him as well as a comment he made a couple of days before the murder to Candy Fisher’s brother that “you know you could kill your wife and child and get away with it by pleading insanity” showed premeditation.”

Black Male Murderer:
Michael Fisher, 43

Candy Fisher, 38 and 12 year-old son


128.  Irving, Texas, June 21, 2011

Black Male Beats White Female  – Good Samaritan  – To Death With A Hammer

Note: No sexual relationship appears to exist in this murder. Just a white female who was allowing a black man to live in her place (apparently rent free. Yeah, not very smart.)

A black male, and career criminal, Kevin Monroe Amos, 41, was arrested and charged with the murder of a white female, who was found dead in her apartment from “blunt force trauma” to the head. No motive released yet by police.

{The victim’s sister} said Amos was “a friend of a friend” to her sister and was living with her since he had nowhere else to go.

UPDATE: Apparently, the black man had no money, was unemployed, and had no where to stay, so the white female allowed him to stay with her. Yeah, she was being a Good Samaritan to a black male. It cost her her life. Still no known motive. Most likely, the white female either refused to give him money, refused his sexual advances, or told the unemployed black male mooch to GET OUT.

White Victim:
* Pamela Joann Wilson, 46

http://www.cdispatch.com/news/White Female (Pregnant) Gunned Down By Black boyfriendarticle.asp?aid=11939


129. .   TITUSVILLE, Fla. Jan.  2005

Black Male Goes Berserk –  Murders White Girlfriend When She Tells Him To GET OUT of Her Place

An unemployed blacpk male mooch, Gregory McGruder, 25, was allowed into a ‘niave’ white female’s home – in a white community.  After the white female,  Amanda Ratliff, 20,  who was a stripper and housed the black man for free, fed him, put up with McGruder stealing from her, and even the beatings…finally decided she she’d had enough and told the unemployed black male mooch to GET OUT.  Police describe what happened next:

Police said McGruder used a beer bottle, a table leg and a vacuum cleaner during a day-long beating apparently prompted by Ratliff’s attempt to flee their relationship.

“According to the arrest affidavit, McGruder beat Ratliff with a beer bottle, table leg and vacuum. He also admits duct-taping her neck, dragging her from room to room and beating her with the aforementioned items. He did it, pin his words, to make a point.” 

“We’d see her with busted lips and black eyes, and we’d tell her, ‘You have to get away from that guy,’ but she said she loved him and wanted to be with him,” said Jessie Costa, 18, whose boyfriend, Jake Ratliff, is Amanda’s brother.”



130.   Lawndale, CA, Jan. 8, 2011

White Female Tells Black Boyfriend She’s Moving Out–RESULT? 

Stabbed To Death 

A black male, Tymarc Daimarque Warren, 25, moved into the home of a white female, then, during a domestic argument, stabbed the white female to death with a kitchen knife. Unknown whether Warren was unemployed, and/or, whether the white female was ordering him out of her home.

“Warren, a 25-year-old black man, was arrested in connection with Garnreiter’s death and booked at the South Los Angeles sheriff’s station. “

White Victim: Eileen Garnreiter,  22



131.   Missouri, 1986

White Wife Tells Black Husband She’s Leaving – Result? 

Black Male Blows Her Face Off With A Shot Gun

” Investigators lacked solid evidence [ on black male husband, Ralph Davis] until 1988, when they found the woman’s car in Davis’ storage locker near Jefferson City. Shotgun pellets had blasted through the driver’s side window. Bone fragments, blood and human tissue were found inside. The investigators were looking for her 1986 Ford Escort since Davis had failed to keep up with payments. A medical examiner determined there was so much blood it could only have resulted from a fatal wound. DNA evidence showed that Mrs. Davis was the victim.”

Victim: Susan Davis



132.  Nashville, TN,   February 22, 1996

White Female Wanted Out Of Relationship



A black male, Patrick Lamonte, 20 (at time of double homicide),  became enraged when a white female no longer wanted to date him.  He decided to get even – he was going to kill her.  The black male (who worked for the white tax base as a football coach at a local high school) charged into the business the white female worked at, along with a white female co-worker, and then began stabbing both of them – each received over 30 stab wounds. 

White Female Whose Relationship Caused The Death of An Innocent Person:  Tiffany Campbell 

Innocent Victim:  Melissa Dawn Chilton



133.  Wayne County, Miss.,  Feb.  2013

White Female Marries Black Man – Separates In Less Than A Year – Black Male Guns Her Down

“According to Alabama records Pace has previously faced charges for domestic violence in at least two Alabama counties.”

A black man, Anthony Pace, 25, with a violent temper,  apparently intimidated a white female into marrying him.  In less than a year she finally had had enough of his abuse and left the relationship. However,  black male bully Pace wasn’t going to allow that to happen. Pace found out where the white female had moved to and then, armed with a gun,  staked out her place.   when she left her home and got into her car, Pace followed, then gunned her down on the open road.   Note: Case yet to be prosecuted.

Amber Andrews, 22



134.  Clarksville , Miss., Feb. 20, 2009

Black Male Told To GET OUT Of Her Home – RESULT? Strangled To Death

Gerrard E. Robinson

“Gerrard E. Robinson, a man with whom [30-year-old Natalie Ann] Vullo had had a sexual relationship, was charged with the murders. He later confessed to strangling Vullo and her [two]children”.

Note: The white female had two children, both fathered by a black man – apparently she was on welfare (i.e. her Ex black boyfriend would not support his two kids). Since no white male would get into a relationship with a white female with two black babies,  she chose another black man – a CONVICTED RAPIST!   – Gerrard E. Robinson.  He was a part-time employee working for minimum wage.



>>> “The number one killer of African-American women ages 15 to 34 is homicide at the hands of a current or former intimate partner.” i.e. the black male <<<  If the black man is going to do this to the black female, why would he treat the white female any different?

 SOURCE:: Africana Voices Against Violence, Tufts University, Statistics, 2002, www.ase.tufts.edu/womenscenter/peace/africana/newsite/statistics.htm


135.   Milwaukee, WI, 2013

Beating After Beating After Beating – Black Man Finally Guns Down White Live-In Girlfriend

Family Told Her To Get Out – White Female Refused

Family Told Her To Report Her Beatings To Police – White Female Refused

“The violence and the beating she took put her in the hospital for a few days — a broken cheek, two black eyes, her nose pushed in — it was an ugly sight. She healed. She wore sunglasses. She went to work. She took the beating and moved on. We tried, but it didn’t work,”

“I know she was having problems with her boyfriend. We talked on that several times. She was in a troubled relationship. She just wanted out. That’s all I can say. She wanted out,”

Apparently the black male, who was an ex-con (yeah, the white female hooked up with an ex-con), was unemployed, which means he was dependent on the white female to feed and house him — another black male mooch situation.  And she thought she was going to get away from him?!

Victim:  Annemarie Bautch, 31 

Black Male Murderer ex-con:  Daniel Billings, 39



 136.  Santa Barbara, CA, February 1986

Black Male Beats Wife To Death With Hammer – SUBMIT…OR ELSE!

A black male , unemployed,  George Herbert (Spider) Wharton , 35, …was sentenced to death – in 1987 – for killing his girlfriend, Linda L. Smith, 45, by beating her to death with a hammer. The murder appears to be nothing more than an attempt to steal all of the white female’s possessions and then sell them for whatever he could get, which explains the death sentence.

“Leighton Smith [former husband of Linda] contacted police when he discovered a hammer lying under a daybed. He also noticed many of the victim’s possessions were missing, including coins, furs, jewelry, china, a television, a camera, a microwave oven, and a stereo.”

“There was evidence that, in order to buy cocaine, defendant sold the victim’s property after, and possibly before, her death.”

Other White Victims Of Sadistic Black Male Wharton:

* Robert Pierce — murdered – UC Santa Barbara English professor in February 1975

* Rape of 61-year-old white female 1975 – she opened the door late at night to him and he barged in with a butcher knife.


Note:  No question in my mind both of these victims in Santa Barbara are white. Santa Barbara demographics in 1975 would have been close to 99.5% white. Today, only 1.5% of Santa Barbara’s population is black.


137.  St. Clair County, MO, 2005

Live-In Black Boyfriend BEATS 6-Year-Old White Child To Death – Black Man Then Pulls Race Card — Claims Boy Used Racial Slurs (No, I’m NOT Kidding)

White Female Gets 16-Years

A black male unemployed mooch, Lee Crutchfield, 33 (at time of murder), routinely tortured the child of his white girlfriend, Starr Lohman, 24. The dim-witted white female allowed the unemployed black man to move into her home.  She also never interceded when he would beat and torture her child, which is why the prosecutor wanted 30 years sentence for her. However, since the white female cooperated with the prosecution and told the jury the full extent of the black male’s torturous abuse the child, the white female got 16-years.  Crutchfield, who eventually beat the child to death,  got life in prison .

“Crutchfield told police that he hit the boy a couple of times after being called a racial epithet.”

Read more here: http://www.bnd.com/2011/12/01/1962453/mom-saw-son-beaten-went-to-store.html#storylink=cpy

Child Victim:  Ryon Smith, 6


138.  Lima, OH,  May 2013

Numerous Beatings – Black Male Finally Murders White Girlfriend

A white female,  Tara Cutlip, 21, hooked up with (or couldn’t escape) a criminally inclined black male – and unemployed –  Marquavius D. Shurelds, 22. The black male was living in her home so this could be another  black male squatter situation and she demanded he LEAVE.  We’ll never know since black male Shurelds shot the white female multiple times – died at the scene.  Oh, and the white female was also pregnant.



139.  Camden County, NJ, March 26, 2008

Black Male Told To LEAVE – He Refused – Ordered Again To Leave White Female’s Home … He Then Murders Her

Black Male Tells a friend:: “If Krystal does not stop acting up, I’m going to have to kill her.”

A 37-year-old black man, Troy Whye,  discovered a very naive and timid white female, Krystal Skinner (only 21-years-old) and charmed her into a relationship.  She allowed the old black male to move into her place (not known if black male Whye was employed).  A child came almost immediately.  After two years the white female had had ENOUGH of black male Whye’s demand that she SUBMIT to him.  Apparently the white female finally summoned up the courage to tell the black male to LEAVE. He refused. When it became apparent to Whye that the white female was serious and that she would call the police to get him out, black male Whye then stabbed her to death. Whye fled and left the child behind to die of starvation. Police discovered the baby – still alive – clinging to the dead white female.



140.  Union, MO, Dec. 1, 2003

Black Male Boyfriend Murders White Girlfriend’s Child

A Black Male Is Allowed Into A White Household…

A black male,
Larry Clay,

…was left alone with a 3-year-old white child and, for unknown reasons, ended up beating the child to death.

Innocent White Girl:
* Macayla Carpenter , 3-months old

——————————————————————–   141.  Clinton, Ill., 2003

Black Boyfriend Massacres White Female’s Children 

Innocent victims of low esteem white female

A “low esteem” white female and high school drop out, Amanda Hamm, 26, became involved with a black man, Maurice LaGrone Jr.27 .  Apparently, the white female’s three little [white] children were an interference and burden to the black male, so he convinced the white female to let him put the young kids into a car and then submerge it in a lake and tell police it was an accident.
Innocent White Children:
* Christopher Hamm,6
* Austin Brown, 3
* Kyleigh Hamm, 1



142.  Columbia,  S. Carolina,  2012

Young White Female Hooks Up With Penniless Black Man –  She Disappears And Is Later Found Beaten To Death

A white female,  Rachel Goodnight, 24, fell for the “puppy dog” routine of black male Lawrence Stevens, 41.  The white female left with him to another state (from Pennsylvania to S. Carolina) and was never heard from again.  Her badly decomposed body was found months later by police.  Stevens has been charged with murder in another case, but not Goodnoght.  However, the body of the dead man that Stevens is connected to was found in the same area as Goodnight. Gee, I wonder who murdered Goodnight?



143.  Oxford, AL,  2013

Another Innocent Family Member Goes Down In This One: Black Male Boyfriend Beats White Child To Death

A white female, who went to work, left her 2-year-old son alone with her black [unemployed] boyfriend. Result? The child was beaten to death.  Note: Butts has been arrested and charged with capital murder. Case yet to be tried.

“[Police Chief] Partridge said Rollins died of blunt force trauma, most likely from Butts’ fists.” 

Innocent Child: Cody Allen Rollins, 2



144.  Oklahoma City, OK  2013

As Neighbors Watched White Female Beaten To Death  By Black Boyfriend 

“Running down the street, 21-year-old Tiffany Sams tried frantically to flee her attacker.”

With only one thought in mind, a black male, 31-year-old Corey Brown,  chased a white female (his girlfriend) down a public street with a brick in his hand.  He eventually caught up to her and cornered her against a fence.  The black male then beat the female in the head with the brick, as people in the neighborhood, who came out to investigate her frantic screams for help,  could only look on in disbelief.

Victim: Tiffany Sams, 21



145.  Cleveland, OH,  2013

White Female Found Dead – Because Of Violent History Of  Relationship Black Boyfriend Is Suspected Murderer

“The police report says that Ashley told cops [Gemarr Peacock, 31]  tried to choke her. Another incident happened last year. Ashley told police he punched her in the face.” 

Victim:  Ashley Leszyeski, 21



146.  St. Louis Park, Minn.  2008

Black Man WARNS White Female Against Leaving Him – When White Female Does End Relationship Black Man Shoots Her In The Head

A black man,  Clarence Hebnbry, 54, was told by his white girlfriend that she was leaving.  However, black male Henry warned the white female he would kill her if she did try to leave.  When the white female did leave, black male Henry lured her back to his apartment, then shot her in the head.

Victim: Susan Levoir, 44 (deceased)




Black Man – Furious Over White Female Ending Relationship -Murders Her … Brutally Stabbing Her Multiple Times 

Sandy Daniel







148 .  Rome, NY  2013

Two White People Go Down In This One…

Crazy Brain Black Male Stalks Ex-White Girlfriend …Then Murders Her – Also Murdered Was A White Male Friend Who Tried To Come To Her Aid 

Black male Aaron Welch, 26, arrived at his ex-white girlfriend’s home and refused to leave. She then called police and they escorted him off her property.  But black male Welsh was not going to allow that white female get the best of him.  Welsh knew when the white female got off work.  Welch waited outside her home and when the white female parked her car and got out… Welch attacked.

Black Male Arrested For Murder For Double Murder: Aaron Welch, 26

Two White Victims: Stephanie Morrison, 22 (murdered by ex-black boyfriend)

Shawn Kessler, 31 (innocent victim of white female’s ex-black boyfriend)



Raliegh, S. Carolina, 2011

Two White Females Go Down Here:: Black Male Murders Ex-White Wife – Dismembers Her Body – Also Involves His NEW White Wife In Murder

A black male, Grant Ruffin Hayes, 34, in a custody battle for their two hybrid kids, with his former white wife, prosecutors claim, murdered her with the help of his current white wife, Amanda Hayes, 41. Yeah, two gullible white females go down here.

“Amanda Hayes’ attorneys filed several motions claiming that she participated in Ackerson’s death while under duress, feared for her life and that Grant Hayes, while in jail, threatened to kill her.”


150.  Seattle, Washington, 2011

Black Male Beats White Girlfriend To Death

A white female, Prudence Hockely, 55, apparently defied her black boyfriend, 48-year-old Johnnie Lee Wiggins, when he instructed her not to leave the house. When the diminutive 5’3″ white female walked back into the house, 6’3″, 260lbs black male Wiggins – a body builder – socked her as hard as could right in the face. We don’t know the full extent of the beating, but the white female died at the scene from her injuries.


“The jury determined the crime was committed in the presence of Hockley’s then-13-year-old daughter and that Hockley’s death was part of a pattern of domestic violence committed by Wiggins against women, court records show.”  Black male woman beater Wiggins faces 20-30 years behind bars, plus additional time for his continued pattern of beating his white girlfriend.


151.  Milford CT,  May 19, 2006

White Female Breaks Off Relationship With Black Male – Black Male Barges Into Her Home & Murders Her

Incredible, a white female’s mother allowed her 16-year-old daughter to start dating a 30 year-old black man, Matthew Pugh, 40 (sound familiar? –OJ Simpson).  The black male refused to go away.  For 10 years she tried to end it. He would have none of it. When she started earning money – and he had none- he wanted back into her home.  When the white female refused to be  Pugh’s  provider, he murdered her.  Note: Case yet to be prosecuted.

Naive White Victim: Alexandra Ducsay, 26



152.   Johnstown, PA  2013

White Female Tells Black Boyfriend She’s Had ENOUGH Of His Laziness & Unemployment And Tells Him She Wants Out – Result?  Black Boyfriend Beats & Stabs Her To Death 

Apparently, the white female was secretly planning to move out of the apartment she shared with unemployed black male Demetrius “Mete” Gibson– and leave him without a meal-ticket.  When he found out, he DEMANDED she stay.  When she refused to submit to black male bully Gibson he murdered her. AGAIN WHITE FEMALES, you do NOT tell a black man you are leaving him. 

Note: Black male Gibson will likely take a plea deal and he’ll be out of prison in about 7 years.

White Victim: Liz Miller



153.  Luzerne County, PA  2002

Unemployed Black Boyfriend Convinces White Female To Take Him To A White Person’s Home To Steal Money – Result?  Black Boyfriend Murders Young White Male

Larry Tooley

A black male, Larry Tooley, 46,  a loser, heroin user, career criminal,  mooch and unemployed, hooked up with a white female, who was either a heroin user, or became a heroin user after she met black male looser Larry Tooley.  The white white, Tina Young, 33,  had knowledge (thru her girlfriend) of a 16-year-old white male who had saved $2000 for a car.  Looser Larry talked the gullible white female into telling him where the young kid lived.  Looser Larry, along with his heroin-using white female, went over to the kid’s house and once looser Larry got the money, he executed the 16-year-old .  The white female got 20 to 40 years. Black male Looser Larry got Life.

Young White male Victim: Casey Zalenski, 16



154.  Lawton, OK,  2007

Crazy Brain Black Boyfriend Guns Down Ex-White Girlfriend AND Her White Girlfriend

Xavier Adams

A crazy brain black male, Xavier Adams, 19, got into a relationship with a white female, Bianca Ward, 18.  She quickly broke it off.  But it wasn’t over according crazy brain Xavier Adams.  He stalked her, and when he spotted her talking to another guy, that was grounds to murder her.  He followed her to her friend’s apartment, kicked the door in, then gunned down not only Bianca Ward, but also her girlfriend, Jennifer Brown, 20.



155.  Shoreview, Minn.  2013

An Attempted Massacre…

White Female’s Black Live-in Boyfriend Orders Her Not Leave – When She Attempts To Flee He Guns Her Down – Also Shot Was The White Female’s Daughter and Her Boyfriend

A black male, Johnny Lee Simpson, 65, conned his way into a relationship with a white female.  She, incredibly, allowed him to move in.   When she decided to move out – to get away from him – that sent black male Simpson over the edge.  He retrieved his gun and gunned her down. Simpson also shot two other people, daughter of his ex-girlfriend, and her boyfriend. Both apparently survived.

Note: The black man was a “retired chef and boxer” –likely no pension and no personal wealth to support himself.  The white female was described as a “high-powered” attorney. That is, she likely had all the money and was supporting the black man.  What on EARTH was this white female doing with this black man?!  Stupidity has its price.

Victims: Nancy Sullivan, 57 (deceased), Sullivan’s Daughter, Sullivan’s Daughter’s Boyfriend



156.  Brevard County, FL,  2013

Unemployed & Broke Black Man Takes Young White Girlfriend With Him On His Crime Spree – Ends Up Murdering A Sheriff’s Deputy & Takes Her Down With Him

“On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted 19-year-old Andria Kerchner and 22-year-old Brandon Bradley on first-degree murder charges.”

“[Black male]Bradley faces charges of first-degree premeditated murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, robbery with a deadly weapon, failure of warrants for possession of a firearm by a felon, sale of cocaine, carrying a concealed firearm and resisting arrest, along with a violation span style=”font-size:xx-large;”of probation for robbery, possebssion of cocaine, burglary and grand theft.”  Yes, black male Bradley sure is a prize…

Needless to say, this white female is either going on death row or will be incarcerated for the rest of her life. Had she not hooked up with a black man…



157. Canton, OH, 2008

Black Boyfriend Beats White Girlfriend To Death In Front Of Her Child — Dumps Body In A Forest

Black Boyfriend Arrested:  Bobby Lee Cutts, Jr, 30

White Female:  Jessie Davis

If you want to know about the sordid facts regarding this black male murder, here’s the link:




158. King County , WA,  2013

Yet ANOTHER Mass Shooting By Angry Ex- Black Boyfriend…

White Female’s Relationship With Black Male Gets THREE Innocent People Murdered

A white female tried to end a relationship with black male Dennis Clark III, 28 …but (surprise) he would have none of THAT.  He showed up and her apartment, forced his way in, then shot her to death. On his way out, black male Clark broke into a white male’s apartment and gunned him down (no apparent motive), then, heading to the parking lot, Clark, without provocation shot & killed two more people.

“”I heard [the gunshots] so clearly, somebody dropped… I heard someone falling,” said one woman.” The body that dropped was that of Justine Baez.


Justine Baez,24 (former girlfriend – deceased)

Innocent Victims Of White Female’s Relationship With Black Man::

Ceasar Valdovinos, 23

Bradley Fischer, 47

Roland L. Scobee, 62



159.  Binghampton, NY, 2013

Two White People Go down Here…

Black Man Hunts Down White Wife Who Wanted OUT of Their 7-Year Marriage –Murders Her & Her White Male Friend

Black male, Aaron Powell, 39, decided he wasn’t going to allow his white wife (they were going through a divorce) just walk away from him.  He hunted her, then murder her,  plus a white male companion of hers.

“Forcing their way into the locked two-story residence, nestled in a quiet neighborhood, deputies found Christina Powell strangled in the basement and Masciarelli on the second floor, beaten over the head by a blunt object, Harder said”


Christina Powell, 35

Mario D. Masciarelli, 24 (innocent victim of white female’s relationship with a black male)



160.  WOBURN, MA, 2010

  POLICE: ‘Brutal, excruciating death’

“Heather Alleyne[19,] suffered two fatal wounds to her neck when she was murdered in her Framingham apartment in 2010 and was cut at least another 11 times, a medical examiner testified in Middlesex Superior Court” 

Note: Black male Kyle Alleyne,27, was given a life prison term.



161. Dickson County, TN,  2012

Black Male Beats White Wife To Death With A Hammer 

A black male, Morris L. Long Jr., 23, “claims”  his white wife  – married less than a year – came at him with a hammer. He then claims he grabbed the hammer and, in fear of his life, was forced to beat his white wife in the head…until she was dead.  Since no one is around to dispute this version, Morris will likely be given a plea deal for 5-7 years.  Apparently Morris’ white wife was unaware (?) that lazy Morris liked to smoke a lot of pot, have lots of sex, produce babies (two kids)…but didn’t like to work to support his kids or help pay bills.


Ashley Long, 21



162. Phoenix, AZ 2012

Violence – More Violence- Restraining Order – Stalking – Harassing – Finally Black Male Murders Ex-White Girlfriend

A white female  hooked up with a black man,  Michael Wayne Hall, 41, who was 13-years older than she was. She claimed in her restraining order that she was now being threatened with physical harm on a daily basis.  The white female tried to get away from Hall  (she has a child by him)… He ended up shooting her five times.

Victim:  Donella Clauschee, 28


163.  Bakersfield, CA, 2012

Getting Into An Argument With Your Black Boyfriend/Husband Can Have DEADLY CONSEQUENCES

White Female Beaten To Death By Black Live-In Boyfriend

NOTE: White female apparently lived in a black community and had FOUR black children with FOUR different black males.



164.  Austin, TX,  2012

White Female THOUGHT She Was Rid Of Former Black Boyfriend – He Shows Up Two Years Later And Guns Her Down 

White female almost got her innocent 7-year-old daughter killed…

Black Male Murderer:  Terrelle Owens, 38 (committed suicide after murdering ex-white girlfriend)

Victim: Adriana Rugina, 29



165.  Canton,  OH, 2011

White Female Hooks Up With Black Male Convicted Sex Offender – She Dumps Him – Black Male Lures Her Back To His Apartment… Then Beats Her Brains Out 

A 21-year-old white female, Casey Joy McKinney, 21, realized that she had a very bad – and dangerous – mistake when she got into a relationship with a black male ex-con – convicted sex offender – Richard E. Gavin Jr. .  The white female ended the relationship …but for an unknown reason(s) allowed herself to be lured back to his apartment. Police arrived at the scene moments after Gavin had finished beating her in the head with a blunt object. Obviously, prison time meant nothing to black male Gavin.  His intent was to murder the white female…and he accomplished his objective.

Note: I cannot find a final disposition to this case.


166.  Austin, TX,  2012

Massacre Atrocity In Tulsa… Four White Females DEAD

White Female Lives In Black Community And Associates With Blacks – RESULT? 

Four White Females “Executed” In Home Invasion 

NOTE: This trial is still going on (as Sept. 2013).

Known facts:  Rebeika Powell, 23,  dated a black man (unknown identity) and became pregnant. She had a black baby. Not surprising, the black man did not support the kid, so Rebeika went on welfare. She also, being in total poverty,  lived in a run-down black community – a living decision that would play the pivotal part in this black male massacre.  Rebeika then started dating another black man (9 years older than she was),  Allen Hayes, 32.  A black female, who saw “valuables” in Rebeika’s apartment, reported what she saw to her boyfriend, Cedric Poore, who then invited his criminal-minded brother , James, in on a “lick”.

BOTTOM LINE: Had Rebeika not mingled with the black race…she and the other three white females would all be alive today.




167.   Chicago, IL,  2009

Three Innocent Family Members Go down In This One…

Father – Grandmother – Sister 

All Murdered By Crazy Brain Black Boyfriend

A psycho black male, D’Andre Howard, 21, got into a relationship with a white female, Amanda Engelhardt.  She agreed to marry the crazy brain black man.  Evidently, Howard got mad and his white girlfriend, so he followed her home. He then broke into the home. Using a sword and a butcher knife he tied up the white family, then murdered three of them.  His white girlfriend’s mother left clinging to life with numerous knife wounds..

Innocent Victims Of White Female’s Black Boyfriend:

Grandmother – Marlene Gacek

Sister – Laura Engelhardt

Father –  Alan Engelhardt

Mother seriously injured with numerous knife wounds



168.  Providence , RI,  2012

White Female Unknowingly Allows Black Man Who Served 18 Years For Murdering His Former Girlfriend To Move Into Her House – Result?

White Female Found Beaten To Death

Note:  When this story first broke pictures of Michelle showed she was white. For unknown reasons, all the pictures of her have been deleted from the internet.

Black Male Arrested – Second Time – For Murder:  Andrew Jett, 52

White Victim:  Michelle Busby, 50 



169.  Chesterfield County , VA 2013

White Female’s Relationship With Black Man Get Her Mother Killed

WOW! Crazy Brain Black Male Stalks – Terrorizes Ex-White Girlfriend For Four Years – Finally Murders Her … AND HER MOTHER

>>>MUST READ<< Insight into just how crazy this black male was.

Black Male Arrested For Murder::  Herbert Bland Jr , 23

Victims::   Elisabeth Fassett, 42 (deceased);  Barbara Fassett, 65 (deceased)


170. New Castle, DE,  2012

White Female Hooks Up With Black Ex-Con

Result? White Female Found Shot To Death

Note: Black male Smith was apparently unemployed and being supported by white female.

Black Male Arrested For Murder:  Wade Smith, 24

Victim::   Ashleigh Close



171.  Tulsa, OK,  2009

Even After Being Sentenced To 30 Years For Gunning Down His White Girlfriend … Black Boyfriend Still Refuses To Tell Why He Aimed the Gun At The White Female and Murdered Her

“A friend who was in the room during the shooting told the jury he thought he heard Fleming jokingly say, “’I’m going to pop you.” The gun went off after that and Finnegan died.”

Black Male Convicted Of Murder” ::Theo Fleming, 18

White Victim:  Kaitlyn Finnegan, 18

NOTE: Black male murderer Fleming will be out when he turns 44. Kaitlyn is gone forever.



172.  Lexington, Ky,  2012

Black Male Told Repeatedly TO GET OUT – He Refused – Finally Black Male Live-In Boyfriend Guns Down White Female

“Fayette County Coroner’s Office identified the victim as 30-year-old Natalie Liles from Lexington. Neighbors say she lived in the apartment with her boyfriend, 44-year-old Gambino August. Within hours police arrested August for the murder. Neighbors say they often heard the couple arguing. “Yelling and get out, and don’t come back,” “

This appears to be a black male mooch situation. 



173.   Gaston County, N. Carolina  2011

Black Man Guns Down White Girlfriend – Shoots It Out With Police And Is Killed

Ms. white female::  Don’t you EVER tell a black man what to do, don’t you Ever defy him…or ELSE!

For an unknown reason(s), a black man, Franklin White, gunned down his white girlfriend.  He then fled. When police caught up to White, he decided to go down shooting.  White wound up dead.  Luckily the white female’s black boyfriend didn’t hurt anyone else.

White Victim:

Christina McCall, 34 (deceased)


174. New Albany, IN  2004

White Female Brutally Murdered by Black Male Acquaintance 

Details are lacking as to what kind of relationship black male Antonio Malone, 33, had with a white female who was found brutally murdered in a wooded area New Albany, IN, in 2004. Five years after the incident, Malone admitted he murdered the white female. Most likely, there was no romantic relationship between Malone and the white female. However, no one should doubt Malone used his acquaintanceship with her to strike up a conversation while she was walking back to her apartment.  This incident has all the makings of a rape “gone bad”.

Innocent white victim: Alissa Lee, 24


175.   St. Paul, MN  2012

White Female Brutally Beaten To Death – His Brain Just SNAPPED!

Murderer:  Brent Lanier Lynch, 26

Victim::  Carolyn Leete, 32



176. THORNTON, Colo.,  Mach  2010

White Female Beaten – Stabbed To Death – Then Burned – Black Boyfriend Convicted

Note: It need also be mentioned that the black male, Rodney Tucker, 25, in his effort to dispose of the white female by setting her place on fire, risked the lives of 14 other people in the condominium complex.  The white female owned the condominium unit where she allowed  Tucker to live. Not know whether black Tucker had a job. Oh, Tucker got life in prison for the murder – no parole.

Victim:  Liberty Ledezma, 22



177.   San Antonio, TX, 2012

It Didn’t Take Long In This Relationship For The White Female To Wind Up Dead

White Female Tells Black Boyfriend IT’S OVER…Black Boyfriend Retrieves A Gun And Guns Her Down

Black Boyfriend:

Langdon Joseph Keller, 20 (committed suicide)

Note: Black male Keller, employed as a $7.50 hr. security guard, claims that the white female is his wife on his facebook. The white female on her facebook page claims she’s married, but does not indicate to whom she is married to.

White Girlfriend: Katie Marie Fierro, 20 (deceased)



178. May 15, 2006 Canada

EXTREMELY Naive Young White Female Gets Into Short Term Relationship With 32-Year-old CRAZY Black Man – She Quickly Ends It – He Stalks Her – And He Stalks Her – CRAZY Black Man Finally Murders White Female With A Butcher Knife

40 attempted phone calls the night of her death!  Yeah. Another “You ain’t gettin’ away from ME white bitch!”

During a house party, where only white people were present, the crazed black ex-boyfriend, Arssei Hindessa, 32 barged in and forced the white female to another room, then:::

“”She had half her shirt torn off. She said, ‘He hit me so hard that I saw sparks.’

“She said he grabbed her by the hair, punched her three or four times in the right temple. She kept saying, ‘I can’t believe he would do this to me.'”

White Female Victim:

Natalie Novack, 20 (college student)



179.  Hartford, CT    2010

Young And Naive White Female Finally Tells  Unemployed Black Man IT’S OVER! Moves Out…

Black Male Goes Berserk – In Broad Daylight – As People Watched Black Male Stabs EX-White Girlfriend To Death

NOTE TO WHITE FEMALES: Ms.White female…AGAIN…  If you get into a relationship with a black man, you do NOT tell a black male you’re leaving him!

Black Male Murderer:

Marqz Robotham, 18  (sentenced to 25 years- he be out in 12 years with good behavior)

White Victim:   Allison Owen, 18



180.  Henrico, VA  2013

White Female BRUTALLY MURDERED By Ex-Black Boyfriend — She Had Moved Out On Him

Samantha O'Quin

Friend: “She just wanted out.”

Acquaintance: “I knew it was bad,” … “I knew she was scared of him but I never thought he would take her life.”

White female had FOUR children.  Not known if they’re MIXED race i.e. Bryant’s kids. A neighbor claims two of the four children are Bryant’s.

NOTE: Case yet to be prosecuted. Black male Blake Bryant,31,  O’Quin’s EX-black boyfriend, has been charged with her murder.

White Victim:

 Samantha O’Quin, 28

http://www.wsfx.com/story/2348p/span1/span125/pfrispan style=”font-size:x-large;”endsspan style=”color:#ff/pb0000;”-and-family-remember-murd/pbered-west-end-mom


181.  Elmira, N.Y, December 6, 2010

16-Year-Old White Female Begins Dating 32-Year-old Black Man(!) … 

Three Years Later… Young White female Said She’d Had ENOUGH — Black Ex-Boyfriend Barges Into Her Apartment And Strangles Her – Stabs Her With Scissors 

“[Black male] Arteamus Wells was convicted Thursday of second-degree murder for brutally killing Smith on Dec. 6 at her Hathorn Court apartment in Elmira. Wells choked Smith, stabbed her with a pair of scissors and strangled her with a lamp cord.”

Black Male Convicted Of Murder:  Arteamus Wells, 35 (gets 25 to life – with good behavior, black male will be out in 12 years)

White Victim:  Erin Jade Smith, 19 (pregnant – by another man)

—– ———————————————-

182. Canada  2012

Family Massacre Atrocity!

White Female Invited Black Man To Live With Her And Her Parents – Result?  Black Man Murders White Wife And Parents

A white female met a black male waiter, Shakti Ramsurrun, 28, on a cruise ship. She decided to marry him and live in his African country of Mauritius, an island off the coast of Africa ( Yeah. you are reading correctly. This pretty white female married a black male cruise ship waiter –and thought he could provide for her?!). They had a baby. However, the white female finally became annoyed at living in such impoverished conditions  -and among Africans – and demanded they both move back TO HER COUNTRY.   Unemployed, powerless, under the thumb of his white wife, the black man seems to have just snapped. He murdered his white wife (who refused to take his name), and also, just for good measure, then murdered the white female’s parents – to make it a complete family massacre.


Claude Levesque, 58,

Louise LeBoeuf, 63 (wife)

Anne-Catherine Powers, 21



Black Male Stabs Live-In Girlfriend To Death 

A black male, Anthony Raymont Ford, 27, stabbed his girlfriend to death then fled to another state. While being chased by police, Ford rolled his vehicle and was left in very critical condition. He is reported to have sustained severe burns and other life threatening injuries. 

Victim:  DeVon De La Rosa, 23



184.   Huntsville, AL, 2009

White Female WANTED OUT Of Marriage With Lazy Unemployed Black Man – Black Man Guns Her Down In Front Of Her Children … In Broad Daylight

White female was 8-weeks pregnant …with another hybrid (she already had two with him). Prosecutor charged black man with double murder. Jury convicts and judge sentences back man to death.

“She was trying to get away from him and as she was trying to get away he shot her in the back of the head, right there in front of my brother and kids,” Bole said. “I just want her side to be known.”

32-year-old  black man, Jessie Livell Phillips, angry his white wife wanted out of their marriage, plus she was pregnant with another child of Philip’s, pulled a gun and, in broad daylight and in front of white female’s brother and her children, shot the white female in her head. Black male Philip tried to justify his murder by claiming his white wife was making racial slurs. 

Victim:  Erica Droze, 23 (married to the black an, yet she would not take the black man’s name. Wonder why?)



185.  Griffith , Ind, 2011

Public Abduction – Rape- Murder

Black male puts on the ol ‘OJ Simpson puppy dog routine’…  talks white female into giving him a ride home.

A black male,  Robert Lewis III, 38, UNEMPLOYED, three kids and living with mommy, apparently conned a white female into giving him a ride home from a restaurant:: “I jus live ride down the street. Ya’ll can trust me. PLEASE!”  That sort of nonsense no doubt. The white female was discovered the following day behind an abandoned building in the all-black [crime ridden] city of Gary,Ind.. She was half naked, raped, beaten ….and dead.

White female:
Jennifer Kocsis, 37 



186.  Orlando, FL  2013

Black Male BULLY Strikes AGAIN – Murders White Girlfriend (In HER Home)

“(He) stated he would punch me or knock me out, because I said in a text that I do not want to be around him,” the injunction said.

Murdered former girlfriend in front of his 3-year-old child (white female was the mother). 

A black male (career criminal), Johnny Lashawn Shipman, 36, got into a relationship with a gullible white female. She produced a baby from him and (surprise) black male Shipman didn’t want to pay any support for the kid, nor did he want to go out and get a job. The white female was left to house him, feed and give him money. Apparently, the white female had had ENOUGH and told black male Shipman to GET OUT.  It didn’t take long after that for the white female to be found dead.


Kristi Lynne Delaney, 26

Read more: http://www.wesh.com/news/central-florida/suspect-arrested-in-killing-of-mascotte-mother/-/11788162/22839002/-/w005rp/-/index.html#ixzz2jzjLPUXM


187.  GREENLAND, Ark.   2013

Another Black Male SLAUGHTER…

An Argument, Then … Black Male Guns Down Three White People : Girlfriend, Mother And Mother’s Sister  — Girlfriend and Her Mother Die From Their Wounds – Third Victim In Critical Condition

Arrested and charged with double murder:::

Mandrake Patterson, 27

White Victims :

Hope Patterson, 34 (married a black man and got her mother killed)

Betty Desalvo, 53 (died at the scene)

Denise Fulfer (Betty’s sister, survived – in critical cond.)



188.  Aikens, S.Carolina,  2012

Blond Female Hooks Up With Lazy 

Unemployed Crazy Brain Black Male  – 

Months Of Beatings … Finally Shot To Death While She Slept

 Black male charged with double murder (also killed a police officer)::: Joshua Jones, 26

White (had a death wish?) female: Cayce Ray Vice, 21



189. Fayette County, KY  2008

Lazy, Fat & Unemployed Black Male …    Convinces Dim-Witted White Girlfriend To Let Him Murder Her Grandmother … So They Can Move Into Grandmother’s Home And Live Rent Free  


Arrested For Murder: Dominique Lewis, 26 (admitted he murdered the elderly white woman)

Heather R. McGlothen, 22 (admitted she helped plan the murder)

White Victim: Marilyn Hegge, 78


190.  Sioux Falls , S. Dakota  2012

Innocent White Female Gunned Down By Black Man Trying To Kill His Girlfriend – Who Had Just Filed A Restraining Order Against Him And Kicked Him Out Of The House

Note: Racial identity of female who hooked up with this violent, crazy brain, Tyrone Leeon Smith, 38, is not given.

Black male murderer (committed suicide):Tyrone Leeon Smith, 38

Innocent White Female: Amanda Connors, 24 (got involved in a black male revenge – and got herself killed)



191.  Amarillo, TX  2009

After Years Of Beatings And Terrorizing …

White Female Tells Black Male She’s Leaving Him – Black Male Tells Her He’ll Kill Her If She Does - White Female FLEES To Her Best Friend’s Home -- Black Boyfriend Barges Into Home And Guns Down His Girlfriend’s Best Friend & Her Boyfriend – Gun Jams When He Aims It At White Girlfriend

Black Male Murderer:  Wilbert Banks, 29 (pleaded guilty and got life in prison)

Victims Of White Female’s Black Boyfriend:

* Stephanie Beard, 24 (deceased )
* Daniel Britten, 24 (deceased)

*  Natasha Coil – fled black boyfriend — escaped without a scratch



192.  Colorado Springs, CO  1991

White Female Hooks Up With Black Male – Black Male’s Friend Murders White Female In Rape Attempt (Black Male Gets 3 Years For Murder)

A very naive white female hooked with a black male – apparently they were living together.  She wanted to go to a  ‘white’  bar and drink with  ‘her people’  but her black boyfriend didn’t want to go. Then, a miracle occurred.  Another black male, Anthony Phillips, a friend of her black boyfriend, offered to be a Good Samaritan and give the white female a ride to her bar.  The white female got into the black male’s car …and never made it to the bar (yeah, surprise).  She was  found  four months later dead in a ditch, badly bruised, beaten and  naked from the waste down.

Note: Black male Phillips claimed to police that is was (get this) the white female who demanded to have sex with him, but good ol Anthony, well, he respected his black buddy too much to do such a thing. Then Phillips claimed the white female got violent (because he refused to have sex with her) and she hit him, so he hit her back…and knocked her into a ditch.  Either she died from the blow or from the fall into the ditch. Phillips pleaded guilty to manslaughter and got only 3 years. He served only a year-in a half.

White Victim:  Lorraine Laribo, 24 

Oh, I forgot to mention.  Black male Phillips was Lorraine’s sister’s (Robin Bragg), boyfriend.



193.  Dakota County,  MN, Sept.  2013

Police Still Trying To Piece This One Together…

Black Man Hooks Up With Naive White Female (Below)

He Dumps Her For Another Naive  – And Unattractive – White Female ( She had A Home The Unemployed Black Man Could Squat In)  

Former White Girlfriend Winds Up Dead … And Police Know Exactly Who Done It

An unemployed black male,  Anthony Lee Nelson, 31 ,  was looking for a white female to mooch off of – feed him and house him.   You see, black male Nelson,  since he had a long, long criminal rap sheet, was basically unemployable.  Nelson  first selected a 20-year-old white female, but since she was a college student, she obviously couldn’t afford to house him and feed him.  So Nelson  – the mooch – went after another white female, a painfully unattractive one, Ashley Conrad, 24, apparently because she had all the things he needed — a home, a car and a stocked refrigerator.  Note:: Black male career criminal Nelson is currently (Nov. 2013) booked for 2nd degree murder in the shooting death of another black man…who tried to make a move on his [white female] meal ticket.  As for the death of the white female (found shot in the head and dumped in a ditch), police are still building their case – but they know exactly who murdered her.

Black Male Career Criminal: Anthony Lee Nelson, 31

White Female Victim:  Anarae Schunk, 20 (10 years! younger than her black man ex-boyfriend – she pays with her LIFE  for her stupidity)




194. Covert, MI   1998

White Female Confronts Cheating Black Boyfriend In Public Bar – Black Boyfriend Along With His  ‘New’  Black Girlfriend Drags White Female Outside- They Beat Her, Encouraged Other Blacks To GANG RAPE HER, Head-Stomp Her, Kick Her “While Dozens” Of Blacks Look On  (None Offer Her Help – It was A Black Bar)

Deborah BoothbyWhite Female Is Kidnapped & Taken To Secluded Area By Former Black Boyfriend, She is Beat Some More Until She’s Unconscious – She’s Then Run Over Twice To Make Darn Sure She’s Dead.

Blacks convicted of 1st degree murder (age of perps at time of incident):                                Ivory Shaver, 37 – (life in Prison – no parole)
Ed Foster, 29 (life in prison – no parole)
Scottie Shaver, 25 (life in prison – no parole)
Shevolier Gill, 21 (life in prison- no parole)
Adrienne Burnette, 26 (one who ran over the white female with her car – 8 -20 years)



195.  ANDERSON, S.C.   2011

Another White Female Dead (Strangled To Death  While Pregnant) – Another Grieving Family – Another Black Male Sent To Prison To Be Provided For By The White Tax Base

One VERY determined black man in his desire to murder his  former white girlfriend – kicked her door down!  NOTE: Black male Keith Rucker got 47 years for the double murder.



196. Colorado Springs, Co 1973

Black Male Teen, Lazy, Unemployed, Penniless,  Takes Dim-Witted White Girlfriend With Him To Murder Elderly Hispanic Couple

Black Male Get’s Life – White Girlfriend 10 Years (for watching BRUTAL murder go down)

A black male, Lawrence Todd, AWOL from the Army, hooked up with a white female, Vicki Locklin (both 19).  The black male, rather than going out and getting a job,  decided it was much quicker to get  money by murdering someone, then taking his money. The black male selected an elderly couple that he knew could never fight back.  While the white female stood and watched …  her black boyfriend beat, strangled, stomped on, and knifed repeatedly .. an 80-year-old man until he was dead.  The elderly man’s 78-year-old wife was next. She got the same treatment, however, and miraculously, she was able to survive.  and provide a description to police detectives. Total take in this black male mastermind crime caper? $32.00. 

Why do black males like to take white girlfriends with them when they do a crime spree? And why do the females go with them?



197.  St. Paul ,  MN  October 17, 2011

White Female Tells Unemployed Black Man “IT’S OVER – GET OUT! – Black Man  Strangles Her To Death 

A black male, Corey Dean Thomas, 31, an alcoholic, was befriended by a white female (a recovering alcoholic) and apparently Thomas put on the ol’  O.J. Simpson puppy dog routine.  Te white female fell for it. She then allowed the black man to move into her home. Result>  When the white female wanted to end the relationship…black male Thomas murdered her. UPDATE: Thomas gets 34 years.  He’ll be eligible for parole in about 17 years – before he hits 50.

 “Corey Dean Thomas has four previous felonies on his record including a savage attack on a woman with a box cutter in 2009.”  Ya think the white female knew about his violent criminal history?  I seriously doubt it.

White Victim:  Megan Neely. 27



198.  St. Paul. MN  March 23, 2007

White Female Hooks Up With Drug-Dealing Black Male- White Female & Her 14-Year-Old Daughter Get Shot To Death by Black Boyfriend’s Drug Acquaintances 

Unemployed black male drug-dealer, Otahl Saunders, 31, let his two black “buddies” , both with long and violent criminal histories, into the white female’s home to do a drug deal.  Instead, hoping to find drugs and money on the premises, the two blacks brutally gunned down three people. Note: The white female was the homeowner and allowed the unemployed black boyfriend to move in and deal drugs from her place.

UPDATE: Both black murderers sentenced to life in prison. Yeah, no big surprise there.

White Victims: Maria McLay, 32 (got herself & her daughter killed by getting into relationship with black man)

Brittany Kekedakis, 14 (innocent victim of mother’s drug-dealin’ black boyfriend)



199.  Dallas, TX  2013

After Years Terrorizing White Wife (Including Attempted Murder By Strangulation) … White Wife decides To Get Protective Order – Black Estranged Husband Stalks Her Then Guns Her Down At Her Place Of Work

“Just before she was murdered Tuesday night, Karen Cox Smith learned Dallas police were about to arrest the man who had terrorized her for decades, repeatedly threatened to kill her and nearly choked her to death last month.”

Black Male Murderer:: Ferdinand Glen Smith,41

White Victim::  Karen Smith, 40  (19 years of marriage — most of them beatings and extreem terror and even attempted k murder)



200.  Grand Prairie, Texas ,  2013 

White Female Invites Black Male Into HER Home … With Her 14-Year-Old daughter -RESULT?  Double-Homicide  

A white female did a VERY dumb thing: she allowed a black male, Kirkland Reed, 45, with along criminal history, to move into her home with her 14-year-old daughter.  Friends describe the relationship as very “tumultuous”.  Apparently the black man had no money and no home – a mooch.  This looks like another “GET OUT!” order from the white female..and the black man , well, as he’s done so, so many times… he gonna teach that white bitch a lesson. i.e. you DON’T tell a black male mooch to GET OUT.

White Victims: Jennifer Krieger, 44 , Kelsie Krieger, 14 (innocent victim of mother’s black boyfriend)



201.  Phoenix, AZ,  May  2011

Black Male With “Long Rap Sheet For Domestic Violence” … Beats White Girlfriend TO Death

Before black male Paul Hamilton, 38, beat the white female to death, he actually ripped her nipple of with his teeth. Hamilton was caught when his jalopy truck broke down while he was driving around figuring where to dispose of the body.

UPDATE:: Black man sentenced to life in prison – i.e. white tax base must feed him, house him, clothe him and provide forp his medical needs for as long as he’s alive…just because this white female got into a relationship with a him.

“Hamilton has several prior convictions for domestic violence, including one in which the victim had bruising all over her face and body, as well as a bite mark on her stomach.”  Doubt the white female knew about his.

White Female:Stephanie Joyce, 46



202.  Butte County, CA  2013

Black Man BRUTALLY Beats Pregnant White Girlfriend to Death – Then Insists He’s INSANE – TOO Insane To Be Tried For The Double Murder

“There was also a large open wound on the back of Tucker’s head. A doctor was able to place two fingers in the wound and said he could feel the fractured skull.”

A lazy, unemployed black man, Olabaku Jones, 43, who clearly had mental issues, squatted in the one bedroom apartment of a white female.  He used her as a meal-ticked and also impregnated her. For unknown reason, black male Jones beat her to death. His attorney then pleaded with the judge to declare his client too insane to stand trial. QUESTION: What on earth possessed this white female to get hooked up with such a lazy loser of a black man? Those who deliberately tempt fate…

Vitim: Abby Tucker, 33



203. Augusta, Maine  2013

Young White Female Moves In With Middle-Aged Black Man – She Then Tells Him She’s Leaving Him -RESULT? Young White Female Is Brutally Attacked – Stabbed Multiple Times – She Dies At The Scene

A naive 22-year-old white female, who had a history of hanging out with black males, fell for the “I’m just a harmless as a puppy dog” routine by middle-aged black male, Justin Pillsbury,38,  … and agreed to move into his apartment (not known if the black man was employed). When the white female came to her senses…and told black male Pillsbury she was moving out, Pillsbury attacked her with a knife and murdered her.  Pillsbury then put superficial cuts on himself in an attempt to add credence to his self-defense story he was going to tell police.  Police didn’t fall for it.



204.    Charleston, W. Virginia  2012

Black Man With History Of Beating White Girlfriend WARNS her Not To Call Police & Also WARNS Her Against Leaving Him – When White Female Does Try To Leave …Black Man Rapes Her, Sodomizes Her…Then Beats Her To Death

“Prosecutor Julia Bowen … told the judge when arguing  for  the  maximum  sentence  of  20 years that Agnew “battered” the  victim’s  face “beyond recognition” and broke her neck.”

Black male Agnew also raped and sodomized the white female before murdering her.  However, black male Agnew claimed that that was all consensual.  Yeah, sure… White female needed one last sodomizing before she left the black man. LINK

UPDATE:  Black male murderer, Arthur Agnew, 44, was sentenced to a mere 15 years for the brutal murder of the white female.  He’ll be eligible for parole in about 9 to 11 years.

White Victim:  Teresa Wilson, 48

Note: Can’t positively ID the white female’s photo. However, did confirm victim is white.  Victim’s sister is Tonia Thomas, team coordinator for the West Virginia Coalition against Domestic Violence. LINK

Tonia Thomas quote:: “I saw this relationship that my sister was in—was so scary,” Thomas told MetroNews. “He had such a hold on her. It was such a struggle for her to try and get away from him even with a sister who does this work.”


205.  Philadelphia, PA   2012

Black Male MOOCH Murder 

31-Year-Old White Female Allows 21-Year-Old Black Male To Move Into HER Apartment –When It Becomes Clear Black Male Won’t (Can’t?) Pay Any  Of  The  Bills … White Female Tells Him ‘IT’S OVER’ … Demands Black Male Move Out Of  HER Apartment  – Black ex-Boyfriend Returns With A Gun And Shoots White Female In The Face – Then Retrieves A Knife And Stabs her 17 Times

WARNING TO WHITE FEMALES:  You don’t order a black male MOOCH to move out  White female! … You’re STUCK with him!

Black Male Convicted Of Murder: Brandon Timmons, 22 (at time of murder – sentenced to 25 to 50 years in state prison)

White Victim: Valerie Marie Angeline, 31



206.  Harrisburg, PA   2013

Black Male Told To GET OUT – He Comes Back And Strangles Former White Girlfriend To Death

Black Male Arrested For Murder:James Earl Greer, Jr, 27

White female Victim: Heather Marie Bechtel, 32



207.   Peoria, IL   2012

Black Man Finally Did It… Pumps Three Gun Shots Into White Female Live-in Girlfriend

A black male,  Carlos Hightower. 31, for unknown reason(s) , simply decided to gun down his white girlfriend – had two hybrid kids with her.

White Victim: Shauna Parks , 30



208.  Richmond, N. Carolina  2012

White Female Gets New Lazy, Unemployed Black Boyfriend – She Allows Him To Move Into Her Apartment …With Her 4-Year-Old Daughter – Black Male Is Left Alone With 4-Year-old And ATTACKS Her And Beats Her To Death (No I’m NOT Kidding)

Black Man Arrested For Murdering A Helpless Child:                                                                    Julius Juan Lilly, 39

White Female Who Allowed Her 4-Year-Old Alone With Black Man:                                       Monica Rae Eddins

Innocent Child Victim Of Mother’s Black Boyfriend:                                                            Reba Lynn Marie Ryan, 4

NOTE: I got a sick feeling here…this could be sexual related and the little girl fought back.


209.  Redondo Beach, CA  2012

It Didn’t Take Long In This One…Black Male Slaughters Girlfriend & Her Mother

Arrested For Double Murders:  Jonathan Chacon, 23 (sports a Grim Reaper Tattoo)

White Victims:  Courtney Bergman, 19 , Vicki Bergman, 59  (innocent victim of daughters stupidly pick for a boyfriend)

Note: Black male Chacon has pleaded not guilty — case yet to go to trial.



210.  Detroit, MI  2009

  White Female Hooks Up With Mentally Unstable Black Man – RESULT?  Black Man Guns Her Down When She Tells Him She Wants OUT Of Crazy Marriage


Black male, Ed Williams,36,  pursued the white female until he found her.  The black male then shot the white female – his wife – at pointblank range, then turned his gun on himself.

White Female: Patricia (Katie) Williams




Baltimore, MD  2013

32-Year-old Black Man Finds 18-Year-Old DimWit White Female … And Immediately Marries Her – Then Turns Her Into Full-Time Whore

A black male, Lamin Manneh, 32, believed he’d figured out a perfect scheme to make lots of additional money – black male Manneh already worked for the white tax base as a police officer( city of Baltimore). Black male Manneh, who isn’t very bright, was able to find a white female teenager even dumber than him.  He immediately asked her to marry him.  She not only agreed to marry the black man but also agreed to sign a slave contract — anything black male Manneh ordered her to do, the white female agreed to do it. So he ordered her to be a whore (300 clients in THREE months!).  Dopey Manneh advertised his dimwit whore on CraigsList.

Dimwit white female:  Marissa  Manneh, 19





Black Male Acquaintance Murder  – Rape (?) – Of Young & Naive White Female

Black Male Uses Ruse To Get Into White Female’s Home – Black Male Attempts (Surprise) To Rape White Female – White Female Fights Back – Black Man Strangles White Female To Death

A black male, DARYL ANTHONY PRIESTLEY, 20, became obsessed with a white female -he wanted sex.  He played the nice , harmless black kid i.e. “Ya’ll can trust me.  I’m jus like a little puppy dog.” He was biding his time. Somehow,  black male Priestley was able to worm his way into the female’s home while she was entertaining company. While he was there, Preistely cooked up a ruse to get back into the the white female’s home later that night —  Priestley hid his cell phone under the sofa cushion before he left.  Preistley  then came back late that night to ask the white female if he could come in and look for his phone. UNFORTUNATELY , the white female fell for the black man’s rape ruse. Police found her beaten and strangled to death. Note: Most likely there was a rape and Preistley used a rubber. His SOLE INTENT WAS TO RAPE THE WHITE FEMALE. Highly unlikely the black male was going to pass up that opportunity.

White Victim: Brandie Danielle Davis, 19



213. Long Beach, Miss   2014

Black Male Acquaintance Murder

Newlywed White Female Strikes Up Conversation With Black Male – Two Hours Later White Female Is Dead

Note: Case yet to be prosecuted. Police are keeping details sealed regarding this brutal and senseless black male murder.  I suspect motive was rape.

Black Male Arrested For Murder: Antoine King, 33 (arrested while driving dead white female’s car)

White Victim: Regina Riley-Paul, 20 



214.  West Hartford, CT  2011

White Female Tried To Correct BIG Mistake - After Black Ex-Boyfriend Beats Her She Tells Him IT’S OVER! LEAVE ME ALONE! – Black Male Comes Over To White Female’s Home In The Middle Of The Night And Murders Her

Note: Black Male first tried to lure the white female into his car promising to take her on an all-expense paid vacation.  White female, however, knew darn well what the black male had in store for her if she went:: taken to a secluded place, raped, tortured, humiliation, then murder.  So white female told the black male no vacation with him and to leave her alone. When the white female found the black man in her home, she tried to defend herself with a knife, to no avail.

Convicted &r/Sentenced To Death: David Grant, 27

White Victim: Suzete Berrincha, 22




Oklahoma City, OK   2013

She Tried To Get Away – He Said No F*ckin’ Way… Stalks Her…

Black Male With LONG, LONG List Of Domestic Violence Charges (Including Protection Order), Kidnaps White EX-Girlfriend – Beats Her -Tortures Her – Strangles Her Into Unconsciousness 

White Female Miraculously Survives

“On September 26, Coleman says she was driving near 15th and Air Depot in Midwest City when her ex-boyfriend ambushed her. Court documents say Anderson used a taser all over Coleman’s body, tried to choke her out, pummeled her with his fists and bit her.”

Black Male arrested For Kidnapping/Attempted Murder:  Donnie Anderson

Victim: Grace Coleman




Wilson, N. Carolina  2014

DEVELOPING>>> White Female Had Black Baby – Father Of Black Baby Brutally Murders White Female

Note: Case yet to be prosecuted.  White female’s hybrid child is described as “newborn”…so the white female knew the black man for about a year.  Could be a demand for child support. Lots of these cases represented here.

Black Male Arrested For Murder: Eric Devon Hooker, 28

Victim: Courtney Caitlyn Rea, 22




Hendricks County, IN  2013

Unemployed Black Man Cannot Support Hybrid Child With White Female – He Squats In Her Home…Then Guns Her Down

Details are lacking in this despicable black male crime. Police arrived at the white female’s residence and found her with a gun shot wound to the head.  She died at the scene.  Black male “boyfriend” , Antonio Miles, 20, was arrested and charged with her murder.

White Victim: Trinity Ann Johnson, 19



217.  Olar, S. Carolina   2010

After Weeks & Weeks Of Every Day Sexual Pursuit & Harassment Of White Female – White Female Tells Crazy Brain Black Male She’s Filing Restraining Order With The Police – Black Male Comes Back And Guns Her Down

Crazy Brain Black Man Convicted Of Murder: Michael Daniels, Jr.19

Note: NOTHING the innocent white female could have done to save herself in this one. It was a crazy brain black man. She wanted nothing to do with him…so he murdered her.

White Victim: Alicia Dyches, 19



 218.  FAIRBANKS, Alaska   2012

White Female Made A BIG MISTAKE – She Allowed A Lazy & Unemployed Black Man To Move In With Her (Her Black Man Couldn’t Even Afford Apartment Deposit) –  When White Female Tells MOOCHING Black Man IT’S  OVER … And Demands He Move Out …. Black Man BEATS Then Strangles White Female To Death

Black Man Convicted Of Murdering Estranged White Girlfriend:  Nyrobbie Chandle, 36  (Got 70 years at white tax base expense)

White Victim:  Kaylynn Bishop, 31  ((Black man put on the OJ Simpson puppy dog routine…and she fell for it)


219.  Merchantville, NJ  2013

Unemployed & Penniless Black Male Furious Over White EX-Girlfriend Throwing Him Out  Of Her Home-  Breaks Into White Female’s Home Then Stabs White Girlfriend’s Mother To Death – White Girlfriend Is Also Stabbed Multiple Times  – She SURVIVES

Gilberto Villanueva, 26, didn’t like to work. So he figured an easy way to avoid finding work was to hook up with a gullible white female and make her house him and feed him – yeah, another black male MOOCH.

White female’s NEED to be warned…you do not tell a black male MOOCH to GET OUT. Killing you – and family members – is no big deal.

White Victims:                                                                 * Suzanne DuRocher, 50 (mother – deceased)  Kristen DuRocher, 22 (brought the black man into a white household and got her mother killed) .


220.  Catawba County, N. Carolina, 2012

Burned Beyond Recognition… Black Male Acquaintance Murder

Black Male Comes Over To White Female’s Home In Middle Of Night – Apparently DEMANDING SEX – White Female Refuses Dopey Looking Black Man’s Advances – Black Male Beats White Female —  Rapes(?) White Female – Murders White Female — Burns White Female

Note: No way of knowing if white female was alive when she was set on fire.  Also, Police cannot pin rape on black male since she was burned beyond recognition. However, when a black male burns a white female…it is almost very time an attempt to cover up a rape.


Black Male Arrested – convicted – of murder:  Jermaine Wilkes, 32

White Female Victim: Brianne Mary Ginty, 22


221.  Albuquerque, NM  August 2003

Black Male BULLY Strikes Again – Unemployed Black Male Is Told By Ex-White Girlfriend TO LEAVE HER ALONE – IT’S OVER– Black Male BULLY Waits For White Female After Work And Knifes Her Repeatedly – Left For Dead  

Black male, Phillip Williams, 42, unemployed and apparently losing his meal ticket, was told by his white girlfriend that she didn’t want to see him anymore (not known if mooch Williams was living rent free at the white female’s home).  Well, you just don’t tell a black male MOOCH that “it’s over”.  Williams waited for his ex-white girlfriend to leave work.  It was going to be an easy murder, as the white female got off work at 3 a.m. When the shuttle bus dropped off the white female, Williams raced over to her and then began stabbing away.  She never had a chance in this black male ambush. Williams then fled the state.  He was eventually found four years later in Philadelphia — homeless, broke, unemployed and living in a homeless shelter.


Josephine Chacon, 33 (mother of two – unknown race of children)



222.  Lauderdale County, Florida  1998

Black Male Acquaintance Murder – White Female Allowed The Black Male In Her Car - Just A Ride To A Friend’s House, He Said

- – RESULT?  It Was A RAPE Ruse – White Female Was Found  Sexually Violated &  MURDERED 

 Black Male Convicted Of Murder: Corey Johnson

Victim: Shelaine Maxwell, 18 



223 .  Jacksonville,  FL  2013

Black Male  Temperament… Black Man Guns Down Estranged White Wife Inside Crowded Restaurant

“The suspect followed her to the door, at which time he fired at her,” Butler said. “He shot her five times, killing her there.”


As in so, so many of these types of murders involving black males and their white wives, the black man’s obsession to kill the white female supersedes everything else.  Prison cell is no deterrent.

Black Male Arrested For Murder: Sheridan Landell Veney Sr, 44

White Victim: Lisa Marie Veney, 42


224.  Greensville, S.Carolina  2013

White Female Allows Black Man To “Temporarily” Live In Her Home – RESULT? When Black Male Squatter Is Ordered OUT… 

Misty Michelle JohnsonWhite Female Is Kidnapped – RAPED & MURDERED

Black Male: Samuel Hawkins Jr. 32

White Female: Misty Johnson, 39



225.  Burlington, Iowa  2012

White Wife DARED To Argue With Her Black Man – RESULT?  

Black Man Retrieves A Gun …And Guns Her Down

Black Man: Chico Newman, 38

White Female: Crystal Newman, 32

Note: Black male Newman tried telling police that his white wife shot herself. Police didn’t buy it; nor did the prosecutor buy it; and neither did the jury (mostly likely an all-white jury). Black man got life in prison.



225.   England

                       HOLY COW!!

Dingy White Female – Unattractive – Hunts For A Black Man  IN THE PRISON SYSTEM… Well, Guess What? SHE FOUND ONE … AND IMMEDIATELY MARRIED HIM WHEN HE WAS RELEASED (No, I’m Not Kidding)

9 Months Later … Black Male Goes Into Kill Mode  – Black Male Ordered White female To SHUT UP – She Refused -RESULT? White Female (Pregnant) Knifed To Death

8-year-old daughter of white female testified::

I told them to stop it. My mum stopped it but Simon kept shouting at her and started again. He got fed up with it. Then he really went mad and was shouting at her, strangling her and hitting her. 

‘He threw a glass at the television then he threatened my mum not to move. He got a small knife and said “if you move this is going to go straight through your body”.’

Jurors previously heard how the girl frantically called 999 three times saying her ‘mummy’ had been stabbed.

Police found Tracey slumped naked on the sofa with a towel covering her for ‘modesty’s sake’.


226.  Bibb County,   GA  Jan.  2013

 Dingy White Female Pays The Price For Quick Marriage To Unemployed Ex-Con Violent Black Man – Less Than Three Weeks  After  Marriage … Black Man Abducts White Wife…Takes Her To Secluded Area… Robs Her Of Her Belongings …Then Guns Her Down. 

Hoskins proudly boasts:: I done killed my wife…

Dead White Female’s Sister:: “The day I met him in the hospital, he stood in the hall and he would rock back and forth,? Williams recalled. ?I thought, ?This person is going to hurt my sister.? I had that gut feeling.”

Black Man Ex-Con Murderer: Marcus Donnell Hoskins, 46

White Female: Danielle Kelly Thompson

It looks pretty clear cut to me the black man planned the white female’s murder from the the very time he was convinced she was a dingy broad.


227.  Richmond, VA  1994


Crazy Brain Black Man Murders White Wife – Murders Wife’s Sister – Murders Wife’s Sister’s Boyfriend – Shots Another White Female In The Face

White Wife:                                                                                                                                            Jean Whittaker Wofffin (employed – supported unemployed black husband – seeking divorce from unemployed crazy brain black husband)

Innocent Victims Of White Female’s Black Husband:                                                                     Susan Hall (wife’s sister)                                                                                                         Frank Gabbin



228.   Delaware County, PA  2013

White Female Hooks Up With Black Man – RESULT? Black Man Takes White Female On One  Of  His “Lics” …Where She Murders A White Male Clerk – Prosecutor Considers Death Penalty

NOTE: Case yet to be prosecuted, though the white female’s guilt is beyond any doubt. She will likely get life in prison. Also, her boyfriend appears to be Tariq Mahmud.



229. College Station, TX  2010

Black Male Acquaintance Murder – White Female Made BIG Mistake…And Showed Pity To A Homeless Black Man (She Gave Him Money) — Homeless Black Male Chases White Female Around Asking Then Demanding She Allow Him To Move Into Her Apartment – Shows Up At Her Apartment and Barges In…

Black Male Convicted Of Murder:                                                                                                     Stanley Lamar Griffin, 45

Innocent White Single Mother:                                                                                                          * Jennifer Marie Hailey, 29 (beaten, knifed to death in front of her son)          * Jason Hailey, 9-years-old, beaten, stabbed in the neck, survived after undergoing surgery



230. El Paso, TX  2014


WOW!! Dingy White Female Marries Black Man – She Has Hybrid Child – Black Male Then Goes Into Beating Mode … Time & Time Again Beating On Hybrid Child … While Dingy White Female Watches The Brutal Attacks – FINALLY –  Black Male Temperament Results In Brutal Beating  Murder Of Defenseless  2-Year-Old Hybrid

Dingy White Female Also Arrested For Watching Beating

Note: Case yet to be prosecuted.  Dingy white female will probably claim that she too was beat into submission by the black BULLY …and that she was just too scared to call the police on her totally crazy brain black husband.  I believe that will be her defense. But I also believe it won’t work. Look for at least 10 years sentence for dingy white female.  If she hadn’t hooked up with a black man, well, you know…




White Female Marries Black Man And Has Black Child – Black Child Grows Into Violent Teen Constantly Beating On Mother – Black Child Wants Momma DEAD So She Can Get Momma’s Money …But Needs To Find A Black Male To Murder Her – Without Much Effort … She Found One

The white female took the two blacks on an all-expense paid vacation to Bali. No question the two planned to murder the white female. However,  the two dopes forgot to plan on what to do with the dead body  after they murdered the white female. They also forgot to get their passports…which the the white female had locked in a safe. 




Burlington, Iowa  2012

White Wife DARED To Argue With Her Black Man – RESULT?  

Black Man Retrieves A Gun … And Guns Her Down

Black Man: Chico Newman, 38

White Female: Crystal Newman, 32

Note: Black male Newman tried telling police that his white wife shot herself. Police didn’t buy it; nor did the prosecutor buy it; and neither did the jury (mostly likely an all-white jury). Black man got life in prison.



233.  Berkeley County, S.Carolina, Oct.  2013

White Female Allows Black Boyfriend To Move In … With Her & Her 8-Year-old Daughter — RESULT?  Black Male Murders Both 

A black male, 22-year-old Jacob Philip, got into a relationship with a gullible white female, who also had an 8-year-old daughter. It didn’t take long for the black man to murder his white girlfriend AND the 8-year-old. NOTE: I have a sickening feeling here…that the black male went after the 8-year-old and was caught. So he murdered both. What other reason could it be to murder both?

>>>Black male Philip was employed by the white tax base –in the US Navy.  His rank is third lowest possible: Petty Officer 3rd class. His pay…only 12-thousand a year. So who paid the rent and the bills? Guess who…

White Victims :: Katherine Kaney, 26 (naivety that cost her LIFE…and her daughter’s life)

Riley Burdick, 8 (murdered by black live-in boyfriend –no question in my mind black live-in boyfriend sexually assaulted the 8-year-old)


234.  Jacksonville, FL  2014


Inhumane Cruelty !!

Dingy White Female Meets Unemployed Black Male…Then – INCREDIBLY – Allows The Unemployed Black Man To Baby Sit Her 22-Month Old Daughter While She Goes To Work – RESULT? 

Yeah, You Guessed It – The Baby Girl Is Now DEAD 

Black male Arrested For Murder: Todd Howell , 24

Note: The white female who was stupid enough to allow a black male to supervise a white female child …should also do some serious jail time here. How incredible DUMB can someone be?!



Continuing to build this site (lots more to come …


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Martin L. King In Memphis (1968) – What Was He REALLY Doing There?

Martin Luther King

<<<<  MEET THE   BLACK BULLIES <<< White liberals  – socialists – invented a never before used appellation for them: ‘civil rights’ leaders




Law-Abiding White People vs. The Black BULLIES 

White People::  “The Negro race is suppose to be separate and a self-reliant people. There is no constitutional right to integration. What is wrong with building your own towns, cities, industries and tax base and residential housing? –White people did it.  Or colonize a place in America if you insist White people are your brutal oppressor.”

The Black BULLIES:: “No we ain’t gonna do none of that. I mean build nothin’!   Everything you white people build, that’s ours too.  And we ain’t going anywhere neither.  Where you go …we go!  You also gonna SUBMIT to race-nullification and gift us double standards, preferences and set-asides.”

White people:: “Every distinct people must achieve self-reliance. Every people have done it, except the black race in America.  Why, Mr. American Black man,  should YOU – the Negro people- be the only example in human history where that human requirement doesn’t apply?”

Black BULLIES::  “Yeah, well White people don’t tell us NOTHING!  We tell you.  When we want somthin’ you give it to us.  If we ain’t got it, well, you damn well better get it for us.”


In late March of 1968 Martin Luther King arrived in Memphis to support the city’s sanitation workers in their demand for higher pay. His presence has often been hailed – by King’s admirers – as yet another example of King’s unyielding commitment to people’s (his people’s) pursuit of equality and civil rights.  Well, for those who believe King’s presence in Memphis was about “civil rights” or “equal rights,” both contentions are woefully inaccurate. He certainly had an agenda, and it did include higher wages for the city’s garbage men. But King’s real agenda was far more self-serving. That is, he had unexpectedly been given the opportunity to launch a new career. This was his main concern. However, before we get to this ‘new’ career opportunity for King, let’s first break down the issues concerning the striking sanitation workers.

To begin here, let’s address – and dispel – the notion that the strike by the sanitation workers in Memphis was about civil rights and/or equal rights. Since blacks were not seeking integration into a white male group, then civil rights cannot be an issue here (i.e. civil rights at this time concerned the desire – by blacks – to achieve compulsory integration). Blacks were the overwhelming majority of the sanitation workers in Memphis, and they weren‘t complaining about that fact. As for the ‘equal rights’ assertion, it is impossible to nail down just what this can actually refer to. Memphis sanitation workers were being paid more than the federal minimum wage. But that’s not to say that their pay wasn’t low. They were paid only $1.80 per hour (the federal minimum wage was $1.60). However, one has to be aware that sanitation workers were at the bottom of the pay scale, and for good reason. Their job requires no skill and no educational requirements. The ones who do this work likely cannot qualify for any other job – public or private. The most these strikers could have hoped for through this strike would have been maybe a 5% to 10% pay raise. The sanitation workers’ union, though, was demanding a whopping 30% wage increase.

There was also an issue raised about unsafe working conditions for the garbage men. This issue came about because two black males were killed on the job a few weeks prior to the strike. However, a closer examination of this incident shows that the fault should fall directly on the two workers. When it rained or became cold, it was common practice among the city sanitation workers for the two workers on the back of the truck to sit inside the hopper. Naturally, this is an extremely dangerous thing to do. If the compactor would somehow engage while they were in the hopper, they would literally be chewed to pieces. On a cold and rainy day in January, two black sanitation workers were riding inside the hopper, when… Well, you know.

As for the mayor, he believed the garbage collectors , like the police and firemen , could not legally strike; and he was not going to give them a pass on that.  Which brings us to another aspect to this strike that could not possibly have escaped the mayor’s reasoning, or the city council ( 3 of the 9 council members were black). Since the sanitation workers were at the bottom of the pay scale, if they were to get a raise then whatever pay raise they received that same percent pay raise would be expected by every other city department. In other words, everyone working for the city from the bottom up, would also be expecting a pay raise.

These were the public issues. The real crux of the strike – that is if one cares to read between the lines – concerned the sanitation worker’s union, American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME, which was run entirely by blacks), and its desire to get the mayor and the city council to agree to a checkoff provision attached to the sanitation workers’ contract (a checkoff would allow for automatic payroll deductions made directly to the union). Evidently, the sanitation workers, for a variety of predictable reasons, were constantly in arrears with regard to their union dues. A checkoff would eliminate this problem for the black union; and it would also mean official recognition of the union from the city. However, the mayor and the city council were opposed to this checkoff provision (not the union itself).

In other words, the sanitation strike was not about gaining collective bargaining rights. The garbage men ALREADY had those rights. It was solely about the black union wanting a guaranteed payday from the city -through a checkoff provision- rather than having to collect those union dues themselves from the workers.

By March, and more than two weeks on strike, the sanitation workers (and the union) still had made no progress on their wage demands. The support for the strikers had grown at this point to include the NAACP and all the black ministers in the area.

For the blacks, apparently any issue now where whites appear on one side and blacks were on the other , and the white guys weren’t knuckling under to the blacks’ demands, it then had a tinge of suspect racism attached to it. And if the specter of racism wasn’t there, blacks were more than willing to invent it. When a black march through Memphis’ business district on February 23rd was beginning to descend into yet another black male looting and burning episode (Memphis had endured a black male looting and burning less than a year earlier), the police interceded immediately and maced the marchers.  Evidently some of those maced were black ministers, who seized this opportunity to imply racism on the part of the police by telling the media that they believed it was a deliberate attack on them because they were black. Since the late 50s, urban blacks had won virtually every issue where they employed the tactic of marches, usually led by black ministers. But these marches were ostensibly for denied rights. Black ministers and the NAACP organizing and leading blacks in marches because black sanitation workers wanted higher wages … and their union demanding a checkoff provision , obviously is a horse of a completely different color. Workers do not have a legal right to have a higher wage simply because they demand it; nor does a union have a right to a checkoff provision because they demand it. Blacks it seems had gotten used to winning through the use of bully marches; and, apparently, they weren’t going to settle for anything but winning here. The black strike leadres (the NAACP, black ministers and black union representatives) sent black children into the streets – telling them to skip school – to support the strike and saw no problem with it. They created an illusionary racism issue by implying that working conditions were unsafe because the sanitation workers were mostly black ; and by implying that police maced the crowd, including ministers, because they were black (what white minister[s] ever marched for higher wages for white workers?). They led marches (with almost entirely black participants) down the streets of Memphis’ business district. The black strike leaders even urged blacks to boycott white-owned city businesses, even though these businesses had nothing to do with the strike.

However, even with these bully tactics the mayor and the city council were not caving in. Black ministers and the NAACP clearly saw they were losing and they were getting desperate. They still had one final card to play: Martin Luther King.

On March 3rd, the pastor of Centenary Methodist Church, James Lawson, who was not only a longtime acquaintance of Martin Luther King but was also chairman of the strike committee, pleaded to King to come and help “the cause” of the strikers. King agreed and made arrangements to come in mid-March.

As part of a last ditch effort by the mayor to resolve the strike, on March 16th (the strike began on February 11th) he offered the union a compromise, suggesting the voters should approve official recognition of the union (and by so doing give or refuse them their checkoff provision). The black-run union turned it down. The stage was set now for King.

On March 18th, King arrived in Memphis and gave a speech before a predominantly black audience and promised to return at the end of the month to lead a march.

No one at this particular time should have been surprised that King would want to get involved in this issue – which had had nothing to do with forced integration. King in 1968 was essentially a man in search of a new purpose for himself and his SCLC organization. His civil-rights agenda had been almost entirely usurped by the Democratic Party, with only one issue from all his civil-rights demands still remaining: integration of the residential communities of the white population. However, King probably lost much of his desire to pursue this issue using his established method of marches. Back in early March of 1966, he and his black followers (no whites would join him on this one) were bombarded with bottles, bricks and rocks in Marquette Park, Ill. , while marching in a white neighborhood demanding whites practice race-nullification with regard to their living arrangements. Afterwards, King commented about his treatment in Marquette Park, saying he had “never seen as much hatred and hostility on the part of so many people.”  The reality here, however, was that King was now marching through a residential neighborhood, not down main street. And why shouldn’t white males feel threatened by this act of King? Hadn’t black males over the previous two years looted and burned thousands of white businesses across the country? And hadn’t blacks attacked and even murdered white people in these [all unprovoked] riots solely because they were white?  Hadn’t over one thousand blacks less than seven months earlier in Chicago , completely unprovoked by the police or white people, rioted , which included throwing Molotov cocktails at white police officers? White people it seems had every right to be suspicious of blacks at this point. Who’s to say they wouldn’t charge into white people’s homes and perpetrate that same feral behavior? To white males, the Marquette Park march was a deliberate attempt to threaten their wives and children.  And, last but not least, regarding the housing issue most whites also believed they elected political representatives to deal with this type of grievance.

To virtually every white male in Marquette Park, King had gone too far this time (whites were still maintaining that blacks could build their own homes, communities, etc.; and still entirely perplexed as to why this male group had to be “allowed in” … and with no QUID PRO QUO… everywhere white people went: schools, work place and, now, their residential community). King did lead one more compulsory integration housing march through Cicero, Illinois, on September 4th; however, this time he had several thousand National Guardsmen protecting him. Since no more marches were conducted by King on this issue after Cicero, and none planned, it seems that King was just trying to send a message to the white community, as if saying, “See, you didn’t scare me. You didn’t win. I’m back.” But clearly, King got the message in Marquette Park.

With the housing issue proving too dangerous for King to continue to pursue, his abundance of free time now was concentrated on his new project : the Poor People’s Campaign, which was to involve another march on Washington D.C (being a full-time or even part-time pastor apparently no longer interested King).  Pastor Lawson’s plea for help in early March was likely only seen initially by King to be a brief diversion from his project. But certainly as the days pasted, King and/or his inner circle of associates had to see the profitable potential in this workers’ strike. If King could end this strike to the union’s satisfaction, he would not just be a hero to the union in Memphis. This could be the beginning of a whole new line of business for him and his SCLC organization. Every strike, anywhere in America, King could offer his services – for a substantial fee, of course. What city, what company, what corporation wouldn’t knuckle under to King if he could threaten them by summoning thousands of his people to march down main street and deliberately disrupt businesses and community life? Yes, no one should question that ML King was in the beginning stage here … of launching a new career — a shakedown organization.

Martin L. King arrived back in Memphis – as he promised – on March 28th.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Riot … began on March 28th and lasted throughout the day. About 1000 – mostly blacks – participated in the march toward, and through, the city’s [white] business district (King had instructed his people to “ratchet it up”). Once the young black males reached the business district of the city they unleashed their prearranged plan, which was to break into the stores and loot them. One 16-year-old black male looter was killed by police. And though this black-initiated riot lasted only a few hours, black youths still managed to loot and/or burn 150 white-owned businesses. On the evening of the 28th King made a quick apology for the riot then promptly left the city. However, he vowed to return to finish the job. On April 3rd King arrived back in Memphis and was immediately served a federal restraining order at his motel, preventing him from participating in any marches without a court order. The democrats, who ran the local gov’t., wanted nothing more to do with King’s immature tactics. That afternoon, pastor King, apparently in a jovial mood, asked one of his longtime associates, Ralph Abernathy , to “Come on over here, you big black motherfucker, and let me suck your dick. …”1. Later that evening King had a pillow fight with Andrew Young, then left for Mason Temple church to give his Mountain Top speech.

On April 4, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. ————————————————————–

1. Ralph Abernathy Book: And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: An Autobiography

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Ossian Sweet – A Planned Slaughter (1925)

There appears to be a very concerted effort on the Internet today (aided by a very intellectually sloppy written book, The Arc Of Justice ) to make Ossian Sweet into something of a hero. The facts of his life, however, seem to paint quite a different picture. The brief bio on Ossian Sweet is this:: In 1919, after a long eight years, Sweet finally graduated from Wilberforce college (he was a lackluster student at best). He then applied for acceptance at Howard University College of Medicine, which was one of the better all-Negro medical schools. Because, and only because, many of the students had left for military service (World War I), Sweet was admitted to fill vacancies. Not surprisingly, Sweet graduated without distinction. No Negro hospital offered him a position. He went to Detroit and opened up a medical practice (the building in which Sweet’s office was located was owned by a black pharmacist and Sweet worked out a rent deal where he would recommend all his clients to him). After less than a year of practice, Sweet, along with his new wife, left for France and, he claimed while he was there, to have studied at Paris’  most distinguished medical school (Madame Curie Institute). He also claimed to have traveled to Vienna and studied medicine there. However, no evidence to the veracity of these claims exists (Sweet did not claim he was enrolled in any medical schools in Europe, just that he “attended” classes). It should also be noted that Sweet could not speak French or German. So why did he go to Europe? Likely, so he could hang a plaque on his wall inferring that he studied medicine at Europe’s finest medical schools. His clients were all African-Americans, so none would be capable of going to the expense of trying to prove he didn’t actually enroll in any classes. That would be a very unethical thing to do, right? Read on.

– Sweet’s wife and child died under mysterious circumstances (Ossian Sweet , as noted in the book Arc of Justice, had a very violent tempter and his relationship with his wife was was often extremely contentious).1

– According to the book Arc Of Justice, after Sweet’s wife and child died, a female tried to live with him but she fled because of battering. A male also tried to live with Sweet but he too was battered and fled.

– Ossian Sweet was stripped of his medical license sometime in the 1930s (there can be only ONE reason for the state of Michigan to pull his license: FRAUD. Sweet most likely was working in cahoots with the black pharmacist i.e. Sweet would conjure up phony ailments on his clients, then Sweet and the pharmacist would split the money made from Sweet’s phony prescriptions.

–Sweet was arrested for practicing medicine without a license; and he was also arrested for selling tobacco to minors.

My own honest and dispassionate assessment of Ossian Sweet, largely based on the evidence from Arc of Justice, is that he was a completely unremarkable man in every way , though be behaved like an elitist. Sweet was painfully unsociable – not developing a single enduring friendship in his entire life.  He was also a VERY unethical man as well – he took out numerous loans claiming he was a doctor after his license was pulled. In 1960, Ossian Sweet, deep in debt and facing eviction, his life a complete failure, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Ossian Sweet was considered no hero at the time he shot himself.

A Planned Massacre? The evidence is pretty darn convincing.

   In 1925 …  Dr. Ossian Sweet bought a home in an established American community – knowingly violating the color line – in a deliberate attempt to provoke the local American population to remove him. In three previous attempts over the prior few months in Detroit suburbs, Negroes had attempted to move into all-American neighborhoods , only to be met with protests and physical expulsion. To the Americans this was NOT about racial superiority. It was about protecting their property values; and also protecting their families. It was no myth that Negroes moving into American-built residential communities would create a decline in neighborhood property values. It was also no myth that Negro males had a known crime problem. What the Americans insisted upon at that time was that the Negroes build their own community(ies) … separate from the Americans. However, Negroes in Detroit, like everywhere else in American urban centers, as white people were now discovering by 1925, would NOT build their own homes. This was the case with Ossian Sweet. He paid more than 25% above the property value for his home (where in the heck did he get the money from? Likely, the NAACP).

Note: There is enough evidence to convince me that Ossian Sweet and his cohorts had planned a MASSACRE of white people, and it was either orchestrated by, or involved, the NAACP. The Plan (scheme) appears to be this:: Sweet would move into a house in a white community … where he knew his presence was certain to cause a neighborhood protest. He would bring with him nine other black males, armed to the gills with guns & ammo, and there inside Sweet’s home they would wait for white people to come barging in to physically remove them. The Negroes would then all open fire on them. And after the MASSACRE, the men involved would allow themselves to be arrested and plead defense of their life and property from a raging mob. The renowned Clarence Darrow, a proud member of the NAACP at this time, would then be summoned (by the NAACP) to represent the Negroes. And buttressing the case for a planned massacre and Darrow’s representation is the fact that Sweet postponed his move-in date until after Darrow finished with the Scopes trial in Tennessee. And what would be in it for the NAACP to arrange this massacre? With the presence of Darrow, it would be headline news in every major metropolitan area in the country i.e. priceless coast to coast publicity for the still largely unknown NAACP for the duration of the trial. The NAACP would also get to promote itself by inference coast to coast – and free of charge – as an advocate and defender for the Negro’s right to integrate. And after the trial, well, if Darrow lost, the NAACP would claim a prejudiced white jury. They still would get the benefit of coast-to-coast publicly. However, if Darrow got an acquittal for the men, this is where the NAACP would expect to really cash in. They would naturally be rocketed to instant stardom status among Negroes. And what would be the expectation here? The NAACP’s empty treasury would explode anew with dues paying members. The NAACP would also be viewed as the Negro’s new guardian of integration justice, and a defender against the heavy-handed injustices white people allegedly continually inflicted on the Negro people all across America. This was, again, in my opinion, how it was suppose to play out.

The best laid schemes of mice and men…

Move-in date Sept. 7, 1925:

First, remember there were three previous attempts by Negroes to move into American communities, and each time the Negroes were forced to leave (there were no reported injuries). Ossian Sweet, naturally, expected this same scenario to play out.  However, it should also be pointed out that for the black participants to have any chance for a legitimate defense, it was first necessary to have the white people come charging into Sweet’s residence.

As ten American police officers stood guard in front of Sweet’s home on September 7th, nine Negro men helped Sweet move a few household items into his home, including a concealed large cache of guns and ammo. In sweltering 105 degree heat the Negroes waited throughout the day and then the night for the Americans to come charging into the home to forcibly evict them.

However, on this first day, though a large number of Americans gathered outside Sweet’s home (estimates range from 25 up to 100), and much to the dismay of the waiting Negroes, no home invasion occurred — not even a hint of one.

On the second day, again the heat index rose to over 100 degrees, and again, the ten Negro males (plus Sweet’s wife and child) waited in the small home . By evening time, and with no hint of a mob attack, the Negroes’ frayed nerves had made them impatient. When a rock hit the house, this was provocation enough. They all stuck their guns out the window and simultaneously opened fire on the group of people outside the home. The result of the volley was one American dead and one seriously wounded. There were at least 9 police officers (all Americans) stationed outside Sweet’s home that evening. When the shots were fired the officers charged into Sweet’s home demanding to know why on earth the Negroes were firing their guns. When the officer in charge found out that an innocent American had been slain, he ordered the arrest of all the Negroes (including Mrs. Sweet).

Clarence Darrow (as planned) was summoned … and he accepted – being paid a mind-boggling fee at that time of $5000 dollars. In the end Darrow did his lob and secured a hung jury for all the Negroes (not a single one of the ten Negro males who participated in the “massacre” scheme was convicted of a crime in this case). The NAACP also (as planned) used this case to get nationwide publicity for its organization among the Negro people.

Innocent White Victims Of This Attempted Massacre :

* Eric Houghberg (seriously injured but survived)
* Leon Breiner (deceased, left behind wife and daughter)

 (1)  Death Of Sweet’s Wife & Child:: Sweet’s wife was said to have died, like his daughter, of tuberculosis.  However, the mystery is where both could have possibly contracted the disease, and in such a short period of time.  They lived in a white community, before and after the trial (TB was a problem in black communities at that time but not the white communities).  Those who claim it was TB, insists Mrs. Sweet contracted the disease when she was incarcerated in the [white man's] jail in Detroit during the trial.  But she was only there for about 30 days! Highly implausible to say the least. Since Sweet was a doctor,  he certainly had access to many drugs that could have inflicted a death with similar symptoms to TB.  No question Ossian Sweet loathed his wife.  When she left for Arizona to attempt to recover from whatever she thought was ailing her, she made a miraculous recovery. When she returned to Ossian Sweet, she was dead in just a few months. I wonder if there was a life insurance policy?

(2) Property Values: A commission was set up by Detroit mayor immediately following the arrest of the 11 blacks (including Ossian Sweet’s wife). The report (according to the book ‘Chronological History of The Negro’), stated that the hostile attitude of whites toward blacks, when blacks attempted to move into established white neighborhoods,  was mostly based on “fear of property value depreciation”.

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Blacks Lynching Blacks – The Whole Truth

Regarding lynching incidences involving American Negroes (1882 to 1960), let’s first address some myths that have proliferated over the last decade –mainly by way of the internet.

Myth I: Prior to the Voting Rights Act (1965), it was very common, particularly in the South, for white people to round up Negro men who tried to vote … and LYNCH them.  Not true. Didn’t happen. I cannot find ONE verifiable newspaper account of such an event. Perhaps one or maybe even a few incidents did occur. If so, it/they likely happened during the Reconstruction years (1865 to 1878).  Of further note,  in 1963, two years before the passage of the Voting Rights Act,  43% of all eligible Negroes in the South were registered to vote. And if that percent seems low, remember, this was two years prior to LBJ’s launching of his Great Society socialist programs i.e. most Negroes believed they had little reason to go to the polls  and vote prior to  1963 ,  since – the way they saw it – there were no gov’t rewards for doing so.  There were voting “irregularities” mainly in Mississippi and Texas.  SOURCE: Chronological History Of The Negro (year 1963)

Myth II: More Negroes were lynched in the South because that’s where most of the racist Americans (white people) lived. Not true. The evidence, which may not be conclusive but certainly powerfully suggestive, is that Negroes lynched most Negroes in the South. As for the large disparity in lynchings in the South compared to the North, this is most likely due to Americans and Negroes in the South living a far greater degree of geographic racial separation.  In other words, when a Negro committed a rape or murder in his black southern community, Negroes had little desire to march – on foot – the Negro perp miles and miles to the white sheriff. The perpetrator was lynched by Negroes. And, of course, Negroes also would not have bothered to report the incident to the local white sheriff.  When found dangling by local Americans, the lynched Negro became just another hanging black man, which was then reported in the local newspaper. The Tuskegee Institute and/or the NAACP, would be notified of the incident through the newspaper … then, they would simply “apply” a reason for the lynching  e.g. “arguing with a white man”; “trying to vote”; “acting suspiciously”, etc.

Myth III: Americans lynched 3,446 Negroes between 1882 and 1968.  Not true.  The overwhelming majority of lynched Negroes were in fact lynched by fellow Negroes. Also, the 3,446 figure has been reduced downward –to under 3000. (source-pg 8)

Myth IV: All the Negroes who were lynched were innocent people… and were lynched because of their race i.e. Americans were racist people. Absolutely NOT true. Virtually every case I could find where the ones doing the lynching were Americans, the lynched victim was believed to be 100% guilty of a crime, usually murder or rape and the victim was white. Here is a small sample of some of the terrible crimes Americans were forced to endure at the hands of the American Negro (1900 to 1964) LINK

Note: In America between 1882 and 1968 there were three recognized legitimate sources for lynching data:: Chicago Tribune, Tuskegee Institute and the NAACP. The criteria for a “lynching” (created by the NAACP) requires that four conditions exist : (1) there must be evidence that a person was killed; (2) the person must have met death illegally; (3) a group of three or more persons must have participated in the killings (to rule out personal vendettas, etc.); and (4) the group must have acted under the pretext of protecting justice or tradition. Chicago Tribune began its lynching data in 1882; Tuskegee in 1892; NAACP sometime after 1913.

—————— ——————

We’ll now take a look at a scholarly research paper (LINK), where some very interesting observations are made:

1. “Beck and Clark (2002) glean information from local and regional newspaper accounts and show that the 432 black victims of lynch mobs in Georgia between 1882 and 1930 were largely connected to their communities rather than strangers.” This seems to confirm what I’m pointing out here. Lynchings were largely done in one’s (racial group’s) own community . White and black, of course , lived in separate communities back then.

2. “The Tribune, NAACP, Tuskegee and Ginzburg compilations have a few well-known problems. First, errors arise in Chicago Tribune and other newspaper reporting that emerge in the collected data sets on which they are based.   Among these errors are misidentification of victims, wrongly placed lynchings, and lynchings in which a death did not actually occur or did not meet the standard definition of lynching otherwise.” In other words, what this quote infers is that there were lots of errors made in the lynching reports of the Chicago Tribune, NAACP and Tuskegee.

3. “the racial classification in the three data series is largely dichotomous, and victims are either categorized as black or white. Each non-black victim, i.e., white, Chinese, Hispanic, Italian, or Native American, was recorded as “white.”” Again this quote points to the fact that the lynching data should not to be viewed as set in stone. As more research is done, expect many changes in the lynching data i.e. lynching total will be revised significantly downward.

Next, let’s think about this. If black males captured a black male rapist, murderer, etc. , would they march that black man down to the white sheriff (there were no black sheriffs in America between 1880 and 1968)? Highly unlikely. They would have settled the matter among their own people. That is, rape and/or murder, where the incident was black-on-black, common sense tells us it would have ended with blacks lynching the black perp. When a Negro was lynched by a mob of whites, one of the following almost always occurred: 1) picture was taken with white males gathered around the lynched Negro(es); 2) a sign was hung on the body, or etching on the photo negative, telling everyone why the black was lynched i.e. his committed atrocity.

Finally, we have the lynching list (LINK). You don’t have to be very perceptive to notice something when you run down the list of lynched people:: There is no indication of whether whites or blacks did the lynching. Of further note are the many , many “unidentified [blacks]” being lynched.  Again, white people made the identity of the perp known as well as the reason for the lynching.

Here is another LINK which purports to show all lynchings between 1882 to 1968, yet, once again, no confirmation as to who did the lynchings of the blacks.

Also of note, when you see a reason cited for the lynching on any web site, remember this:: When a black man was found dangling (lynched) by white people, there was obviously no information available for Tuskegee to accurately establish a reason for the lynching. So what would the person at Tuskegee (or the Tribune or the NAACP) do for citing a reason for the lynching? Well, he could (or would) easily manufacture a reason. There was no law against this practice. So when you come across preposterous reasons for blacks being lynched, like “Acting suspiciously”, “Quarreling”, “Insulting a white man” , “Trying to vote”, etc., don’t believe it, unless there is a verifiable source ( e.g. newspaper article) and the name of the Negro is given along with the cited reason for the lynching.

Also, citing a fictitious reason like “quarreling” has another intended and insidious purpose :: It implies that white people did the lynching. Right? AGAIN, why should white people simply accept that they were the ones who lynched every black male between 1880 and 1968? If a white mob lynched a black , prove it. Otherwise, FORGET IT!

As for my best guess on the number of lynched blacks who were lynched by white mobs for a vile criminal act against a white person (rape or murder specifically) between 1900 and 1960, I would put the number at around 500 to 1000; and maybe 10 acts done out of pure racism/hate i.e. no legitimate hanging crime committed.


Now let’s take a look at white lynchings. In the three pictures to the right, we can all plainly see white people are not shy at all about being shown as participants in a lynching. To the white participants it was retribution for a criminal act. Lynching may not have been consistent with America’s existing laws, but it sure had a long tradition (regardless of race). There was no coddling of the criminal back then. pic 1. Black male murderer of white person was hunted down and killed

pic 2. Black male servant (white household) Allen Brooks raped a 3-year-old white child

pic 3. A white person lynched. Note the etching on the negative. ————————————————————–

We’ll now look at some examples of Negroes lynching Negroes. Note that there are no signs on the hanging bodies, no crowds gathered around the photo, nor is there an identity given  (except in one case) for the victim(s). —————————————————————–

1. Lynched by Negroes: >>>> Four blacks — unknown identities and unknown reason for being lynched.

This Negro (white pants) was found dangling by a white person. It is another example of Negroes lynching a Negro –unknown person and unknown offense. A white male rushed home to get his camera to snap this pic before authorities could remove the body. Police also believed suicide was a possibility in this one, since the Negro’s hands were not tied. 

Lynched By Negroes: Ernest Harrison, Sam Reed, and Frank Howard –1911, Wickliffe, Kentucky. Offense: Murder/Robbery

Here is a black man found dangling by white people. The tell-tale sign Negroes lynched him is that there is no identity given for the Negro … and no reason given for the lynching i.e. his purported crime.


To the right is a postcard with four young black males clearly lynched. However, it was falsely claimed (deliberately by white people) on the postcard that white people hung these black males for a gang rape of a white female in Georgia. The reasoning for making the false claim was likely to intimidate would-be Negro rapists from attacking white females. These blacks were actually hung in Kentucky by fellow blacks in 1908, most likely for a murder or gang rape of a Negro.

The Negro RAPIST was a CONSTANT menace to the Americans and Negroes. Here we have another unknown Negro found by white people, who was lynched and riddled with bullets by fellow Negroes. Had this Negro raped and/or murdered a white person, white males would have gathered by the dozens, or hundreds, his name would be known to the local press, and a picture would have been taken immediately after the lynching depicting all the proud [white] participants. Also, note how the black male is holding his groin area. This seems to be indicating that he was protecting this area when shot. This tells us that this Negro was most likely a rapist and the Negro shooters were deliberately shooting at his groin. Pic is circa 1915 ————————————————————————————-  (Right ) Note how this unknown Negro is hung by two chains pieced together. This man, found dangling by white people, was obviously lynched by poor blacks who didn’t have a rope. If you enlarge the photo you can see what a haphazard and clumsy job the lynchers did tying the chains together. One can only imagine how long this Negro had to wait while his [black] lynchers tried to figure out a way to fasten the two chains together. ————————————————————————————- Negroes’ Inhumanity Toward Fellow Negroes

The scarred Negro here was a slave who was owned by one of the largest slaveholders in the state of Louisiana, a Negro woman named C. Richards. The widowed Negro, along with her son, P.C. Richards, owned a large (and very profitable) Louisiana sugar plantation and had a stable of 152 Negro slaves. There was a story circulated  – by Harpers Weekly magazine –  in 1863 that claimed this slave, who went by the name of Gordon, was whipped because he was a runaway.  However, no evidence exists to substantiate this “story.”  It could be that Gordon committed a very serious crime (most likely against a fellow Negro) for which he was punished. Gordon escaped from his plantation in the spring of 1863 and, after a ten day journey, found sanctuary among [white] Union troops. Note: If the scars on Gordon’s back did come from a whip, the most likely perpetrator would be the Negro overseer (slave-driver). There is also a claim that Gordon was in the service of the US Army ‘colored’ regiment, however, no record exists to substantiate this claim either. Highly unlikely this Negro would flee the slavery of one place (a plantation) and volunteer for de facto slavery in another (US Army). Gorgon could very likely have been a lazy Negro who not only didn’t like to work but also didn’t like taking orders. Gordon’s actual whereabouts after this pic was taken are unknown.  And one finale observation. Gordon’s back scars, which look like they’ve healed many , many, many years prior to the photo, could also be from (indeed, looks very likely) a burn injury. Perhaps thru an accident some hot grease or water spilled on him when he was a young lad. Of course, there would be NO story for Harper’s Weekly magazine if that version was reported. Point is, there is no credible evidence that Gordon’s back scars are from a whip.

http://click.si.edu/Image.aspx?image=796&story=297&back=Story ——————————————————————————————————- ——————————————————————————————————- 2. The Negro ‘Texas Ax Man’ Between January 1911 and April 1912, Negro male(s) lynched / murdered 49 mulatto people, or families with mulattoes in them, in Texas and Louisiana. At this time in American history, it is the largest – by far – for racial hate killings. And it was all perpetrated by a Negro (or Negroes) because he/ they didn’t like the color of the person. The perps were never caught…and all the murders / lynchings appeared on the Tuskegee Lynching Report…and were attributed to white males. SOURCE —————————————————————————————————– 3. Decatur County, GA, 1930s Negroes Seize Negro Rapist And Lynch Him Tok Seabwright, a Negro rapist, for sexual assaults on two young black girls, was taken from [white] county officials by a black mob, lynched, then blacks riddled the dead corpse with bullets. SOURCE


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